Das' Profile

Das' Profile

Name: Dasao Kyuuji

NickNames: "Das"

Age: 19

Race: Human

HomePlanet: Chikyuusei

Powerlevels: Unknown, never been tested.

Physical Descriptions:

Birthdate: December 2nd, 732 A.D.
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: B
Favorite Food:  Spinach
Hair: Light blond
Eyes: Dark blue
Weight: 145 lbs
Height: 5' 7''
Attire: When he isn't in his university uniform, he generally tends to wear a black elbow-length shirt with a tan short-
sleeved shirt over it and blue jeans with thick brown boots.  

Alignment: Neutral


            Das was not initially from any of the cities dotting the mainland -- instead, he was born on "Houri Island", known better in the tournament circles as "Training Island". The island itself is unique in that each section of it has it's own weather conditions, naturally making it ideal for a wide variety of training both for the military and for freelance fighters. Das himself grew up among the other islanders, but found himself fascinated by the wide variety of exotic animals that inhabited it... and fascinated still by tales of other such creatures around the world at large. When he was nearly 7 years old, a group of university students on an expedition came to the island to document the little-known rituals and history of the island and it's peoples. After impressing them with his knowledge and his adamant insistence, they took Das back to the mainland with them.

            Introduced to "civilized society", Das quickly found himself in a whole new world that he found difficult to adjust to despite his prior confidence -- namely among the other children. Not nearly as impressed with him as the adults were, Das found himself frequently at odds with those his age and developed a bit of a caustic attitude towards them. As such, he grew up immersed in his studies and quickly gained a reputation for taking the initiative -- tracking down and trapping a variety of exotic animals and plants for his personal study. But he also was rather forcibly introduced to the market such creatures had to offer after a few painful run-ins with other trappers, and began selling the animals after he was done with them to the highest bidder himself in order to further fund his research. Knowing such a thing would be considered hypocritical, he had little qualms with lying about releasing them back into their habitat.  

            In his junior year of high school, he would meet 'tina Hourensou and found in her someone who honestly expected nothing from him but his companionship -- a concept he found as charming as it was odd after keeping himself on a whole other level from others his age. Their relationship would last almost a year, but Das found himself more and more at odds with 'tina when it came to his methods and ideas on things; namely being unwilling to set aside his goals simply for the sake of their relationship, especially so close to being accepted into university a whole year before his class. Things came to a head when 'tina discovered he was lying about what he was doing with his exotic charges, and the two split up. Regretful but not totally surprised, Das went on to graduate and began attending univerisity as a junior researcher.

            Months later, Das would end up catching an infant dragon near his dorm. Unfortunately, before he could properly secure it and leave, he was accosted by a time-displaced Vejitina and Jekyl... who had been dragonsitting it for 'tina and Sanshou when it managed to escape them. After a confrontation regarding the infant, which Das lost along with the door on his truck, he offered to give them advice on caring for the dragon proper in exchange for information regarding the two of them. After some debate, the two agreed and proceeded to tell Das bits and pieces (the truth behind some of it being dubious at best) about the Saiyajin and their situation... which Das initially found incredulous but he couldn't deny their abilities after having seen them first hand.

            The three of them returned to Adelaide's home, where eventually Das would come face to face with his ex-girlfriend again, much to his chagrin... and even more to his surprise to learn that she herself was a Saiyajin on top of apparently playing "crime fighter" incognito. Utterly fascinated by the "ultimate exotic find" as he saw it, Das resolved to be the first to document them properly to present to the world... though first he ended up saddled with caring for the same dragon he initially captured while the others prepared to combat the "psycho squadron" that Sanshou had lead to the planet as per his Mission some time previous. Daunted more than he let on by the prospect of them going off to fight an apparently epic battle, especially considering how fairly non-violent he knew 'tina herself to be, Das decided to regardless wait for them to return...


             Das is a lot of things, but a fighter is not one of them so he has no actual attacks. His primary method of defense is a handgun he obtained a license for after a few run-ins with some particularly unscrupulous characters cost him his prized catch and nearly his life. He is no perfect marksman with it, but is comfortable enough with it to know how to use it properly.

Relatives: Menthus Kyuuji (father), Colidia Kyuuji (mother)

         Das is the type of person who doesn't like mysteries or things that "can't" be understood -- to him, every question has an answer and every phenomena can be solved. He is fascinated by things he knows no other has seen, and will go to nearly any length to be the first one to understand. To wit, he has a habit of involving himself in his research to nearly the exclusion of everything else until he's satisfied. He is not necessarily comfortable around a lot of people, and generally tries to keep himself at "arm's length" from others... something he doesn't always succeed at.