Adelaide's Profile

Adelaide's Profile

Name: Adelaide Hourensou
Nicknames: Addie
Age: 37
Race: Human
HomePlanet: Earth
Powerlevel: 15


Physical Descriptions:
Birthday: July 16th, 715 A.D.
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: B+
Favorite Food: Cheese crackers

Hair: Red
Eyes: Light green
Weight: 137 lbs
Height: 5'5
Attire: A short-sleeved blue shirt with puffed sleeves, and dark brown capri pants with blue slippers.


Alignment: Lawful Good



            Adelaide was born to a basic middle-class family nearly three years after her brother, Alexander. Things progressed in a normal fashion up until she was sixteen, when a recon team sent from Vejitasei came to inspect the planet and it's inhabitants to judge it's value and the defenses of it's natives. Simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, Adelaide was violently taken from her homeworld along with a handful of others back to Vejitasei for "research". It would be here that she'd be subjected to a battery of brutal tests along with the others to determine their potential, and was one of the few to survive them to the end. Realizing that a whole team of adults would be overkill, it was decided only an infant would be necessary and those left from the tests were forced into servitude to the King and a handful of other nobles.

            Resentful of her situation, especially at the needless brutality of the Saiyajin she witnessed firsthand, Adelaide made it a point to defy her "handler" and even the King himself at nearly every turn. Most of the time it only earned her a violent reprisal, but finally the King had enough and decided that merely killing her would be too simple a fate for the insults she would give him. Wanting to break her before necessarily ending her, the King forced her into his private servitude as his concubine and had her branded as his property on her chest where all could see to whom she "rightfully" belonged. Marked as she was, it provided her a small modicum of protection from the other male Saiyajin since none dared cross the King and his possessions... of which there were many.

            Months later, Adelaide ended up giving birth to a half-Saiyajin daughter, whom the servant-turned-midwife there named "Vejitina" despite even Adelaide herself initially wanting nothing to do with "that man's" child. It didn't take long, however, for her to realize that despite the circumstances, the girl was still her daughter and an innocent in the wake of the brutality her mother had suffered. The child also garnered the attention of the Queen, who knew the circumstances behind it and who the father had to be... and was less than pleased at the idea of a halfling being suffered to live within the King's own household; even if he made no move to accept the girl as his own. Not wanting Vejitina to suffer through the life of a servant or worse, Adelaide began trying to make plans to escape.

            Knowing that alone, she wouldn't succeed, the same servant who had helped her "transition" to a life of servitude (at least enough to survive) and finally birth her daughter offered her assistance; knowing the price to be paid if they were discovered. She knew that there would be no safe place on Vejitasei itself or any planet within Empire space, so the only other option was to send her home to Earth. Under the cover of night, Adelaide took her baby and left the palace under the guidance of the servant to a small escape ship. Along the way they were discovered by the guards, but managed to get off-world when the servant stayed behind to help buy them some time. Adelaide would never learn what happened  to the one person who risked everything simply to help them escape...

            Luck was on their side, however, and after months in hibernation the ship finally landed back on Earth; ironically near Capsule Corporation. Taken in briefly by the Briefs in exchange for giving them the defunct ship, Adelaide immediately reunited with her brother, who had since joined the Royal Military, and tearfully related the entire story to him. While Alexander took care of things with the military's concern over the threat of a Saiyajin invasion and the idea of a potentially dangerous halfling among them now, Adelaide tried to settle into a life of normalcy. Torn between totally disregarding her child's half-Saiyajin nature and letting her eventually decide on her own to embrace or deny it, Adelaide finally began referring to her as simply "'tina" and tried to keep her from overtly expressing her Saiyajin abilities as she grew. The whole time, she continuously put off her daughter's questions regarding her differences in comparison to the human children and her heritage; finding it too painful to recount for her despite knowing she would have to eventually.

            But all of her efforts would end up being in vain almost 19 years later, when 'tina ended up drawing in a handful of Saiyajin through a beacon solely out of her intense desire to learn about the half she'd been denied all her life. Assuming the worst, that the King had sent them to retrieve his daughter, Adelaide was hostile towards them at first... but eventually started coming around to the idea that not all of the Saiyajin were as horrible as the ones she had dealt with; Especially towards Sanshou and later his "brothers" after seeing that the King had branded them in the same way she herself had been. Regardless, she was not happy when 'tina began utilizing her powers in earnest and getting into increasingly dangerous situations... but finally acquiesced to the idea of training as long as her newfound Saiyajin friends adopted a lifestyle more suited to Earth and ended up enrolling all of them in university as students.


Relatives: Alexander Hourensou (elder brother), 'tina Hourensou (daughter)


            Her time among the Saiyajin has given her an incredibly caustic attitude when they are brought up to her, especially when it concerns the King himself; making her somewhat wary of the new ones that seem to keep showing up on Earth. She cares greatly for her family, however, and is willing to make exceptions for her daughter's friends... within reason, of course.