DragonBall ~Z~ RPG: Reload - Art Gallery

~*Art Gallery*~


            Here is a collection of various art from some of the players, all of which being related to either characters or situations that have occurred over the course of the RPG. It will be updated fairly regularly. Click on the artist's names to be taken to their respective DeviantART pages, where more artwork both related to the RPG and not can be found!

Artworks done by Ran:

Vejitina: The first profile pic I did of her for the "Grand Reopening" of the RPG.
Jekyl: My eh... first rendition of Sean's main character, Jekyl. He's probably pissed because somehow, my rendition just makes his armor seem all the rattier...
RPG Poster: The "poster image" for the RPG itself, displaying the main characters and some of their main villains/allies, minus the text.
Z Senshi: The transparent "group shot" of the three main characters from the RPG poster.
Jekyl, Vejitina, and Musei: The three split-off pictures from the group shot.
Berserker Vejitina: The transparent image of an early Vej in Berserker form, initially part of a larger picture of a fight with Hanayasai.
Berserker Hanayasai: The "sibling image" to the aforementioned Berserker Vejitina pic.
Another Vejitina: Initially meant to be an 'updated' profile pic, it didn't make it that far before I'd already done another one that I preferred.
Unit #22: Vejitina's robot double, created by Doctor Gero. Figured since the original has spiked-down hair that the double should go the other way.
Darnack: The larger image of everyone's favorite interstellar mobster.
Princess of Vejitasei: Inspired after watching episode 32 of Sailor Moon Stars.
Dress Armor Vejitina: The first picture I did of Vejitina in royal dress armor for her wedding, I ended up not liking it and redoing it later.
Mirai Astrea: Transparent pic of Astrea from the 'Black Future' where Lillith's hordes reign supreme and her brother, best friend and herself are just about the last line of defense against them; hence the futuristic attire.
Mother and Daughter: Wow, a side-profile pic of Vej in her now-old outfit with a chibi Astrea. Meant to be used in conjunction with the below pic.
Father and Son: A cutesy pic of Jekyl holding a chibi Endou.
Queen Vejitina: An alternate-timeline, full-blooded Saiyajin version of Vejitina. Needless to say, she's a lot more ruthless and cold-blooded than her half-human counterpart.
Dress Armor Vejitina, Redux: The much better version of Vejitina in her wedding dress armor, also with her updated hairstyle.
Chibi Astrea, Version 1.0: The transparent picture of the chibi version of Astrea, initially scrapped because I didn't think her dress came out all that well. Turns out, it really was the better of the two.
Chibi Astrea, Version 2.0: The second rendition, and one that didn't come out as well as planned. It's meant to be a play on the outfit worn by Mindy from the Animaniacs "Buttons and Mindy" show.
Chibi Endou: The young version of Endou, with hair modeled after both Jekyl's and his future version's. Yes, he still wears the "Superman" shirt, but I couldn't get the initial logo to look right.
Boot: Mainly this started out as a pic to get an idea of Super Saiyajin hair for someone with long hair already, but I liked the pose so much I decided it needed someone to be on the receiving end of that kick...
Niranegi: The profile picture for another one of the surviving experimental children, only he's a bit more pragmatic than his 'superior'...
Queen of Darkness: A picture of a brainwashed-by-the-Cult Vejitina, mainly inspired after watching the movie Legend late one night. Always loved the "Dark Princess Lily" gown, so... here it is, or as close as I could get to it anyway.
Beppin: The spoiled, bitchy daughter of Darnack who has a hangup about marrying Sanshou... mainly because he's 'playing hard to get'. She may very well turn into more of a threat in the future than her father...
Adelaide Hourensou, version 1.0: Vejitina's human mother in the slave regalia she was forced to wear during her tenure in the King's household...
Kadiluan Kaiohshin: The stand-alone picture of Kadila in his Kaiohshin form, the expression on his face hopefully makes up for the lackluster pose.
Kadila Sakushi: Kadila's human form, which will likely get an updated picture in the future... his arm just never sat right with me.
Mirai Endou: The stand-alone version of Mirai Endou, naturally a lot more scarred up than his 'present' counterpart and sporting a fully mechanical left arm from a run-in with the High Priestess Koutaigou.
'tina Hourensou: An alternate timeline version of Vejitina raised as a human, she has a much more outgoing personality than her "mainstream" counterpart... but is still every bit as stubborn.
Demi-God of Deathmetal: An alternate timeline version of Kadila who doesn't have near the nice personality of his mainstream counterpart...
Alternate Alexander: A non-embittered alternate version of Alexander, he still has trust issues concerning the Saiyajin... but isn't nearly as far gone as his mainstream counterpart.
Code: Twilight: The costumed alter-ego of 'tina Hourensou, calling herself "Hakumei" and making the streets safer... or trying to, at least.
Mirai Astrea, version 2.0: I didn't like the first version after seeing it on her profile, so I re-did her. The eyes are a bit big, even after editing, but overall a better version.
"Beach Fun" 'tina: Wouldn't you like to take swim lessons from her too? The swimsuit is a take on Julie's aka F.A.K.K.2's final outfit in Heavy Metal 2000
Gaki Utotoushii: The evil little Konpakujin who has proven to be almost as big a threat as his mother...
High Priestess of Darkness: No matter what the timeline, she is the "Voice of the Goddess" and devoted in all aspects to Her Dark Majesty
Snakes on a Plane(t): Havok's scumbag "assistant" who ended up selling even him out in the end to save his own scaley hide. Rumor has it he's now behind a line of underworld fashion... against his will.
Saikyou no Fusion, version 1.0: The fused form of Vejitina and Musei, who embodies every bad aspect of their personalities into one volatile force of destruction.
Queen Vejitina, version 2.0: An updated pic of the Queen after her defeat, which is the only thing'd that get her to wear actual clothes like that. Sans ki ball to show what her hand looks like underneath.
Little Black Dress: An older Vej pic (as made obvious by the hairstyle) in a modified version of Koutaigou's dress and my first attempt at a semi-risque` picture.
"Sailor Vejitasei": The things you'll wear to please your mate sometimes...
Cyborg Vejitina: Since she was assimilated post-mortem, she naturally sports a lot more obvious cybernetic enhancements than those who were taken still alive.
Shukusei: My rendition of Shukusei, meant to be used in an upcoming group "superheroes" pic.
Hakumei II: Something of an experiment with poses, also meant to be used in an upcoming group "superheroes" pic.
The Golden Queen and her General: The Queen and her General together, though one has to wonder if he's glaring at the cameraman or trying to keep from showing that she's crushing his wrist...
Fr'ls: A pic of a female Kurokojin slave from the "Queen Vejitina" timeline, it's obvious she's seen better days... **NEW!!**
Fujinsei Princess: Vejitina in her Fujinsei noble garb from the "Fujinsei Detour" timeline. **NEW!!**
Mirai no Endou: Naturally if his sister gets updated, so does he. Part of a "Mirai Trio" pic I did on DA. **NEW!!**
Mirai no Taran: My version of Mirai Taran for the aforementioned "Mirai Trio" pic, the awesome battle pose was picked by his mun. **NEW!!**

Artworks done by Sean:

Jekyl: First "new" rendition of his main character for the "Grand Reopening" of the RPG.
Psycho Killer: Judging by the armor and bodysuit, most likely one of the earlier times Jekyl went Psycho Saiyajin on someone's ass...
Vejitina: Sean's rendition of early Vejitina; gotta love the armor shines.
Tounasu: One of Sean's other characters, the Saiyajin noble Tounasu... who, by now, has found "other employ"..
Cry Havok!: Post-acid bath Havok, with his shiny new prosthetics.
Another Jekyl: This time, with a full set of current, customized armor!
Someone's gonna be mad...: You'd be pissed too if you couldn't catch a nap without getting tagged by the "Christmas Spirit"...
Unit #21: Jekyl's robot double, who can also double as a Gundam character if you take away the tail and ki ball.
Dress Armor Jekyl: A pic of Jekyl in his set of dress armor for the wedding. He looks so happy at the thought of being able to put Darnack out of business legally now...
The Darkness Within: A good picture of Jekyl with his "accursed" shadow in the background, wearing the armor he himself likely would have worn as a member of the Cult of Profound Darkness.
Tougarashi: One of the other experiments from the same Project as Jekyl, only far more ruthless and hot-tempered.
Jekyl Redux: A new profile picture of Jekyl, now without blob-hands.
General Sanshou: An alternate Sanshou who grew up to become the tyrannical Queen Vejitina's loyal right-hand man... among other things.
"Trooper" Sanshou, plainclothes 1.0: The first version of another alternate timeline Sanshou in human clothes to "blend in" better on Earth.
"Trooper" Sanshou, plainclothes 2.0: The second version of Sanshou in regular clothes after 'tina decided he needed more than just hand-me-downs from her uncle...
"Super Sanshou", version 1.0: After being coerced into becoming a costumed crime fighter, this was as theatrical as he'd allow his outfit to be.
"Super Sanshou", version 2.0 x3: An updated version of "Super Sanshou's" outfit, sans mouth guard and with optional sleeves!
Cyborg Sanshou: Sanshou after having been "assimilated" into Red Ribbon's android program. **NEW!!**

Artworks done by Mir:

Dress Armor Musei: Aptly termed the "Maniac" instead of "Maid" of Honor.
Mirai Musei: The future incarnation of Musei.

Seneschal Musei: A companion piece to Queen Vejitina and General Sanshou, she comprises the "Elemental" forces of their people. The title was initially taken from the Dragonlance novel Lord Soth, and is actually a French word for more or less an advisor/right-hand.
Mirai Taran: The third member of the "Mirai Trio", and the son of Musei and Brolli. He is the only male Elemental in existence, though the reasons for that may be more sinister than initially suspected...
iScouter: An innovative concept based on the quintessential iPod, replete with a silhouette of Musei jammin' out as she likely wreaks untold destruction.
Kamekaze: An alternate version of Musei from the same timeline as 'tina and "Trooper" Sanshou, she naturally got in on the superhero gig alongside her two new friends. **NEW!!**