Queen Vejitina's Profile

Queen Vejitina's Profile


Name: Vejitina

NickNames: Queen Vejitina, prefers the moniker the "Golden Queen"

Age: 41

Race: Saiyajin

HomePlanet: Vejitasei


Normal: 43,000
Oozaru: 430,000
Full Power: 57,000

Physical Descriptions:

Birthdate: July 31st, 731 A.D.
Astrological Sign: Leo
Blood Type: A+
Favorite Food: Undisclosed
Hair: Black with a dark blue sheen
Eyes: Black
Weight: Classified
Height: 5' 4''
Attire:  Generally wears crimson and gold armor that consists of a chestplate, shin and arm guards and shoulderplates only with a cape attached and a crimson loincloth and black boots. Since her "near fatal encounter", though, she has taken to wearing a skintight black bodysuit with red and gold "modernized Elite" armor.

Alignment: Evil


         In a timeline far removed from the mainstream, Vejitina was born the pure-blooded heir to the throne of Vejitasei. Despite being the legitimate firstborn, the King was unhappy that his potential heir was female even though he recognized her as his own shortly after her birth. For the next two years, Vejitina grew and began demonstrating an even greater potential than her own father, as each generation of Saiyajin usually did and something she took great pride in... until the birth of her younger brother, Vejita. It wasn't until nearly three years later that she began recognizing the serious threat to her claim for the throne he was becoming, as he not only demonstrated the same potential for greatness she did... but he also had more of her father's obvious favor. Thus was born a decidedly unfriendly rivalry between the siblings, not only for the King's attention as children... but also to prove just whom was the strongest.

        When she was nearly six, she would meet one of the people who would come to be one of her closest advisers -- the young Wind Elemental, Museikaze Shino-- at the 130th anniversary of the conquering of the Tsufurujin by their ancestors. Both being equally unhappy with their forcefully diminished roles in their noble families, the two girls struck a quick friendship which concerned the King and Kurai both as they were more than well aware of Freiza's growing "interest" in the two royal children... and what it could mean if Musei herself became a target of his. Things came to a head, however, during her Coronation Ceremony in which she was publicly acknowledged as Princess... but her brother was recognized as Heir Apparent; sparking a very public outrage (IE: tantrum) from the young girl over being effectively humiliated in front of the entire noble echelon... though she was afforded a small bit of consolation when Musei covertly retaliated in her name. 

         To add insult to injury, not a day after the Coronation Vejitina was "summoned" in her chambers by the East Wind sent by her friend. Knowing she wouldn't have done such a thing arbitrarily, the Princess snuck out of her room and followed it to find Musei being accosted by Kurai and a small set of soldiers. Vejitina confronted the group and demanded her release, to which they refused -- citing that the King himself had ordered Musei's off-planet sendoff mission and she had no actual authority to overturn it. Undeterred, Vejitina outright attacked them and the distraction was enough for Musei to break free and aid her in taking care of them. Immediately afterward, both girls returned to the palace and confronted the King personally. At length, the sendoff order was revoked... though the sudden reason for the King's acquiescence to his daughter would be made all too clear mere weeks later.

         Seeing that his daughter could very well become a "problem" the older she got, as well as suspicious of the frequent meetings between she and Musei, the King decided it was time to do something with her that would benefit the situation. It was thus that Vejitina was introduced to her betrothed, Tounasu, and informed that she would be his bride since she would not be taking the throne proper. Enraged, the Princess stormed out of the palace and ran away; unwilling to acquiesce to what she perceived to be a slap in the face. Followed almost immediately by a contingent of guards, Vejitina managed to lose them in the city proper but became lost herself since she'd never been allowed to roam the city at all and what forays she was afforded were always under strict escort.

        Little did she know that in the wake of her tantrum, she would find another who would become close to her in the years to come -- the runaway experiment, Sanshou. On the lam after having escaped the facility, the two would run into one another in a back alley and end up cornered by the retainers sent by the King to retrieve his daughter. With no recourse, Vejitina attacked them and was surprised when Sanshou assisted her... and proved stronger than she originally thought. Between the two of them, they mercilessly slaughtered the guards. Impressed by his ability and the fact he chose to fight alongside her rather than run, the Princess spoke to Sanshou moreso in earnest afterward and got him to finally tell her where he had come from. Incensed over the idea of the King cowardly resorting to experimenting on the "throwaway caste" in order to defeat Frieza rather than face him directly, Vejitina offered Sanshou the chance for freedom... in exchange for his loyalty to her and her alone.

       When he accepted, the Princess realized a slight flaw in her plan -- the facility would no doubt put every effort into hunting for him, and if her father were involved in it, he too would want the boy found. With little recourse, Vejitina employed Musei's old mentor's, Faia Yasei's, dojo to hide him at and met with Musei there as well a few days later. With everything that had happened, Vejitina had had enough and decided it was time to begin putting her initial plans to take the throne by force into action. As such, she had Musei and Yasei begin courting the Elemental sect of the Saiyajin in her name while she herself began exacerbating the growing issues some of the "normal" Saiyajin soldiers were having under her father's, and by proxy Freiza's, reign. Ironically enough, she even managed to employ Tounasu into helping her with this part of the endeavor -- promising him far more than she ever intended to give him for his help.

        It would be years before she would be able to move against her father, knowing that there would be only one chance to be had. Shortly after her 15th birthday, Vejitina put her plan into action and requested a private audience with only her father present. When he granted it, she came with her 'entourage' of Musei, Tounasu and Sanshou, much to his shock. Demanding an explanation, his daughter coldly informed him that his time as ruler had come to an end and challenged him for the right to the throne. With his honor on the line, the King accepted and after a longer fight than was anticipated, Vejitina slew him. Almost just as quickly, she turned on and killed Tounasu after deeming him no longer necessary to complete her ascension. Her brother, however, was not so easily taken unawares...

        Having long suspected his sister's treachery, and indeed nearly exposed it a number of times over the years, Vejita took the initiative to have his own contingent of loyal soldiers ready to contend with Vejitina's. What would come was a months-long civil war within the kingdom between the siblings' forces, each vying for the throne they felt was rightfully theirs. It would be during this time that she would appoint Sanshou and Musei to the ranks of General and Seneschal, respectively, for commanding her troops both 'normal' and Elemental alike. The veritable stalemate would finally be turned, however, when Vejita attempted an assault on the palace which Vejitina had overtaken shortly after her father's death as her primary base of operations. During the battle, the siblings once again fought one another but Vejitina did not find Vejita as easy to kill as her father had been.

        Taking the initiative, Sanshou jumped into the fight to distract Vejita long enough for Vejitina to pull all of her power into the "Ou no Kyuu Shi" attack she had only recently learned from one of the elite guards who'd opted to side with her regime and use it to kill her brother. With him dead, she was finally able to lay total claim to the throne as Queen and had her General and Seneschal quickly dispatch any further opposition among those left of her brother's, and even her father's, regime. Around this time, Vejitina would also finally fulfill her initial promise to Sanshou by allowing him to take his vengeance and destroy the facility and all who dwelled within that had had anything remotely to do with the Project to which he'd been subjected to. It was something she was all too happy to indulge in herself, taking care of some of the more powerful 'loose ends' that he could not.

       With her position as Queen secured among her people, the 'final' problem lay with the Kold Empire now. Amused by the idea of the Saiyajin squabbling amongst one another, Freiza had taken a back seat to watch the bloodshed and see just whom would emerge victorious -- refusing aid to either side for his own reasons. Putting the final plan that she and her "co-conspirators" had come up with years prior into motion, Vejitina requested Freiza meet with her to discuss the idea of a renewed alliance between the Saiyajin and Kold Empires and, confident in his own abilities despite knowing very well she had betrayed and killed her own father, Freiza agreed and came to Vejitasei with his own retinue. What had been kept from him, though, was that that day was the anniversary of the once-a-century full moon on the planet.

         Once the sun set, the Saiyajin armies as a whole transformed and viciously attacked Freiza and his men. At length, Freiza managed to transform into his secondary form but was still overwhelmed along with his forces and finally killed; most of his personal fleet being decimated in the brutal aftermath despite some heavy losses on the side of the Saiyajin as well. Knowing retribution would come and eliminate their planet if they remained stationary, the Queen had most of her forces mobilize to move against King Kold himself and declared war. Moving from planet to planet, assimilating followers and technology alike, the Saiyajin would steadily sweep into Kold Empire territory despite the King's best efforts. After nearly five years of near-constant warfare, King Kold would finally meet his end after an unsuccessful attempt to retreat lead to his capture and public torture and execution.

        But this would not end the Kold Empire entirely. As the only living remnant of the Kold family, Chiller would narrowly escape the fate of his father and elder brother, taking those still loyal to his family with him into hiding for some years. This would give birth to "The Rebellion", which to this day, has been the longest-surviving faction to rival the Saiyajin Empire's bid for total domination. The only other race to escape them has thus far been the Densanjin, who literally removed themselves from any sort of conflict years before even Vejitina's coup d'etat by employing their technology to cloak their planet totally and isolate it from everything else.

        As the years passed and the Empire grew, the Queen became relegated moreso to remaining on Vejitasei to govern the dealings of the Empire rather than actively campaigning -- leaving such things to her General and Seneschal. She also became known for not just her ruthlessness towards other races... but also towards her own; becoming intolerant of even the smallest perceived insult or mishap and as liable to kill a trusted retainer of many years over something mundane as she would be to torture a known traitor to her crown. Yet despite her harsh treatment and increasingly difficult demands that General Sanshou and Seneschal Musei both sometimes failed to meet, both also became known as the only two the Queen would not be apt to kill arbitrarily -- though whether it was due to their positions within the Empire, or her relationships with them was never quite determined. It was no secret that they had been by her side since the beginning of her regime, with rumors even being that she and the General had been lovers off and on over the years... though none dared questioned either of them regarding as such.

        On a whim after a particularly brutal campaign she had sent General Sanshou on, the Queen decided once more to return to the field and accompanied the army on a sortie to eliminate a known Rebel stronghold... partly because she had begun hearing rumors that some were beginning to doubt her strength and ability to rule after her years of inactivity concerning battle. In actuality, the entire mission was a carefully laid trap set by the Shanakki sisters to ambush and eliminate all three 'officials' in order to claim the throne for themselves. It nearly succeeded after one of the planet killer class ships was stolen and used against her forces, causing the Queen to finally issue a retreat order... something that absolutely infuriated her. Her rage was further expounded after seeing Sanshou lose control over his Psycho form during the battle and when she discovered that her Seneschal had suspected the twins of betrayal, yet had allowed Shakaku to accompany them regardless. Despite her own painfully obvious shortcomings from not being as battle-ready as she fancied herself, she blamed both of them totally for the loss. After learning Shakaku had been captured and taken into custody during the battle, she personally saw to her torture after having her General do so to gather information regarding the Rebellion's activities.

        Things were thrown into further disarray, however, mere weeks after the failed campaign when news of a captured quartet of Saiyajin who looked startlingly like herself, the General and the Seneschal along with a larger, unidentified, Saiyajin reached her. Figuring it was a ploy on the part of the Rebellion to infiltrate the Empire and destroy it from within with impostors, the Queen went against her General's suggestion down to the holding area to confront them herself. Not believing their stories of time travel, she ruthlessly tortured them for a time before they managed to violently break free and escape, wounding her in the process... and revealing that they had the legendary Super Saiyajin power at their disposal. Enraged, the Queen ordered that they be found and summarily killed; save for her own impostor, whom she wanted the pleasure of killing herself.

        She was in for a shock, however, when the blood test results taken from the impostors during their imprisonment revealed that they were their exact duplicates, save for her own who had hither-to unknown DNA mixed with Saiyajin... and was pregnant to boot. Now paranoid over the thought of a potential usurper with the "ultimate power" being able to waltz in and take her throne as she herself had taken it years ago, she resolved to eliminate the time-displaced group at any cost. She was further shocked when her General, for the first time ever, refused to comply based on those same revelations. Incensed, the Queen summarily punished the General and suspended him from his duties until the "intruders" could be found and terminated. Taking command of the squadrons sent to find them herself, she left to confront them personally.

        Having been flushed out of hiding at Yasei's dojo by the ever-closing search parties, the Queen finally confronted Jekyl and Vejitina along with a contingent of soldiers. While Jekyl dealt with the soldiers, the Queen fought once more with her doppelganger... and ultimately lost despite her best efforts. Shot through the chest with a ki beam, she was left to die slowly as they walked away, infuriating her to absolutely no end but unable to do anything about it but send a distress signal. Salvation, ironically enough, would come in the form of Sanshou who arrived to aid her after picking up her signal and took her to the nearest medical facility. After she was stabilized, she learned that despite the efforts of her de-facto reinstated General and Seneschal... the group had escaped using their time machine; ostensibly back to their home time. Unwilling to settle for that, the Queen's broken pride demanded retribution through any means necessary.

         As she recovered, she put into motion projects to recreate the very same time machine that had brought them there to begin with as well as a way to finally unlock the "exclusive" golden power for herself -- unable to accept the idea that there were others anywhere more powerful than she. The idea of traversing time, however, brought with it far grander ideas of conquest... and she resolved to not only seek vengeance against the doubles who had come so arbitrarily into her own Empire and made a fool of her and her regime, but to set out to conquer all of time and space. Returning to her duties as Queen, she quickly quelled the rumors surrounding her defeat and began putting more and more pressure on the scientists and scholars assigned to fulfill the tasks set to them... even authorizing her General to kill those deemed unnecessary to the projects in order to spur the others to faster action.


Bracer blades: In both incarnations of her armor, she sports bracers on both arms that conceal razor-sharp blades that she can extend and retract at will should she need an extra "edge" in hand-to-hand combat.

Energy Spiral: Just as it sounds, it is a ki beam focused and twisted into an almost a drill-like shape and fired one or two handed at an opponent.

Gyariku Hou: Her family's most powerful attack, Vejitina gathers the ki necessary for it into a bright purple aura around herself with her hands cupped and pulled back. When she has enough energy, she sends the beam out as an extension of her aura, directed by her cupped hands.

Final Shine: A "final act of defiance", she taps the energy reserves that keep her alive along with her basic ki and generates a fireball of sparkling ki around herself. After a certain point, the gathered energy goes "critical" and detonates in a massive explosion with her at it's center. All that is left behind in the aftermath is a statue that crumbles almost immediately afterwards...

False Moon Ball: Despite having been trained to control it, she does not tap into the power of Oozaru wantonly. As such, she is able to generate an artificial moon, if necessary, to transform. Naturally, if this ball is destroyed or her tail is removed, she will transform back.

Ou no Kyuu Shi "King's Sudden Death": An attack that not even the King was to learn, it was relegated to only his elite Royal Guard; the name being derived from the ability to both protect and potentially kill him, which ironically is what allowed her to kill her brother. It begins as a pinprick of highly condensed blue energy between her index, middle finger and thumb that grows roughly into the size of a golf ball. When enough energy is collected, the ball becomes white and it is then shot like a dart at the opponent where it proceeds to drill into and violently immolate them from the inside out. It takes some time to charge, however, and consumes more energy than even Gyariku Hou due to the highly condensed nature of the attack.

Relatives: King Vejita (father/deceased), Queen Mesuinu (mother/deceased), Prince Vejita (brother/deceased)

       Cold, ruthless and mercurial are the best words to describe her. She has little qualms about killing others, even her own people, if they displease her... or taking it one step further with torture should they have the audacity to fail her in any way. She is very vain about her powers and her personal appearance, and does not bother to hide her pride about either one. Indeed, the only ones she is even remotely civil towards are General Sanshou and Seneschal Musei, namely because of how far back they go... but even that has proven to have it's limits under the right circumstances.