Motav Knight's Profile

Motav Knight's Profile

Name: His true name has long since been lost in obscurity...
Nicknames: Formerly designated as "Zeta Knight", but now is known more infamously as "Motav Knight"
Age: His exact age is unknown, but is estimated to be over 900 years.
Race: Unknown
Homeplanet: Rikasei


Unknown, doesn't show up on conventional scanners.

Physical Descriptions:

Birthday: Approximately 135 B.C.
Astrological Sign: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Favorite Food: No longer requires food, though he's proven to have a taste for mortal blood...

Hair: None
Eyes: Red
Weight: 197 lbs
Height: 6'6
Attire: His most distinguishing feature is the blank white mask he wears over his face, which is decorated on the right side with "blood runes". Aside from armor made from the amalgamation of the magically-carved bones of a "Grand Fiend" and obsidian, he wears a cloak over his left shoulder that hides the scabbard for his unholy sword, Apollyon... given to him by Lillith herself.

Alignment: Evil


            Motav Knight began his life over 9 centuries ago as the youngest of "The Brotherhood of Five" -- a group of knights dedicated to protecting their planet's people in every aspect that they were able to. Even from an early age, the handsome young knight expressed a cold dispassion for those around him; especially those whom he saw as degenerates, unworthy of the lives they had been given. What they did not realize until much later, however, was just how dark the heart of their youngest initiate was... something that came up before his inauguration, but was dismissed in lieu of his service otherwise. Soon after he swore his oath to protect the populace, he began abusing that very same power in increasingly horrible ways -- going from merely torturing others to outright cannibalizing them after coming to the conclusion that by doing so, he would strengthen himself.

            Eventually his brother knights could no longer overlook what was going on, and one in particular who was close to him, Beta Knight, confronted him before the others could do so about his involvement in the cannibal murders. Realizing he had no other option, he managed to get his brother to let his guard down... and coldly slew him when his back was turned. The others were not too far behind him, however, and found their youngest member feasting on the heart of the fallen knight. After a fierce battle, they managed to finally subdue him... but with all of his crimes, they knew that death alone would never be a fitting punishment for him. Using his own sword, they scarred his once-handsome face and sealed him away within a prison-capsule and sent him off their planet into the depths of space.

            For weeks, he drifted aimlessly until he crash-landed upon a desolate moon. Surviving the crash that destroyed his only potential means of escape, the disgraced knight had little choice but to wait for the seeming inevitable... having little idea that he had caught the eye of the dark Goddess Lillith. In the throes of death, he was approached by her avatar, Koutaigou, and offered the chance for power and revenge in exchange for his heart and soul. With nothing at all to lose, and everything to gain, he proved his loyalty by ripping out his own heart and offering it to the Goddess. In return, she made him into her second avatar and bestowed upon him his sword and mask... along with a new name, one that would come to be feared throughout the heavenly regions, "Motav Knight".

            Empowered beyond his imagination, Motav Knight returned to his homeworld and systematically murdered his brothers... and eventually the entire populace of the planet itself; dedicating each soul he severed to his newfound patron lady. Once the planet was scoured of all life, he left it as a husk of it's former self to complete Lillith's ultimate agenda alongside Koutaigou -- to find and convert the third and final avatar, and thus break the seal holding the "Shadow Queen" at bay from the mortal world. While Koutaigou went on to build a veritable army of the undead via the "Cult of the Profound Darkness", Motav Knight devoted his resources to hunting down the third avatar... and eventually found him on Earth; as a human thief named Kizu. Between he and Koutaigou, they managed to sway him to Lillith's cause and converted him into his "true form".

            But the Kaiohshins were well aware of them, and moved in to stop the seal from being broken. This would spark a months-long war between mortal and immortal alike for the sake of not just the planet, but for the entirety of Creation. Despite his abilities, Motav Knight was unable to keep Kizu from being killed and he himself was sealed within a crystal prison by all of the Kaiohshins combining their powers once they realized that they were unable to kill him as easily. Koutaigou herself withdrew from the mortal plane with what followers remained, and Motav Knight was placed within the lowest regions of Hell... ostensibly for the rest of eternity.

            It came to pass, however, that he was released when Koutaigou managed to trick Kadiluan into using his magic on the crystal prison. Knowing they could not afford to make the same mistakes as they had in the past, Motav Knight realized the futility in trying to pursue Jekyl as the third avatar after Koutaigou revealed his adamant denial of his supposed "destiny". To wit, they sought another who could compare and quickly found him... in the broken form of Tounasu. As Jekyl had died before only to be wished back, they performed the ritual to bind the mark upon his soul to Tounasu's and remade him into the third avatar. With their triumverate complete, it was only a matter of releasing the seal to allow the Goddess into the mortal plane.

            Again, the Kaiohshins tried to intervene along with the Z Senshi... but this time, the Darkness was prepared for them. In the wake of the battle, Lillith was finally unleashed and the Z Senshi were overwhelmed -- though Koutaigou was the one to gleefully slay most of them. With his Goddess now free, Motav Knight took a contigent of the undead and demonic to wage war against the heavenly realms while Koutaigou and Tounasu were left to wipe the universe clean of all life. Since that time, he has not been seen on the mortal plane save on rare occasions where he was absolutely needed...



Chidageki (Bloodstrike): Used with Apollyon, Motav Knight usually will have slain multiple enemies before being able to use this attack. As the sword feeds on mortal blood, it builds up power within it's blade. Once fully charged, Motav Knight is able to either draw on that power to boost his own abilities; gaining substantial speed and strength or to unleash the "Fury of the Damned", which is said to be able to cut down 1,000 mortals in one strike.

Wangetsu Isei Kai ("Crescent Power Cut"): Utilizing his sword, Motav Knight is able to cut through almost anything by channeling his own unholy power through the blade.

Tajyuu Zanzoken: An attack where he moves so fast that multiple after-images are left behind.

Ki Aigan: An attack where Motav Knight can send a wave of ki at his opponent by looking at them and exerting his will.

Toomi no Jyutsu: The ability to sense what's going on in other parts of the world he's on/universe he's in.

Jin'ei: ("Shadow Figure"): Motav Knight casts no shadow of his own, even under direct light. This is because he has incorporated his shadow into a shell of sorts that conforms over his entire body. This allows him to utilize it in a number of ways; both in and out of battle and usually without his opponent realizing just what it is until too late.

Garandou Irikuchi ("Void Gate"): Motav Knight's most powerful ability, used in conjunction with his sword. Channeling all of his power into the blade, he is able to slice through the fabric of reality directly into the very Void in which his Goddess primarily resides. This rip lasts only so long as he consciously wills it to, unless closed by a holy third party, and while he is immune to the drawing force of it... he can still be sent into it himself under the right conditions.

Relatives: None known


            Dedicated in heart, mind and body to the Goddess, he will do whatever is asked of him to fulfill her word -- to both himself and to others. He is much more clinical in his treatment of mortals as opposed to his fellow avatars, however, looking at them in the sort of cold detachment that only centuries of undeath can offer. He speaks only when it is important to do so, and will not hesitate to cut down those in the way of him fulfilling his Goddess' desires... but he is not beyond converting mortals to her cause; he simply does not make it his primary objective as Koutaigou does unless told to do so specifically by the Goddess.