Fr'ls' Profile

Fr'ls' Profile

Name: Fr'ls

Nicknames: Has been mistakenly referred to as "Farlis", mainly because her actual name is difficult to pronounce properly.

Age: Unknown

Race: Kurokojin

Homeplanet: Unknown

Powerlevel: 20,000

Physical Descriptions:

Birthday: Unknown
Astrological Sign: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Favorite Food: Unseasoned meat, whenever she can get it...

Hair: None
Eyes: Crimson
Weight: 113 lbs
Height: 5'4
Attire: As a slave, she's not afforded a large wardrobe... just enough to cover the bare basics in a one-sleeved top and belted loincloth.

Alignment: Neutral


            Fr'ls started life out on her homeworld as a part of the mountain tribe. Considering the sometimes unforgiving terrain to which they were accustomed to, the mountain Kurokojin were known to be skilled climbers and vicious combatants... but also isolationists; Preferring, albeit barely, their own company to those of the other tribes located throughout their world. Fr'ls herself grew up into an apprentice shamaness to the creator God that her people as a whole actively worshiped, and had an egg of her own soon after she came of breeding age. Unfortunately, life on her planet was about to violently change...

            With the coming of the Saiyajin Empire, intent upon conquering their world. Not knowing what to make of the invading force, Fr'ls was one of the few to hold back on deifying the strangers as opposed to others who saw it as a sign from their God... and was proven right when the Saiyajin brutally began slaughtering them. Fr'ls tried to pull what tribesmen she could together to mount an offensive but was sold out by her tribe's chieftain, who had seen the carnage for himself and decided it was better to give in to the stronger force rather than futilely throw his life away. As a result, Fr'ls was violently separated from her egg and did not learn until much later that the entire nest had been razed to demoralize them. In her rage, she attacked several guards but was viciously beaten down and finally subdued.

            By this time, Queen Vejitina had several of the surviving Kurokojin forced into servitude and shipped all around her Empire to fill the roles of hard labor that she personally saw as "below" most Saiyajin. Initially violently resisting the transition, the Queen took measures to bring the Kurokojin as a whole to heel -- realizing that their violent tendencies coupled with their strength made them valuable assets for the more dangerous and "low-end" tasks required to keep her Empire running. In light of a fairly successful integration, she allowed them to continue propagating their race... within reason. To further subdue them, she implemented steps with the hatchlings such as teeth filing after it proved too dangerous to utilize with the adults.

            It would be in the years of captivity that Fr'ls' attitude towards her own people would become almost as hateful as it was towards her Saiyajin handlers, especially after discovering that their own chieftain had sentenced their tribe to their fate. Unwilling to accept servitude over death, Fr'ls lashed out repeatedly -- and was violently subdued time and again, to the mocking derision of her own kind as they watched. As such, she developed an incredibly caustic attitude towards everyone she came into contact with, and even purposely avoided contact during her breeding season... refusing to submit to another to bear another hatchling, but especially so in captivity. This coupled with her scarred physical appearance left her isolated even in the midst of the slave pens for the most part, though her attentions had since turned from the far-off idea of revenge to simple freedom.

            In a twist of irony, she would end up on planet Kresh after Queen Vejitina ordered it's "cleansing" as part of a work force sent in to build one of the Queen's many palaces there. She would not be there long before she was forced to begin working on the Queen's personal flagship after she violently murdered her own servants for her own reasons. As a rule due to the Queen's disgust of their kind, she was relegated to "background" work... where she inadvertently ran across H'vk's attempt on the Queen's life. Despite herself, after listening to the struggle and realizing it's conclusion, Fr'ls intervened and distracted the Queen long enough to pull H'vk out of it before she could kill him.




Spark Slicers: A pair of knives stolen from the soldier's barracks during a routine cleaning, they are designed to utilize a superheated filament twisted into the shape of a blade to slice cleanly through an object. At their highest setting, the filaments glow bright white and can slice through solid stone with little resistance... but doing this not only drains the energy cells quicker, it also strains the conducting filaments. She generally keeps them hidden away, intending to use them only at the opportune time to do so.

Bukujyutsu: The ability to fly with ki.

Itadaki Doumon ("Spire Tunnel"): An attack where Fr'ls points her hands at the ground and fires a blast into it, causing the blast to erupt underneath her opponent in a jagged bolt of ki. The height of the bolt depends on the power used.

Haneageru Eijisu ("Splash Aegis"): Swiping the air in front of her with one hand, Fr'ls creates a brief "splash" of ki in front of her to block incoming ki attacks.

Denkou Butsukaru ("Lightning Strike"): Utilizing either her claws or her knives, Fr'ls unleashes a rapidfire series of brutal strikes intended to quickly cut down an opponent. She can also utilize a third weapon in her tail for extra support.

Relatives: C'll (daughter/deceased)

            Sarcastic, caustic and cynical almost to a fault, very few find Fr'ls tolerable to be around and she could seriously care less. A staunch individualist, she rarely "plays well" with others and generally keeps to herself as much as possible... not wanting to put herself in a position to be betrayed again. As such, it is extremely hard for her to trust others, let alone go out of her way to help them.