Mirai Astrea's Profile

Mirai Astrea's Profile


Name: Astrea "Vejita"(Mirai)

NickNames: Astrea-chan

Age: 19

Race: 3/4 Saiyajin, 1/4 Human

HomePlanet: Chikyuusei


Normal: 33,000
Hidden: 500
Psycho Saiyajin, stage 2 [uncontrolled]: 3,300,000

Physical Descriptions:

Birthdate: March 16th
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Blood Type: AB-
Favorite Food:  Candy
Hair: Light green
Eyes: Dark brown 
Weight: 123lbs
Height: 5' 4''
Attire:  Has had an odd assortment of clothes over the years, usually whatever the style for the planet she was on at the time. Her current clothes consist of 
a black and pink sleeveless bodysuit with long black and pink gloves. She also wears dark pink bracers and boots along with a silver belt.    

Alignment: Good


         Astrea's story begins on Chikyuusei, where she was born as the elder twin of Endou (by two minutes) to her parents, Vejitina and Jekyl. As such, Astrea grew up in a fairly "normal" family setting for the most part, with her twin brother and best friend, Taran Shino. Around the age of three, her parents began training them both in the ways of combat, though she was never quite as studious about her training as her twin and friend were; preferring instead to spend more of her time constantly exploring or inadvertantly adopting the local wildlife... much to their chagrin. While she displayed potential for fighting, her heart simply wasn't in it to hurt another unless absolutely necessary.

      Their peaceful life, however, was not to last... as shortly after her 5th birthday, the goddess Lillith was freed from her imprisonment in her pocket Abyss by her loyal avatars; rumors even being that Antan Kaiohshin was behind it. Answering the call to defend the planet, Astrea and the boys were forced to stay behind with the Briefs while their parents and friends went to fight the new threat. It would be the last time he saw them alive, as they were overwhelmed by the sheer force of Lillith's followers and killed in the ensuing battle. Having a greater sensitivity to such things, Astrea was not as surprised when Kadila came to retrieve them with the horrible news as the boys were... but she was still utterly devastated. So much so that shortly after they were taken off-planet, Astrea lapsed into a trance-like state of memories; refusing outright to accept the harsh reality they had been thrust into and opting instead to live within a dream. Terrified of losing his twin much like he had their parents, Endou, Kadila and Taran both spent nearly two days convincing her to come out of it.

      Little did they realize that this would start a years-long exodus across the universe, with the children being displaced again and again by either unfriendly locals or arriving only a few steps ahead of Lillith's ever-growing armies. It became excruciatingly painful, for Astrea especially, when those they had each come to care for and call 'friend' on the planets that would accept them fell to the hordes of darkness only to be reborn as wraiths among their number, forcing them to either fight or flee. To her dismay, but not her surprise, both Endou and Taran began taking the fight to the darkness as soon as they were old enough to do so and while she fought alongside them for a time, she found that she could bring herself less and less to kill as time went on and she finally became moreso relegated to caring for the wounded and offering mental and emotional support to her brother and friend.

      At the age of 14, her brother would transform into Super Saiyajin for the very first time... but refused to tell her the circumstances behind it. It would be inadvertantly from through their bond as twins when Endou began having nightmares that she would learn the heart-breaking truth: that both Endou and Taran had been forced to put down their very own parents, now puppets of the Goddess. Hurt that they would keep it from her, but knowing how hard it was for them to do, she never spoke a word of what she had learned until years later. It would also be the beginning of the rift between them, partly due to their attitudes regarding the never-ending war with the darkness... as Astrea could slowly see her twin becoming more distant and cold with every battle he engaged in, even towards her. While she knew he didn't resent her for not fighting, their former closeness as children was dwindling as time went on.

      Shortly after the twins turned 18, Astrea was nearly killed when Koutaigou broke through the defenses of the planet they were defending and attacked her in the medical ward. She fought as best she could, but was finally cornered until the untimely intervention of her brother; who took the blow from the Priestess' scythe meant to end her life instead. Not far behind him, and realizing he was dying, Taran grabbed both twins and took them out of the fray altogether to escape Koutaigou's wrath further. Terrified at the thought of losing her brother to the Goddess as they had their parents, Astrea and Taran forcefully commandeered a space ship to take him to another planet with Astrea barely managing to keep him alive by diverting her own energy to him from some transfer techniques she had picked up over the years to heal others.

     When they reached Densansei, she implored the officials there to save her brother. Intrigued by his condition, they agreed and managed to do so at the cost of his arm. Knowing he was dismayed, Astrea stayed by his side constantly until he was given the option of a replacement arm to continue fighting. Despite her apprehension at the thought of him going into battle once again after nearly losing him, Astrea helped her brother through his rehabilitation alongside Aiji Enzanki. Though she never spoke a word of it to him, it would not be the first time that she would wonder if she were moreso a liability to him than an asset -- blaming herself in part for his condition to begin with, considering the circumstances. Her years on the 'run' alongside them had strengthened her resolve to fight when necessary, but she still found no satisfaction in it and was still unable to bring herself to kill... whereas her brother had almost frighteningly been able to put such things aside.

     Shortly after he recovered, Aikon came forward with the time machine and the idea that they use it to return to the past and possibly prevent it from ever happening. Elated at first, she quickly informed them that any changes done there would not affect their situation in the present... all they could hope for would be to give at least one timeline a brighter future. While they agreed to do it regardless, Astrea saw the added bonus of being able to see and interact with their parents once again... though her brother quickly tried to shoot that idea down, citing that it would only make it harder to leave them again and that they had been through more than enough heartbreak. Despite knowing he had, to an extent, a good point... she resolved within herself to take the risk, if even for a time. Despite their careful planning, however, their first foray into the past would be without Taran due to a miscalculation in the charge-up time of the machine and the appearance of the first waves of the Darkness on Densansei that he was forced to deal with.

     They would arrive in the past back on Earth, something that was painful for both of them even after all of the mental preparing they'd done beforehand. Almost immediately, the twins would argue about whether to seek their parents out or the cult itself. Ironically, their parents found them first, or at least one did... Jekyl, who had teamed up with Kadila to stop a Koutaigou-possessed Vejitina from freeing Motav Knight in hell. Reacting instinctively after so many years of being 'on the run', Endou ended up tangling with Jekyl until Astrea intervened to stop it. After learning of what had happened, the twins accompanied them to retrieve the holy water and venture into Hell to stop the Priestess. Once she was defeated and their mother was freed, they returned to Capsule Corporation with them... where Astrea was finally able to tell their parents who they truly were. Upset at first over their shocked reactions, she quickly settled down and explained the future they had come from... simply happy to be around them again. At length, they came around to it as much as they could.

     Unfortunately, it soon came to light that Motav Knight had escaped his prison when a last-ditch attack by Kadila back in Hell against Koutaigou had inadvertantly shattered it. The 'saving grace' to that, though, was the news of a powerful artifact known as the "God's Heart" that could effectively suppress the hideous powers of the Goddess and her minions, allowing for a greater edge over them. However, the question arose as to where the artifact would be as Kadila had been sealed into human form and had no idea of the artifact's existence, much less it's location. They were all shocked, though, when the Dai Kaiohshin himself showed up and insisted the twins leave and allow the Z Senshi to contend with the cult in this time. To her happy surprise, both Vejitina and Jekyl stood up and refused to allow the twins to be forced out without the artifact. After more debate, the Dai Kaiohshin finally revealed that the artifact had been sealed within Kadila the entire time as a check on his powers and freed it for their use. After agreeing that Jekyl and Kadila should remain behind due to being especially vulnerable to the Goddess' influence, the twins left with their future mother to stop Motav Knight.

      Unfortunately, none of them realized it was a trap the entire time. Far more pragmatic than the Priestess, Motav Knight had determined that if Jekyl would not 'accept his destiny'... that his son would simply take his place. Finding the temple rebuilt as it had been in the beginning, the trio infiltrated it but were quickly ambushed and separated. Unable to use the artifact properly, Astrea and her twin both were taken to the very mirror that served as a physical manifestation of the Goddess' seal where she was used as a "trump card" against her brother to force his submission to the Goddess. Before he could give his oath, however, the other Z Senshi arrived to stop him. Awaking to find her family struggling against Motav Knight, she added her power to theirs and they finally managed to force him into the very rift he had intended to send them into. With him and the High Priestess seemingly gone, Astrea was finally able to start looking forward to the future again.

        A few days later, the time machine had recharged and the twins were faced with the prospect of going back to their time all over again. Tearfully promising to return someday, Astrea  returned to their time with her brother and found that they had only been gone hours as opposed to the days actually spent in the past. They also found an injured Taran among the debris that had once been both living allies and now stoned monsters of the cult, and quickly learned that the situation had been stabilized somewhat for the moment as the hordes had been driven back by the combined efforts of the Densansei military and Taran.

        Taking the opportunity, Astrea tried practicing with the artifact along with her sibling and friend... but found it almost as difficult as they to get the kind of power from it they all knew would be needed to combat the hordes. In the coming months, the hordes of Lillith began attacking in more frequency and Astrea's best attempts at using the artifact only barely managed to give them an edge. Ironically, that would change for them when Aiji, offered to try after a particularly close campaign that cost them a number of good soldiers and volunteers weighed on their minds. To their amazement, especially Endou's, Aiji was able to use the artifact almost effortlessly. With that, she became an integral part of their team on sorties and it finally seemed like they truly had a chance at defeating the cult -- especially when even the High Priestess seemed wan to show her face to them anymore.

       Things would come to a head, however, when the escaped Densanjin criminal Kagai viciously attacked Aiji and Rikou in their own home and stole the artifact. Brought out of a military training exercise by a frantic call for help, Astrea was right behind Endou only to find Aiji being held hostage by him and ordered Kagai to release her and the artifact. Having already assimilated all of the information regarding them, however, Kagai knew he had the upperhand and forced Endou to relinquish the time machine to him in exchange for Aiji's life. That done, Kagai promptly disappeared into the time stream; leaving them without hope all over again. After hospitalizing the twins, Astrea talked both Endou and Taran into not giving up and they left to visit Aikon once more. Not overly concerned about the medical state of her own children, Aikon was less than pleased to learn that the time machine had been stolen. Never without a backup, however, she produced the prototype time machine she had initially been working on before starting over to create the one she initially gave them.

        The drawbacks, however, were that it was only functional for a one-time use and to return, the other machine would absolutely have to be found. Knowing they couldn't let their only hope slip away from them again, they agreed to use it despite the risks and ended up being transported back to Earth almost a year after they had been there originally. Luck was on their side, however, in that the Z Senshi were already looking for them after the Dai Kaiohshin picked up on "ripples" through the timestream and informed Kadila of such. Reunited with their parents once more, they quickly informed them of the situation and used Kadila to locate the artifact and, by proxy, Kagai. Finding him in one of Dr. Gero's overtaken bases, they didn't realize until too late that the entire thing was a trap concocted by both the future version of Kagai... and the past version that he had sought out shortly after his arrival. To their horror, the mirai children were forced to watch as their parents were taken from them all over again by the very time machine that they had tried to use to save their universe to begin with.

        Utterly decimated by the thought of having come so far only to lose them again, Astrea abruptly demonstrated her latent powers in a fit of anger and despair that culminated in her ascension to "stage two" -- something Endou himself couldn't do, and had previously had no idea was even a factor. In the thrall of her own power, Astrea surged through the complex and laid waste to most of it, especially both versions of Kagai. Turning on her brother and best friend, it would be Endou's mental outreach to her that would force her hesitation long enough for Kadila to knock her unconcious with a sleep spell.

        When she awoke later, she sought them out and apologized to them... but naturally, they didn't hold it against her. They informed her of the situation, and they searched the complex to find the "mystery Densanjin". It would be Astrea who finally ran across her, as it turned out to be the very same Aikon Enzanki who had provided them help on Densansei itself in their future, albeit under far different circumstances. Intrigued by the idea of a Densanjin-made time machine moreso than their plight, Aikon agreed to help find a way to possibly sync the prototype with the completed time machine that was no doubt at least near their parents in order to bring them home.


Wrecking Spiral: A two-handed only attack, Astrea combines the signature attacks (Energy Spiral and Wrecking Beam) of both parents into one devastating beam of raw concussive power. She can also use one or the other if she is forced to fight one-handed, and it is one of the few offensive attacks she uses aside from the standard ki blasts and beams.

Kaifuku ("Healing"): Astrea's greatest power is her ability to channel her ki into a healing force for another person, though naturally if her energy is similar to theirs it has a greater affect. She can heal any superficial, and even some deeper wounds, but anything more extensive than that requires vast amounts of her energy and concentration on her part that usually leaves her weakened afterwards.

Kyuushuu Ki ("Ki Absorption"): An extension of her healing technique, it is primarily the transferring of energy from herself to another person, but she can also consequently draw it out of them so long as she has a grip on them.

Bukujyutsu: The ability to fly using ki.

Barrier: A sphere of ki used to protect against low to moderately high ki attacks. Does not protect against physical attacks.

Psycho Form, stage 2: The true end product of the experiments conducted on her father, Astrea is able to tap into the legendary power of the Super Saiyajin at the cost of her rational thought. Because of the artificial boost in power however, the body is unable to withstand the strain put on it, causing previously healed wounds to reopen, and burning through the user's power after only a few minutes.

Relatives: Endou (twin brother), Jekyl (father), Vejitina (mother)

       Kind almost to the point of naivete, Astrea is someone who tries to be friends with all she meets and simply focus her energies into being happy rather than allow their dark past to drag her down a path of despair and grief. She always tries to put others before herself, and is loyal to a fault to those she cares about. She is easily upset by things, though, and apt to do what she feels like is right rather than what is 'smart'. She also has an affinity for animals, and is constantly picking up all manner of strays... as well as creatures never really meant to be pets in the first place.