Bebi's Profile

Bebi's Profile

Name: Unknown
Nicknames: Is mostly referred to as "Bebi"
Age: Physical age is around 143 years
Race: Biomechanical Tsufurujin parasite
HomePlanet: Planet Plant

            While Bebi has his own powerlevel, it is continuously augmented by the power he steals from his hosts. This makes it difficult to discern what his natural power really is.

Physical Descriptions:

Birthday: Late 608 A.D.
Astrological Sign: Unknown
Blood Type: None
Favorite Food: Energy

Hair: None
Eyes: Dark blue, pupiless
Weight: Varies
Height: Varies
Attire: Varies depending upon his current evolution, from wearing nothing in his infant form to being able to form his own "clothes" from his body in his later forms.

Alignment: Evil


            Bebi's story begins at the end of the Tsufurujin reign on Planet Plant at the hands of the invading Saiyajin, whom they had initially allowed to stay on their planet in peace. Knowing that they could not fight the Saiyajin head-on, they relied instead on their technology to keep the barbarian race at bay... but knew the ongoing conflict would eventually destroy the planet itself if not stopped. To wit, the Tsufurujin King decided to attack the Saiyajin from within by ordering the creation of a line of parasitic creatures based partly on his own DNA and enhanced with a form of nanotechnology. These creatures would infiltrate the Saiyajin race, and subjugate them from within by overtaking their hosts like a contagion and spreading throughout the body, leaving a control "egg" behind in the brain afterward to move on to the next victim.

            Unfortunately, it was too little, too late as the Saiyajin were finally able to exploit their Oozaru forms during the once a century full moon on Planet Plant. Completely overwhelmed, the Tsufurujin King managed to send off a meager handful of the partially-formed parasites into space in the hopes that they would one day avenge their fallen patron race. Bebi's capsule crashed onto Planet M2 and was found by Dr. Myuu, whom he quickly overpowered and possessed. Using the Doctor's knowledge and abilities, he finished his incubation while having the Doctor systematically turn the entirety of the planet's people into Machine Mutants... at least, those of whom who weren't sacrificed for their energy to complete his gestation.

            With M2 under his control, Bebi had Myuu begin gathering information on the Saiyajin to gather more energy and fulfill his programming... only to find that their race had been effectively decimated by the Kold Empire. Upon hearing that there were extermination squadrons abroad searching for stragglers, Myuu sent out some of his creations to spread rumors of a "safe haven" on M2 for them... and more than one Saiyajin sought them out only to be captured and submitted to Bebi as a host. After killing the first few out of sheer spite, Bebi realized that even Saiyajin would not be stupid enough to keep coming to a world none of their kind ever left from... and decided to seek them out himself.

            Utilizing a few captured hosts as brainwashed "agents", he sent them into the galaxy at large to seek out the other Saiyajin... naturally losing some of them to the Extermination Squads himself in the process. Undaunted, Bebi continued obsessively seeking out and assimilating what Saiyajin his agents could find... until he began hearing rumors of more powerful ones on some backwater planet...


Infest: Bebi's only true "attack" for most of his early life is his ability to liquify his entire body in order to enter another's; either through the mouth, or through an open wound. Once inside, he spreads through the body like a disease to the brain in order to assume total control over the host... though if the host is simply too strong for his current evolution, he can be repelled before taking total dominance. If he is successful, though, he has complete access to the host's memories and power, which he constantly feeds on in order to strengthen himself and in turn overtake stronger hosts.
           He can easily drain a person completely dry of energy and kill them, or he can opt to leave their body entirely... leaving an egg behind in their brain. Prolonged inhabitation of a body, either directly or by proxy, results in the host beginning to take on Tsufurujin-like physical attributes as his presence begins altering them at the genetic level -- an intended byproduct of his initial creation in order to repopulate the Tsufurujin race.

Control Egg: The egg will remain dormant until it matures and hatches, releasing a combination of chemicals that renders them his slave. This also establishes a mental connection of sorts with him, allowing him to command them from a distance.

Relatives: Tsufurujin King (genetic contributor/deceased)

            Much like his name implies, Bebi is generally childish and immature -- viciously taunting his opponents in order to make them utilize their powers but at the same time flying into a rage if he himself is taunted enough. He has a single-minded hatred of the Saiyajin, and would rather see them dead or assimilated into Tsufurujin... though he cares nothing at all for any of the other races in the universe he's come across, and will do the exact same to them if the chance presents itself. He is a vindictive sort, and has no qualms about bringing a foe down to their absolute lowest before finally finishing them simply because he has the upper hand.