Sanshou's Profile

Sanshou's Profile

Name: Sanshou
Age: 22
Race: Saiyajin
Homeplanet: Vegeta

Power Level(s):

Normal: 750
Psycho form: 7,500
Psycho form (controlled): 150,000

Physical Descriptions:

Birthdate: 729 A.D.
Astrological Sign: unknown
Blood Type: unknown
Favorite Food: Has yet to sample human cuisine, prefers pre-packacked rations

Hair: Green
Eyes: Dark Brown
Weight: 126 lbs
Height: 5'6"
Attire: Special forces armor, black reinforced bodysuit, white gloves and boots with reinforced shin and forearms (battle)

Alignment: Neutral


             A low-level Saiyajin from the warrior caste, the Saiyajin called Sanshou was given up at birth to the imperial science bureau. Intended to serve as test subjects for an experimental process to increase the power of low-level warriors, Sanshou and 19 other infants were subjected to relentless physical training and genetic tampering.

            After eight years, Sanshou escaped from the facility only to immediately run into the security force. Brought back to the facility, he was forced to complete the training and, following the destruction of their homeworld, the engineered soldiers would find themselves with a new task. Assigned with locating and clearing a new world for the remaining Saiyajin to occupy, the soldiers were sent out into space to find the perfect world. Sanshou, being the weakest of the soldiers was often sent out as a scout to analyze a planet's potential offensive capabilities and how great a threat they would be during an invasion.

            After years of searching, a mysterious signal lead him to Earth..


Psycho Form: Created through genetic engineering, the Psycho form taps into the power usually reserved for the Oozaru transformation. Because of the genetic tampering involved, the user can no longer enter the Oozaru state, instead becoming ten times stronger, and faster, with spiked up hair and constricted pupils. While in this state the user becomes easily agitated, and is as likely to attack allies as they are enemies. If the user is able to regain control of their mind while in this state they can double their power, but they will also burn through their power at a faster rate.

Compression beam: The user forms a ki ball in their hand and, after forcing it to compress to a fraction of its former size, fired it off as a powerful pinpoint blast. Inability to control the compression can result in the premature detonation of the ki ball, and serious injury.


Relatives: Unknown

Personality: Generally antisocial and dismissive due to his role as planet surveyor. Not particularly interested in getting to know the customs of any other worlds