Mirai Endou's Profile

Mirai Endou's Profile


Name: Endou "Vejita"(Mirai)

NickNames: Endy, Endy-kun

Age: 19

Race: 3/4 Saiyajin, 1/4 Human

HomePlanet: Chikyuusei


Normal: 66,000
Hidden: 1,000
Psycho Saiyajin [uncontrolled]: 660,000
Psycho Saiyajin [controlled]: 1,320,000
Super Saiyajin:

Physical Descriptions:

Birthdate: March 16th
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Food: Microwave french fries
Hair: Dark green
Eyes: Ivy green
Weight: 185lbs
Height: 5' 7''
Attire:  Has had an odd assortment of clothes over the years, usually whatever the style for the planet he was on at the 
time. However, his most current iteration of clothing is a black sleeveless shirt and pants with blue and white customized  Saiyajin-style armor and blue boots and gloves.  

Alignment: Good


         Endou's story begins on Chikyuusei, where he was born as the younger twin of Astrea (by two minutes) to his parents, Vejitina and Jekyl. As such, Endou grew up in a "normal" family setting for the most part, with his twin sister and best friend, Taran Shino, as his constant companions. Around the age of three, his parents began training them both in the ways of combat, and Endou in particular took to it gladly to be able to spend time with them... especially his father. His greatest goal at that time was to participate in the newly-commissioned children's Tenkaichi Budokai, to be able to show off his burgeoning abilities.

     The peace, however, was not to last... as shortly after his 5th birthday, the goddess Lillith was freed from her imprisonment in her pocket Abyss by her loyal avatars; rumors even being that Antan Kaiohshin was behind it. Answering the call to defend the planet, Endou, his sister and Taran were forced to stay behind with the Briefs while their parents and friends went to fight the new threat. It would be the last time he saw them alive, as they were overwhelmed by the sheer force of Lillith's followers and killed in the ensuing battle. Endou would not get the chance to find out who struck the fatal blows to his parents until far later in the future.

     Seeing the Z Senshi fall and knowing that without them the planet was done for, the Demi Kaiohshin, Kadiluan, took it upon himself to take the children and flee; unwilling to see them follow the same fate as their parents and friends. It would be shortly after this that Chikyuusei ceased to exist, the first of many planets to be devoured by Lillith in her quest to end all of Existence. She expanded her power, and had two of her avatars invade Heaven and Hell to deal with the other, lesser, deities while Koutaigou remained on the mortal plane to lead her armies forth to other worlds.

     Thus would start a years-long exodus across the universe, with the children being displaced again and again by either unfriendly locals or arriving only a few steps ahead of Lillith's ever-growing armies. As time went by, Endou developed an undying hatred for the Goddess and her followers for ruining their lives and continuously forcing them to be on the run with no peace. When he turned 9 years old, he took what training he remembered from his days on Earth and began applying it to what he picked up from the races who had warriors and techniques of their own. However, it would also be the first time he transformed into "Psycho form" in earnest and was unable to control it, resulting in the deaths and injuries of over a dozen of their own fighters before his power ran out on him. After that incident, he would prove very wane to use that form unless absolutely necessary -- knowing the only one who could have trained him to use it would never be able to. Two years later, he would join his first sortie against the armies of Profound Darkness alongside Taran; having his sister remain behind on the planet to keep her safe, but allowing her to treat those who fell in battle as best as she could.

     Soon enough, a pattern of sorrow emerged... for those who were still willing to fight, Endou and his friend would help to bring them together and be one of the first ones on the front lines to meet the enemy. Unfortunately, each and every time their forces were eventually beaten back and the children would be forced to flee again lest they themselves follow the same fate. Even Kadiluan, their primary caretaker since the destruction of their world, was unable to lend much assistance in battle as Lillith's armies grew in number almost daily from those souls whom they slaughtered just in the previous battle. Time and again, Endou would be forced to confront and destroy the very people whom he'd befriended and trained with on previous worlds after they were taken and corrupted by the Goddess.

     At the age of 14, Endou was able to break through the first defenses and confront the High Priestess, Koutaigou alongside Taran. She was ready for them, however, and they finally learned that Koutaigou had been the one to personally kill their parents... when she ressurrected their bodies and forced the two stricken boys to fight them. In his rage at the Konpakujin for all of the grief she had caused them, Endou turned Super Saiyajin for the first time and renewed his attack against her... forcing her to eventually summon her own legions to drive him back. Despite his new found abilities, they would be forced to retreat yet again when the Goddess herself emerged on the battlefield; easily overwhelming all of them with little effort.

      At 18, Endou's life very nearly ended when the meager force he and Taran managed to dredge up on the planet were horribly beaten back... allowing Koutaigou to break through and make it to the planet's surface. Terrified for his sister and the other "civilians" he knew would be vulnerable, Endou initially left Taran to continue the assault while he himself pursued the Konpakujin back down but lost track of her. Fearing the worst, he immediately sought out his sister... and found the rogue Konpakujin as she was about to slay her. With little choice, Endou got in the way; protecting his twin, but being dealt the blow meant for her across part of his back and right arm. Almost immediately, the "flesh rotting curse" took affect, leaving him with only a short time to live.

      Knowing he was dying, he implored Astrea to leave him and run but she refused. It would be Taran's intervention that saved them both, however, when he managed to grab both twins and dive under the ground to escape the wrath of the Priestess while Kadila was forced to intervene to keep her from pursuing them. It would be the last time any of the children would see their friend and caretaker. Without Kadiluan to provide the means to teleport between planets, Astrea and Taran were forced to commandeer a small space shuttle and took Endou away from the doomed planet; desperate to seek help for him.

      With no other choice, they landed on the first civilized planet they came to... the Planet Densan.  The Densanjin were one of the last people to be officially conquered by the Kold Empire years ago, but were allowed to continue their way of life as long as they provided technology for the Empire's use. With the fall of the Empire after the death of most of the Kold family years ago, Densan had once again began to flourish technologically. Seeking medical help, the Densanjin were at first wary of the newcomers... but quickly realized that Endou was dying by something their medical teams had never come into contact before. Seeing it as moreso a surgical challenge than an act of compassion, the medical teams were forced to amputate the infected parts of Endou's flesh in order to preserve the healthy.

     When he awoke, he was in a hospital setting... missing his arm and part of his shoulder and back from the spread of the infection previous. Horrifically dismayed over this prospect, Endou was almost ready to give up on ever being able to end their nightmare... until a lead technician, Aikon Enzanki, approached the young man with an offer: they could replace his missing arm with a mechanical one if he would allow them to test some of their new found theories regarding ki development and nerve connections. Feeling he had nothing to lose, he agreed and underwent the painful procedure. It would be around this time that he first met Aiji and Rikou Enzanki, Aikon's twin children who were close in age to he and his own twin and friend. Almost immediately, he and Rikou became at-odds but he found himself drawn to the more open Aiji, who took it upon herself to help 'nurse him back'.

      His determination renewed, he began rehabilitation and was cleared for battle within 6 months of the initial procedure; almost a quarter of the time that was estimated for him. Unfortunately, by this time news began to pour in that the armies were yet again nearing them and even with his recovery, Endou knew they were fighting a losing battle.. but was determined regardless to fight. Seeing his resolve, Aikon proposed a different theory -- rather than continue fighting a losing war, why not take the opportunity to change it entirely? She presented the twins with a makeshift Time Travel device that she had been working on as a "pet project", and offered it to them if they would agree to become the first ones to try it... namely by allowing her to install a program into Endou's arm that would record both battle data and data on the time machine.

      After some debate between them, the trio agreed but realized that they weren't sure just when , exactly, everything had begun. Had Lillith immediately come into power overnight? Or had she been released, and simply gathered power unawares until she chose the proper time to strike? Not wanting to be too late, Endou decided to overshoot both possibilities by having Aikon adjust the date to nearly eight years before that fateful day when their peaceful lives ended on Earth. Unfortunately, news of the Cult's hordes encroaching on Densansei forced Taran to the front lines in order to hold them while the twins got ready to leave... but none of them anticipated on how quickly the device would activate; throwing the twins back into time while their friend was left to unfortunately deal with the horde alone.

      They would arrive in the past back on Earth, something that was painful for both of them even after all of the mental preparing they'd done beforehand. Almost immediately, Astrea wanted to seek out their parents but Endou remained firm that doing so would only bring them more undue pain when they inevitably had to leave them again... despite his own desire to see them again. Their parents found them however, or at least one did... Jekyl, who had teamed up with Kadila to stop a Koutaigou-possessed Vejitina from freeing Motav Knight in hell. Reacting instinctively after so many years of being 'on the run', Endou ended up tangling with Jekyl until Astrea intervened to stop it.  After learning of what had happened, the twins accompanied them to retrieve the holy water and venture into Hell to stop the Priestess. It would be during this confrontation that Endou would first become aware that whatever had "marked" his father to the cult had apparently crossed over to him as well, something that disturbed him but he refused to let influence him. He was taken aback, however, when Jekyl pretended to give up to the Priestess in order to get her to let down her guard to use the holy water; not realizing it was a ruse until after the fact, then feeling somewhat guilty for not having trusted him earlier. With their mother freed and the High Priestess gone, the twins returned to Capsule Corporation with the others...

      ... And ran into Antan Kaiohshin, who had come to see the interlopers for himself. Having heard rumors about Antan possibly being involved in the destruction of their future, Endou lost his temper and lashed out at the fallen God and was quickly taught the error of his ways. Though the 'interrogation' by their future parents shortly afterward almost made him wish he'd pushed the issue with Antan instead, as Endou tried to choose his answers to their questions carefully... only to have his twin go right behind him and answer freely. Knowing she was dying to rekindle the closeness they had lost so many years ago while they could, Endou found that he just couldn't bring himself to do the same... it was hard enough simply being near them and fighting alongside them as it was. With that, he left to another part of the compound; unwilling to leave completely despite himself.

      At length, his twin and Jekyl came to look for him but he already knew through their bond that she'd told them everything and quickly berated her for it, but couldn't argue that it would likely be their one and only chance to ever see them again. After some internal struggle, Endou finally gave in and began 'warming up' anew to their parents; mainly Jekyl, whom he started training with to control the Psycho form properly. Unfortunately, it soon came to light that Motav Knight had escaped his prison when a last-ditch attack by Kadila back in Hell against Koutaigou had inadvertantly shattered it. The 'saving grace' to that, though, was the news of a powerful artifact known as the "God's Heart" that could effectively suppress the hideous powers of the Goddess and her minions, allowing for a greater edge over them.

      However, the question arose as to where the artifact would be as Kadila had been sealed into human form and had no idea of the artifact's existence, much less it's location. Impatient to end the threat of the cult, Endou was about to leave to the temple to confront Motav Knight when the Dai Kaiohshin himself showed up and more or less told him and his sister to leave and allow the Z Senshi to contend with the cult in this time. To his surprise, both Vejitina and Jekyl stood up and refused to allow the twins to be forced out without the artifact. After more debate, the Dai Kaiohshin finally revealed that the artifact had been sealed within Kadila the entire time as a check on his powers and freed it for their use. After agreeing that Jekyl and Kadila should remain behind due to being especially vulnerable to the Goddess' influence, Endou left with his twin and future mother to stop Motav Knight.

      Unfortunately, none of them realized it was a trap the entire time. Far more pragmatic than the Priestess, Motav Knight had determined that if Jekyl would not 'accept his destiny'... that his son would simply take his place. Finding the temple rebuilt as it had been in the beginning, the trio infiltrated it but were quickly ambushed and separated. Unable to use the artifact properly, Endou and his twin both were taken to the very mirror that served as a physical manifestation of the Goddess' seal. It would be here that Endou would be subjected to the most direct mental and spiritual assault he'd ever faced by the Goddess, even worse than during all of the skirmishes in their future; with Motav Knight acting as the proxy for trying to persuade him. When he barely managed to hold out, Motav Knight played their trump card by threatening his sister as a sacrifice to the Goddess along with the very artifact meant to save them all. Feeling as hopeless as he had from back when he was a child, Endy finally pleaded for his sister's life in exchange for becoming a servant of the very Goddess he had hated since it all began.

      Before he could give his oath, however, the other Z Senshi arrived to stop him. Still reeling somewhat from everything going on, it would take Endou some time before finally joining in the fight after Kadila managed to activate the artifact to squelch Motav Knight's dark power. Diminished, but nowhere near defeated, Motav Knight opened a rift to the void and tried to draw all of them inside of it. In desperation, Endou and his sister had to combine their powers with their parents in order to force him into his own void... hopefully ending his threat in their world for good. Not wanting to stay there any longer, they left to return to Capsule Corporation after gratefully watching Jekyl raze the temple to the ground all over again.

      A few days later, the time machine had recharged and the twins were faced with the prospect of going back to their time all over again. Despite his initial apprehension, the days he spent with both of his parents had brought back some of the old warmth that Endou felt had been lost in all the years of struggling against the impossible darkness... and with it a renewed hope for saving what was left. With the artifact in hand, Endou returned to their time with his sister and found that they had only been gone hours as opposed to the days actually spent in the past. They also found an injured Taran among the debris that had once been both living allies and now stoned monsters of the cult, and quickly learned that the situation had been stabilized somewhat for the moment as the hordes had been driven back by the combined efforts of the Densansei military and Taran.

      Taking the opportunity, Endou tried practicing with the artifact along with his sibling and friend... but got the least amount of reaction from it. Frustrated and disappointed, he was left with no recourse but to leave it to either of them to possibly utilize it. In the coming months, the hordes of Lillith began attacking in more frequency and Endou was hard-pressed to help keep them at bay even with the artifact as for all of their 'training' with it, not even Astrea could get an especially strong reaction from it. Ironically, that would change for them when Aiji, offered to try after a particularly close campaign that cost them a number of good soldiers and volunteers weighed on their minds. To their amazement, especially Endou's, Aiji was able to use the artifact almost effortlessly. With that, she became an integral part of their team on sorties and it finally seemed like they truly had a chance at defeating the cult -- especially when even the High Priestess seemed wan to show her face to them anymore.

       Things would come to a head, however, when the escaped Densanjin criminal Kagai viciously attacked Aiji and Rikou in their own home and stole the artifact. Brought out of a military training exercise by a frantic call for help, Endou was the first one to arrive and find Aiji being held hostage by him and ordered Kagai to release her and the artifact. Having already assimilated all of the information regarding them, however, Kagai knew he had the upperhand and forced Endou to relinquish the time machine to him in exchange for Aiji's life. That done, Kagai promptly disappeared into the time stream; leaving them without hope all over again. After hospitalizing the twins, Astrea talked both Endou and Taran into not giving up and they left to visit Aikon once more. Not overly concerned about the medical state of her own children, Aikon was less than pleased to learn that the time machine had been stolen. Never without a backup, however, she produced the prototype time machine she had initially been working on before starting over to create the one she initially gave them.

       The drawbacks, however, were that it was only functional for a one-time use and to return, the other machine would absolutely have to be found. Knowing they couldn't let their only hope slip away from them again, they agreed to use it despite the risks and ended up being transported back to Earth almost a year after they had been there originally. Luck was on their side, however, in that the Z Senshi were already looking for them after the Dai Kaiohshin picked up on "ripples" through the timestream and informed Kadila of such. Reunited with their parents once more, they quickly informed them of the situation and used Kadila to locate the artifact and, by proxy, Kagai. Finding him in one of Dr. Gero's overtaken bases, they didn't realize until too late that the entire thing was a trap concocted by both the future version of Kagai... and the past version that he had sought out shortly after his arrival. To their horror, the mirai children were forced to watch as their parents were taken from them all over again by the very time machine that they had tried to use to save their universe to begin with.

        Ironically, Endou would not have a chance to exact revenge. Utterly decimated by the thought of having come so far only to lose them again, it would be Astrea who demonstrated her latent powers in a fit of anger and despair that culimated in her ascension to "stage two" -- something Endou himself couldn't do, and had previously had no idea was even a factor. Knowing uncontrolled she'd likely get them all killed, Endou found himself having to try to reconnect with his sister through their bond as twins in order to reach her despite the intense mental strain on himself. It would finally be a sleep spell from Kadila to put his twin "down" and escape the quickly collapsing base back to Capsule Corporation. Shaken by all of it, Endou allowed his sister to rest for a time while he and Taran began to desperately try thinking of a way to return their parents to their proper time. After Kadila left to speak with the Dai Kaiohshin about what could be done magic -wise, Endou and his friend went to Dr. Briefs and explained things to him as well as handed over the prototype. It would be then that the Doctor would mention the Densanjin girl who had been staying on the property as his 'assistant'. In disbelief, they would collect Astrea and go investigate...

        Only to find it to be the very same Aikon Enzanki who had provided them help on Densansei itself in their future, albeit under far different circumstances. Intrigued by the idea of a Densanjin-made time machine moreso than their plight, Aikon agreed to help find a way to possibly sync the prototype with the completed time machine that was no doubt at least near their parents in order to bring them home.


Bionic Arm: The entirety of Endou's right arm is mechanical, made from a military-grade Densanjin alloy meant to withstand the intensity of the ki he can produce and is attached to a metal plate that replaces his shoulderblade on his back. The plate itself serves as the nexus of connections between his nerve pulses and the arm itself, allowing him free movement like any other limb. At his personal request, it does not sport any actual weaponry but is equipped with a data recorder, tracking device, and compartment for storing the time machine.

Wrecking Spiral: A two-handed only attack, Endou combines the signature attacks (Energy Spiral and Wrecking Beam) of both parents into one devastating beam of raw concussive power. He can also use one or the other if he is forced to fight one- handed.

Gyariku Hou: His mother's strongest attack, but without her training he was forced to adapt it as best he could. He gathers his aura around him into a fireball-esque form then condenses it into his hands to fire it as a concentrated beam of energy at an opponent.

Ring Jyou No: An attack where Endou forms rings of razor-sharp energy between his fingers and sends them at an opponent to ensnare them. Can be used either to painfully incapacitate an opponent, or effectively dice them into shreds by violently constricting the sharpened energy rings around the unfortunate enemy.

Bukujyutsu: The ability to fly using ki.

Aeon Blade: An attack where Endou focuses most of his ki into his mechanical arm, pushing it to it's limitations but allowing him to use it for far longer as a ki-encased limb for added damage due to the slow rate that the metal disperses the ki. With this, he is usually able to simply punch right through an object or person with little effort like a knife through butter (hence the "Blade" moniker). If he isn't careful, however, he can overload it and end up with a disabled arm.

Barrier: A sphere of ki used to protect against low to moderately high ki attacks. Does not protect against physical attacks.

Zanzoken: The ability to move fast enough to leave after-images of themselves, making it a good confusion technique.

Psycho Form, stage 1: Created through genetic engineering, the Psycho form taps into the power usually reserved for the Oozaru transformation. Because of the genetic tampering involved, the user can no longer enter the Oozaru state, instead becoming ten times stronger, and faster, with spiked up hair and constricted pupils. While in this state the user becomes easily agitated, and is as likely to attack allies as they are enemies. If the user is able to regain control of their mind while in this state they can double their power, but they will also burn through it at a faster rate.

Super Saiyajin level 1: The "legendary golden power", it is brought about by a moment of intense rage and despair after the user has been pushed to their utmost; usually during battle. The hair spikes up and becomes gold along with their aura while the eyes become a bright green and their power increases almost 50 fold. After the first time, it steadily becomes easier to transform and maintain with the proper training.

Relatives: Astrea (twin sister), Jekyl (father), Vejitina (mother)

       The years of always being on the run have taken their toll on him, making him cynical towards most things in life. On the outside, he seems cold and aloof; with his only goal being to end the reign of darkness in his time by any means necessary. Very few see past that to the compassionate individual he used to be before the long years of war and death. He is also a fierce combatant, and has little remorse towards his enemies after dealing with foes that refuse to die. Unfortunately, his years of having to watch out for himself, his friend and his sister has made him quite reflexive (read: jumpy) ... making it difficult for him to be snuck up on without serious, albeit accidental, repercussions.