AC Kadiluan's Profile

Kadiluan's Profile

Name: Kadiluan
Nicknames: Kadila, "Imp", "The Crazy Devil Imp"
Age: 834, but appears to be in his early 20's
Race: Half Kaiohshin, half human (referred to as a "Demi-Kai")
Homeplanet: Was born on Kaiohshin-sei, but resides primarily on Earth

Powerlevels: Unknown.

Physical Descriptions:
Birthday: January 21st
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Blood Type: Unknown
Favorite Food: Caramel lattes

Hair: Black and shaggy with a blue "tuft" on top (human form) / Dark silver in a mohawk (Kaiohshin form)
Eyes: Violet (both forms)
Weight: Variable
Height: Variable
Attire: Tends to wear a leather vest and pants with black gloves and heavy black boots in his human form. He also sports plenty of chains on his clothes and a montage of silver earrings in both ears along with a variety of tattoos. In his Kaiohshin form, he wears a rendition of their uniform but in black and silver.

Alignment: Evil


            Kadiluan's story begins much like his counterpart; he was born to the West Kaiohshin as the half-human result of a fling she'd been having with a mortal love. Knowing the child would be too powerful to simply leave on Earth (not to mention his mother was against the idea regardless), the Dai Kaiohshin made the exception to allow Kadiluan to be raised among their number... which most of the other Kaiohshins were against. As such, Kadiluan grew up knowing only the other Kaiohshins for company, but always aware of the fact that he was looked down upon for his human blood.

            This planted the seeds for what would blossom into a bitter resentment towards the other Kaiohshins, not only for their attitudes towards him but also for the fact that, when compared to them, his own powers fell very short. Try as he might, he simply could not master most of their more advanced techniques and magical abilities and even on Kaiohshin-sei, his mortality became another sticking point during the "play-fighting" the more combat-oriented Kaiohshins would engage in. Not only that, but being half-mortal also kept him from being recognised as a member of the pantheon by right, instead he would be forced to "earn" a spot there as a true guardian of the natural order. Ever watchful, the Dai Kaiohshin saw the dark path the young demikai was threatening to walk and decided to come up with something to make the boy useful...

            He finally settled on making Kadiluan a messenger to the mortals, not just of Earth but of the entire cosmos; figuring that he would find a better outlet for his abilities among his "other half". To his surprise and dismay, however, Kadiluan flat-out refused to accept the role and instead demanded a proper seat among the pantheon as a true Kaiohshin. The Dai Kaiohshin denied his demand, and stated that he would have to take the messenger position and earn that right... if he did not, then he would be forced out of Kaiohshin-sei permanently. In an act of defiance, Kadiluan did just that -- and ended up banished to Earth in the form of a human.

            Seething over the seeming betrayl, Kadiluan decided to seek vengeance. But with his limited powers and mortality, it seemed impossible... and it was these frustrations that he vented on the stage as a death/heavy metal musician; gaining something of a cult following as he did. Finding mortals far easier to manipulate than anything divine, Kadiluan decided to use them to gain what he wanted most -- the ultimate power and prestige he felt he deserved by right. Knowing that nothing in heaven or Earth could ever give him the power to overthrow the pantheon, he instead fell back on something that made even the Dai Kaiohshin hesitate: the goddess Lillith. Knowing the Goddess had long since been driven mad within her own domain under the horrific strain of her own power, Kadiluan realized that she was his ticket to the top.

            Only problem was, she was sealed... and the only thing that could potentially break that seal was the Dragon Balls; something he was barred from gathering and using directly because of his immortal blood. For years, he tried to get various people to gather them but none of them could go the distance and collect all of them for him. This would change, however, when the halfling 'tina ended up bringing Sanshou and Kaze to Earth through her beacon. Realizing he could use these super-powered beings for his own devices, he appeared to Sanshou when he was alone and made him an offer: retrieve the Dragon Balls and he would give him a way off the planet that he so desperately sought. With little hesitation, Sanshou agreed and Kadiluan relegated himself to watching their quest.

            What he hadn't counted on, though, was Sanshou gaining enough regard for 'tina and very nearly telling her the truth about his squadron... which Kadiluan knew would throw a giant wrench in his plans for the Dragon Balls since she had the radar. When covertly trying to reconvince Sanshou to keep up the ruse to leave the planet failed, Kadiluan finally had to use his magic to force Sanshou's continued compliance. Angry that Sanshou had the audacity to try reneging on their deal, Kadiluan waited until they finally summoned the Dragon to make himself known to the others... and more than happily "outed" Sanshou as a traitor to the girls. While they were dealing with that, he himself made the wish to release the Goddess' seal... but found the Dragon could only weaken it. Figuring he'd have to be satisfied with that, Kadiluan fought Kaze and Sanshou but quickly realized the Dai Kaiohshin likely had a hand on them and retreated.

            To his surprise, a few days later saw not only them but their time-displaced doubles on his veritable doorstep at his concert hall. Annoyed, Kadila attacked them but ended up overwhelmed by their superior fighting abilities in the end. Realizing in the same notion that he could use them one more time for himself, he challenged them to come to the site of the Goddess' seal in the northern wastes and seemingly left. In actuality, he simply shadowed them as they retrieved the holy water and fought their way to the Goddess' mirror which served as the gateway between the mortal realm and the Void; letting them handle the mad Goddess' machinations to make it through as he knew he alone would not have been able to.

            Once there, he stole the holy water before they could reseal the Goddess and gloated over the gathered warriors... until he ended up absorbed by the Goddess himself. Trapped within her very essence, Kadila was bombarded by the sheer insanity of a force more ancient and powerful than he had ever dreamed of. After an arduous fight, the Goddess was resealed and Kadila was seemingly freed from her the same as the others and placed into confinement. It wouldn't take long, however, before the damage wrought to him would begin manifesting as the violent detachment from the Goddess had left a part of her essence entwined with his own irreperably. This began taking a heavy toll on him mentally and physically as she began trying time and time again to overtake him and possess him utterly.

            Suddenly power itself became a far lesser objective to him in the face of find a cure for the "infection" that constantly wracked him now. Driven nearly insane himself by her constant torment within his own mind, but with some of her dark and unpredictable power at his fingertips, Kadila would end up breaking free from his confinement during a botched purification ritual performed by the Dai Kaiohshin with some of the others at his hand. In the wake of his escape, Kadila's one goal became to find a cure... at any cost, no matter how utterly nonsensical it may be...


Zanzou Majyutsu: A series of after-images left behind a person, much like the Zanzoken, but created by magic.
Ki Hitei "Ki Negation": He can seal the powers of mortal beings for a limited time, keeping them from using ki and ascending to other forms. This only works on one person at a time, and despite his attempts, the effects are not permanent.
Kakuheki Majutsu "Magic Barrier Wall": A defensive manuever where Kadila can form a "bubble" shield around himself. Effective against most one-time ki attacks, but can only take so much punishment before shattering.
Bushitsu Shyutsu Gen Majyutsu "Magic Materialism": Where Kadila can make things like clothes, weapons, ect. magically materialize out of seemingly nowhere.
Kiesaru "Vanish": Being a demikai, Kadila can go almost anywhere within the mortal or immortal realm by simply willing himself to go there and subsequently teleporting. He can also take people along with him so long as he is touching them directly, or the person he is touching is touching another.
Assuru "Dominate": Kadila can exert his will on another in an attempt to subvert them, but this takes a his total concentration and can be stopped if the person he's going after is stronger than he is. If he is successful, he can make a series of suggestions to them that they subconsciously obey for a time rather than outright mind-controlling them like, say, a psychic.

Keiei "Inseparable Shadow": Born from the Goddess' essence, Kadila is only able to use this "ability" sporadically. Essentially, his shadow becomes a force that he can use defensively or offensively against an opponent in a myriad of ways. But it is unpredictable, and doesn't always work the way he may be intending to... it also strains him physically and mentally, leaving him vulnerable to more corruption before he can rein it back in to a manageable level.

Relatives: West Kaiohshin (mother), other Kaiohshins ("uncles")


            Vicious, selfish and utterly amoral, there's very little that Kadila is above doing to get what he wants done. He despises the other immortals for being stronger than himself, but looks down upon mortals for generally being weaker... though the times he's been beaten by both has only made his hateful outlook towards them worse. Since his "merger" with the Goddess he has become even more violent and unpredictable; constantly talking to himself and going from almost begging for help to outright lashing out at those around him, sometimes even to his own surprise.