Cyborg Vejitina's Profile

Cyborg Vejitina

Name: Vejitina "Vejita"
Nicknames: "Princess", #S-002
Age: 31 at time of her death, but no longer ages due to cybernetic enhancements.
Race: Cyborg (formerly half Saiyajin, half-Human)
Homeplanet: Vejitasei
Powerlevel: 41,000

Physical Descriptions:

Birthday: Corresponds to April 3rd of 731 A.D
Astrological Sign: Aries
Blood Type: N/A
Favorite Food: N/A

Hair: Jet black with a red sheen
Eyes: One eye is dark green with red and yellow LEDs, the other is a bright blue
Weight: 143 lbs
Height: 5'2
Attire: A sleeveless/legless black bodysuit with long black gloves and black boots. Also wears an assortment of silver adornments with blue crystals set within.

Alignment: Evil

            This incarnation of Vejitina proceeded much like her normal one, whereas she was born the initially bastard child of the King and raised as a Princess of the Saiyajin out of necessity until her brother Vejita's birth. Eventually she would end up landing on Earth alongside her longtime friend Musei, and ended up running across Sanshou, whom she had literally run into as a child and ended up having to have him exiled rather than put to death because of it. When the impromptu meeting turned violent, they would end up interrupted in a surprise attack by 1800 and a group of standards. By the end of it, 1800 was forced to retreat but Sanshou would end up captured and their pods destroyed in the crossfire... much to their ire.

            After some prodding by Kadila, the girls set out to try locating Sanshou and dealing some vengeance to the Red Ribbon for effectively stranding them there. However, Red Ribbon would prove difficult to locate and even harder to infiltrate when they managed to... mainly because for all of his powers, their demikai "guardian" refused to actively play a role in helping them. Weeks would drag into months and finally into a year, and the girls would find themselves having to contend with a number of other threats to the planet alone. Despite Kadila's insistence that Sanshou was still alive, Vejitina had her misgivings on just what fate may have befallen him after having been in the custody of Red Ribbon for so long; something that Kadila seemed to make a point of not expounding upon.

            It came to pass that Vejitina would find herself confronted by a cyborgized Sanshou, much to her shock both that he was "alive", at least in a sense,... and that such a thing was even possible. When her words didn't reach him, she ended up having to fight him... but was finally worn down and overpowered by him. As she lay dying, she voiced the bitter irony of having saved him from death on Vejitasei by giving up her own freedom, only to drop him into an even worse fate as a mindless slave to Red Ribbon. Her words struck a chord with Sanshou, who was not as totally under Dr. Gero's control as previously thought, but it was too late by then and she died moments later.

            But having seen just how admirably Sanshou performed as a cyborg, Dr. Gero was not about to let two other specimens elude him. To wit, he had K-1800 retrieve the bodies of Vejitina and Musei a few weeks later and over the next several months, replaced the damaged biological systems and limbs with cybernetics. It wouldn't be until 3 years later that Dr. Gero would bring her and Musei fully back "online", however, after having finally created a way to allow them access to the dormant memories of most of their old techniques despite having spent so much time dead. After a test run resulted in the destruction of one of Capsule Corporation's manufacturing facilities, but was plagued by "strange anomalies" involving the implanted memory gate, Gero decided to keep the females primarily inactive until absolutely needed.

            As such, Vejitina is currently one of Red Ribbon's heavily kept secret weapons: but with Capsule Corporation constantly finding new ways to thwart Red Ribbon's takeover, it's only a matter of time before she is reactivated full-time.




Energy Spiral: A tightly wound spiral of ki fired from one or two hands, meant to impact and drill into an opponent.

Jibaku "Self-Destruct": All androids are given the ability to self-destruct under the most extreme of circumstances due to the bomb wired inside of them.

Kyuushuu Ki "Ki Absorption": Through physical contact with her hands, Vejitina can absorb ki from others (save for fellow androids) or absorb attacks fired at her outright depending on how powerful they are. If it proves too powerful, she has to vent the excess power or risk being overloaded by  it.  

Hikou: The ability to fly without using ki, similar to how a bird flies. 

Fudenki "Negative Static": Vejitina can generate a globe of lightning-like energy around herself similar to a shield, but it does not block ki attacks. Instead, it acts as a buffer for her to effectively mow down weaker opponents in her path without actually having to outright attack. Due to the constantly high output of energy, she cannot maintain it for long without taking a chance of damaging her outer mechanical parts. 

Shimiru "Sting": Located in her now-mechanical tail is a thin, razor-sharp blade that she can utilize in combat almost like a third limb.

Relatives: Formerly King Vejita (father/deceased), Adelaide Hourensou (mother/deceased), Prince Vejita (brother/unknown)

           For the most part, Vejitina's dormant personality is squelched by the programming ingrained into her along with the rest of the androids of Red Ribbon. Her temper is what primarily comes to the surface when engaging in difficult combat, or ironically when she happens to be in the same vicinity as Sanshou -- though she does not understand her ire towards him, or the strange sense of emptiness that she feels even when she is fulfilling her mission parameters.