Niranegi's Profile

Niranegi's Profile

Name: Niranegi
NickNames: “Nira-kun”, “Nerd”, but it’s unwise to call him that to his face…
Age: 22
Race: Saiyajin
Homeplanet: Vejitasei


Normal: 900
Psycho Form, Stage 1: 180,000
Psycho Form, Stage 2: 1,800,000

Physical Descriptions:

Birthdate: 729 A.D.
Astrological Sign: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Favorite Food: Has taken a liking to packaged noodle soups.

Hair: White
Eyes: Yellow
Weight: 120 lbs
Height: 5' 4''
Attire: Formerly Special Forces armor replete with a brown utility belt which held all of his tools and a black full-length bodysuit. Now generally wears a blue and white sleeveless jacket with a dark orange T-Shirt underneath, a leather belt, black pants and boots.

Alignment: Neutral


            Niranegi, like all of the other 19 infants, was born with a low power level and given up shortly after his birth to the Imperial Science Bureau for genetic experimentation and refinement. He was placed into "military custody" and raised under a harsh training regime, where the penalties were severe for even the slightest of infractions... and even worse if any had the audacity to try to escape. Niranegi learned very early on it was simply easier to bend to the rules rather than disobey… giving him a rather sour reputation with the other children as a "pet" of sorts to the scientists in charge of them; especially Kendo, whom he quickly developed a cold rivalry with.

            It came to pass after the destruction of their home world that the group of experimental soldiers was given the task of finding a new world that would be suitable for effectively replanting what remained of the Saiyajin civilization. Niranegi, being the resident medic, was primarily in charge of judging the long-term potential for the planets and indigenous peoples that they would find… and ultimately found them lacking for some reason or another, which would result in their destruction. This routine would continue for some time…

            … Until Sanshou, their primary planet surveyor came across a backwater planet called “Earth”. Following his customary beacon to the world, Niranegi and the others would be in for a surprise when they were assaulted upon atmospheric entry by a group of warriors… one of whom looked like an older Sanshou! Perturbed by both that and the data readings he was picking up, Niranegi was eventually ordered to shut him down but ended up losing the remote control to ‘tina after a struggle. He wasn’t particularly concerned, however, when it became obvious that the young Halfling had no idea how to operate it.

            Once the situation was “under control”, Niranegi was dispatched by Tougarashi to investigate the secondary signal and came across the “real” Sanshou, apparently living among the populace as one of them. When he demanded to know what was going on, Sanshou declared that he had decided to go against the mission and attacked him… but Niranegi had little problem with countering him; declaring him a traitor and deciding to kill him.

            But he wouldn’t be able to carry out that decree before ‘tina showed up to help Sanshou, having followed Niranegi back after realizing whom he was after. Irritated, he pressed his attack but was nearly killed after underestimating the half-Saiyajin’s strength… and Sanshou’s resolve to defend that world. At length, he was unknowingly healed by Antan’s magic at ‘tina’s request… who was determined to try to get through to the young soldier. Coming to, Niranegi was confused as to what just occurred… and even more so by Sanshou’s sudden “change of heart”. After a lengthy debate, Niranegi was finally forced to admit that the mission’s original parameters didn’t include genocide… and that he had grown weary of Tougarashi’s dictatorship over their group.

            Niranegi accompanied the two of them back to where their time-displaced doubles were still fighting with his commander, and was forced to confront him personally after he refused his orders to kill them and be done with it. Ironically, Kendo would also refuse Tougarashi’s orders after finding out he had a sister and was of noble blood, and eventually the fight would end when Niranegi slew a fallen Tougarashi. Left for the first time without a hierarchy to fall back on, or an all-consuming purpose to drive his actions, Niranegi found his transition into “normalcy” particularly difficult…



Modified Scouter: Niranegi carries one of the few "prototype, military-grade" scouters intended only to be used by the soldiers of the Project. In addition to reading power levels, it can track the specific pre-programmed genetic tags of the other experiments as well as monitor bio-functions in a target and store files from other databases it's been linked to for later use. Without it, he has no way of sensing ki or tracking targets other than the old fashioned way and thus he is rarely seen without it.

Psycho Form: Created through genetic engineering, the Psycho form taps into the power usually reserved for the Oozaru transformation. Because of the genetic tampering involved, the user can no longer enter the Oozaru state, instead becoming ten times stronger, and faster, with spiked up hair and constricted pupils. While in this state the user becomes easily agitated, and is as likely to attack allies as they are enemies. If the user is able to regain control of their mind while in this state they can double their power, but they will also burn through their power at a faster rate.

Psycho Form, "Stage Two": The true end product of the experiments, Niranegi is able to tap into the legendary power of the Super Saiyajin... but at the cost of losing any focus other than destroying the enemy. Because of the artificial boost in power however, the body is unable to withstand the strain put on it, causing previously healed wounds to reopen, and burning through the user's power after only a few minutes. Niranegi generally takes great pains to not use this form unless absolutely necessary.

Hesomawari Ha ("Sagittal Edge"): Niranegi focuses his ki into either one hand or both, and fires a beam of energy that is able to punch through nearly anything like a spear. There is no explosive ability associated with this attack.

Rajiaru Enko ("Radial Arc"): Again a one or two handed attack, Niranegi summons his ki into his hands until it flattens like a disk against his palms. With a swiping gesture made in front of him at an angle, he can send razor-sharp crescents of energy either directly in front of him to effectively cut down an obstacle or hurled at a distant opponent.

Compression Beam: The user forms a ki ball in their hand and, after forcing it to compress to a fraction of its former size, fired it off as a powerful pinpoint blast. Inability to control the compression can result in the premature detonation of the ki ball, and serious injury. Rarely used.

Jishinha Shintou ("Seismic Wave Concussion"): His only other "explosive" attack, Niranegi forms and compresses a ball of ki and launches it; usually in the middle of a group or near an opponent. When the ball strikes, it detonates in a small explosion... but the true force of the attack is the massive shockwave it produces as a result.

Generic ki attacks.


Relatives: None known


            He tends to be cold and logical about everything that goes on around him, even to the point of being seen as tactless when it comes to the well-being of those around him; especially Kendo, whom he quietly despises. He often prefers to be alone, left with whatever newfound technology or theory that has caught his interest… but he still retains the old obedience programming, making it difficult for him to refuse what he sees as an order from a “superior”.