Vejitina's Profile

Vejitina's Profile

Name: Vejitina Hourensou

NickNames: 'tina, Vej, "Princess"

Age: 20

Race: Half Saiyajin, half human

HomePlanet: Was born on Vejitasei, but has resided on Earth for most of her life


Normal: 800
Oozaru: 8,000

Physical Descriptions:

Birthdate: April 3rd, 731 A.D.
Astrological Sign: Aries
Blood Type: A
Favorite Food:  Strawberries
Hair: Jet black with a red sheen
Eyes: Dark green
Weight: 122 lbs
Height: 5' 4''
Attire: Has a myriad of clothes, but her favorite thus far is a sleeveless, capri-leg bodysuit with a baggy red shirt worn 
over it. Also wears elbow-length black gloves and tan Capsule Corporation workboots along with an ankh necklace and  earrings.  

Alignment: Neutral


           'tina's story begins on Vejitasei, where she was originally born an illegitimate daughter of King Vejita and a human slave named Adelaide. Her mother had been taken along with a handful of others in a "recon" mission by a team of Saiyajin to see what the people on the planet were capable of in preparation for conquering. After realizing they were of no consequence and only an infant would be needed, what humans were left were forced into servitude to the King. Adelaide, resentful of her situation, defied the King at every opportunity but rather than kill her outright, he decided he would "teach" her to respect his authority and forced her to become his concubine.

          Even though the King refused to acknowledge the baby as his, Adelaide knew that they were both on borrowed time... if not from his whims, then from those of the Queen who had yet to produce a proper heir and didn't take kindly to the presence of a half-breed child of her husband. With the Queen's increasing violent tendencies towards them, and the King's increasing demand for an heir, Adelaide began trying to think of a means of escape -- even if it meant never getting back to Earth at all, but another world entirely. Taking pity on the woman and her child, another servant in the King's house that had greater access to the world outside of the palace decided to help them. Under the cover of night, Adelaide took her baby and left the palace under the guidance of the servant to a small escape ship. They were discovered by the guards, but managed to get off-world when the servant stayed behind to help buy them some time. Adelaide would never learn what happened to the one person who risked everything simply to help them escape...

            Luck was on their side, however, and after months in hibernation the escape pod finally landed back on Earth. Adelaide immediately reunited with her brother, and tearfully related the entire story to him. While exceptionally angry over the entire ordeal, they finally decided it would be best to simply put the entire thing behind them and try to move on with their normal lives. During her absence, Alex had joined the Royal Army and eventually informed them of the situation; presenting his niece as proof and told them of the Saiyajin... and their initial intentions of conquering the planet. Alarmed by the idea of alien invaders with such destructive powers, the government began putting projects in place to try and brace themselves for the inevitable. Alexander refused to allow them to take 'tina for study, however, but agreed to allow them to discreetly monitor her development and garner what data was made available... on the strict condition that, should she prove as violent and powerful as the Saiyajin seemed to be, she be immediately terminated. Reluctantly, Alexander agreed but said nothing of it to Adelaide.

            Despite herself, Adelaide opted to allow her daughter to keep her tail and the name she was given on Vejitasei but shortened it to "'tina", hoping that by the time it came to tell the girl about her lineage that she would not bother pursuing it. As she grew older, though, 'tina began noticing in greater detail how much she differed from the other inhabitants of the planet not just physically, but ability-wise as well... but when she tried to ask her mother why, she was always sternly rebuked for it. She could also never understand why her family would never, under any circumstances, allow her to do certain activities; all of which involved either martial arts, studying ki control, or anything else that they were afraid would "spark" her Saiyajin blood. As such, 'tina grew up about as normally as she could... but always with the sense of something being missing from her life, and feeling like everyone but her knew what it was. 

           When 'tina started school, she met a young Bulma Briefs and the two became fast friends; the Briefs themselves more than happy to overlook the "strange" abilities their daughter's new friend seemed to possess along with her tail. When she was six years old, however, tragedy would strike while on a field trip with her class to Cinnamon City; a well-known city based around tourism and one of the world's largest themeparks. During the trip, the city was suddenly assaulted by what would become known as one of the first major attacks by Red Ribbon's android forces. The local police were quickly overwhelmed by their superior firepower, and panic gripped the populace as the fleeing people were cut down with no mercy... including the other children. 'tina and Bulma quickly found themselves separated from the group and tried to take shelter inside of a partially destroyed building while the androids continued to ravage the city proper; forced to listen to the city die all around them. Their temporary sanctuary was turned against them, however, when it collapsed on top of the two terrified children and subsequently buried them.

           When it was all over and the rescue crews came in, 'tina was the only one recovered... injured badly, but alive due to her Saiyajin heritage. She wouldn't learn until a short time later that her best friend and entire class had died that day, leaving her with an intense feeling of painful guilt and utter helplessness... along with a hateful resentment towards the androids. It would be years before she could come to terms with, and finally move past, the incident but it left her with a deeper empathy towards those who were victims of those stronger than themselves; something that would become an irony later in her life after learning of her true lineage.

           Shortly before entering High School, 'tina spoke to Dr. Briefs about it and the Doctor, in jest, suggested instead of looking around for her answers, why not look up? Having never considered that possibility before, and having found no other leads on Earth itself that would explain her lineage, a whole plethora of new possibilities was opened up to her. 'tina asked that he build a machine to broadcast a signal and while skeptical that it would yield any results, he finally agreed on the condition that she graduate High School. With actual incentive for once, 'tina did just that... albeit not without some difficulty.

           It would be nearly a month after she began broadcasting the signal that she would get any results from it... and unexpectedly at that when a space pod came crashing through the atmosphere and exploded shortly afterwards due to a fuel line failure; though luckily it's occupant managed to get out just barely in time. Running to the crater where he landed, 'tina would finally meet another of her kind... the experimental Saiyajin, Sanshou, who'd been initially sent as a scout when his pod picked up her signal and homed in on it. Seeing he was injured, 'tina brought him into Capsule Corporation and tended his wounds; hiding him as best she could, knowing that if her family reacted badly to her questions that seeing another like herself would likely cause problems. When he awoke, startled and confused, 'tina quickly tried to assuage his initial apprehension... though she was immediately put off some by his attitude. After questioning him at length, he finally explained the story of the Saiyajin to her. Not wanting to let her only clue to her past get away from her, she insisted he accompany her back to her place to talk.

            Once there, she insisted that he teach her "how to be a Saiyajin", much to his irritation. He complied, however, and began teaching her some of the basics... starting off by ruining her hoverbike and dumping her off of it several hundred feet off the ground to teach her to fly. After calming down and berating him for it, he taught her a little more about using her ki offensively before quickly ditching her in an attempt to find a ship and get off the planet. When he was ambushed by Red Ribbon's latest android, K-1800, however, 'tina jumped into the fight to help him as best she could and together, they barely managed to defeat the android. Angry and upset, not just because of his attitude but from the fact that everything he'd told her about the Saiyajin was nothing like what she'd dreamed she'd find, 'tina yelled at him then left him to his own devices as she went home. Feeling bad about it afterward, she resolved to go find him after patching herself up and going to see Dr. Briefs about the new android that had attacked them.

            She hadn't counted on her uncle being there already discussing what new implements to put in place to stop Red Ribbon's increasingly bold attacks on the populace, and ended up being effectively interrogated over her involvement with the latest. Sanshou, however, had finally returned to Capsule Corp. after striking a deal with the demikai Kadila for a ship and interrupted them; thankfully giving a surprised 'tina an excuse to leave. Sanshou explained that he'd returned to get the Dragon radar and obtain the Dragonballs for a ship, though at the time, 'tina didn't realize that he meant to hand them over to the demikai and honestly had no clue as to their true wish-granting purpose and asked for her help in exchange for a little more information. Surprisingly angry over feeling like being strung along, 'tina confronted him about it and was surprised when he retorted in kind with a small glimpse into his life as an expendable experiment -- forcing both of them to realize that, for as much as they didn't understand one another's views, they understood the basic concept of being totally alone even among others. Despite himself, Sanshou invited 'tina to accompany him off the planet; something she'd dreamed of ever since the concept of being an alien was presented to her, and to which she agreed.

             Resolving to help him, 'tina retrieved the Dragon radar but put the idea on hold when Sanshou questioned her about a photo of her mother he'd found in the same storage room -- a remnant from a time when they'd stored their own items there. On close inspection, it was discovered that Adelaide bore a mark similar to Sanshou's -- an insignia of the royal house that denoted the bearer as "property". Shocked by the revelation, 'tina finally resolved to question her mother one last time about the truth and had Sanshou accompany her back. After a misunderstanding between the two when Sanshou revealed himself to Adelaide, 'tina was finally allowed to hear the painful, sordid story of how she came to be. The shameful, emotionally jarring revelation was enough to spark 'tina's burgeoning powers violently... though at length, Sanshou managed to calm her down. Not feeling like she could live the mundane life of a human any longer, but not necessarily wanting to embrace the brutal violence the Saiyajin seemed to embody, 'tina finally resolved to finish helping Sanshou retrieve the Dragonballs.

            'tina would get another shock, however, when during their search another pod entered the atmosphere headed for Capsule Corporation! Worried that it was his squad come to call, Sanshou and 'tina broke off their hunt to investigate and quickly determined such was not the case when a blue-haired female Saiyajin emerged from the pod. When she introduced herself as Musei and explained she'd followed a beacon there, 'tina suddenly realized that in all the commotion of Sanshou's appearance she'd forgotten to shut it off. After doing so, 'tina invited her newfound friend to join them on their hunt for the Dragonballs. With little else to do, Musei agreed.

            During their search, they would inadvertantly run afoul of the royal government when one of the Dragonballs was held in a vault at the Capital. With little choice, Sanshou played decoy with the military forces while 'tina and Musei infiltrated the vault and got the Dragonball. Unbeknownst to the trio, Alexander had been keeping close tabs on them even after the tracking device he'd planted on his neice years earlier was discovered and destroyed. Despite himself, when the two girls emerged to aid Sanshou after being surrounded by military forces... Alexander gave the command he'd been dreading for nearly eighteen years: kill them all. Shocked and horrified that her own uncle would order such a thing, 'tina was forced to fight back along with Sanshou and Musei and together, they forced them to retreat. Upset, 'tina initially took off on her own but was followed by Musei and at length, the two spoke and realized how much in common they head regarding their families.

            After a multitude of incidents (namely nearly being devoured by a sea monster and crushed by a magically-generated tidal wave), they finally collected all of the Dragonballs. By this time, though, Sanshou had found out about the true power behind them and had decided to simply wish for a ship rather than give them over to Kadila. When they summoned the Dragon, though, Kadila appeared to them to claim his wish... and to make a few revelations. To her shock and horror, Kadila revealed the true reasons why Sanshou was so adamant about leaving Earth: his squadron was already in-route, and would wipe the planet clean for the intended restart of the Saiyajin Empire... something he had known about all along and had purposely told her would not happen. Crushed and heartbroken at the thought of not only being lied to by her friend but that she had inadvertantly brought such a fate down on her planet, 'tina tearfully yelled at Sanshou then immediately left to find her uncle and let him know about the hostile force coming towards their planet.

            Unfortunately, by this time Alexander had been ordered to deal with 'tina and her friends by any means necessary; all of them having been classified as threats after the incident at the Capital. When she abruptly showed up at Capsule Corporation, in near hysterics from everything she had just found out, Alexander realized he had one last chance to 'protect' his neice... and proceeded to knock her out while her back was turned and turned her over to the government for study rather than termination as were his initial orders. When she next awoke, she was in a stark white cell with no idea where she was or what was going on. Even with her burgeoning powers, she quickly realized she was unable to escape... and that she was not entirely alone.

            After nearly sixteen years, 'tina had ended up under the scrutinity yet again of "Dr. Atsumi", a high-ranked government scientist whom she had previously known as her personal doctor as a child. Put off by his creepy attitude, though, Adelaide had thankfully insisted she go to someone else... but none of them knew that he had been the main scientist behind monitoring 'tina from afar all those years, and what his purposes for doing so were. Delighted at the thought of having all three of them eventually in his personal custody to study at his leisure, Dr. Atsumi explained to 'tina that he had been using her data and DNA to try bringing about the "next step in evolution" in humanity after realizing the potentials the Saiyajin DNA had to offer even in a hybrid... and that the information he intended to get from Sanshou and Musei would help his efforts even further.

            Horrified at the prospect of being made into a guinea pig for most of her life without her knowledge, 'tina demanded to be released. Dr. Atsumi instead decided to 'test' one of the prototypes he had created and set it loose against her... forcing her to eventually kill it to keep from being killed in turn and making it the first time she had ever outright killed anything in her entire life. Ironically enough, her salvation would come from the last two people she ever expected: Sanshou and Alexander. Upset and apprehensive over trusting them again so soon after being effectively betrayed by both, 'tina would be forced to set that aside in order to escape the facility when Dr. Atsumi set the rest of his monstrous creations against them. Eventually, they made it to the surface in time to see Dr. Atsumi trying to escape with a captured Musei but managed to stop him. Wounded by one of the creations previous, Alexander encouraged them to leave while he remained behind to deal with the rest of the military and they complied: 'tina and Musei heading back for Capsule Corporation while Sanshou went his own way.

            Along the way, Musei explained what had happened after 'tina had left: that the wish had been stolen by Kadila, who had gleefully admitted to manipulating Sanshou. The admission, however, threw things into a different light as now 'tina had no idea how long it had been necessarily Sanshou lying to her and what parts had been forced. Wanting nothing more than to move on for the time, 'tina and Musei along with Adelaide began spending a few days cleaning up her home that had been ransacked by the government for the Dragonballs prior to acquiring the last one... with 'tina wondering the entire time about Sanshou despite her lingering reservations and the insistence of Musei to simply "let the lying bastard rot wherever he scurried off to like the rat he is".

            They would be interrupted when Musei's elemental sense went off, signaling that another had just arrived nearby. Not having seen or heard any pods entering the atmosphere, the two girls went to investigate and quite literally ran into a trio that could have passed for them! Shocked to say the least, it was eventually established that they were a set of time-displaced doubles of them from totally different circumstances. Naturally finding the concept incredible, 'tina's pressing for information was cut short when she told them about the stolen wish and what it apparently went for -- to release the seal on the Goddess Lillith. Surprised by their hostile reaction to the news, 'tina wouldn't be able to provide much explanation before she got another surprise when Sanshou was effectively 'flushed out' after having returned and, finding a situation going on, tried listening in discreetly.

            After explanations were had all around, it was decided that whatever Kadila was up to it needed to be stopped. Before they could leave, though, Sanshou approached 'tina and apologized for lying to her... and informed her that he had decided to stay on the planet and help them fight his squad for it. Moved by the fact he actually was compelled to apologize and was willing to fight beside them rather than run... 'tina forgave him. With that, they left to confront Kadila at his concert hall and a battle ensued that ended with Kadila challenging them to come to the northern icelands to stop him proper and vanishing. Realizing they would need the holy water with the Goddess involved, 'tina accompanied the rest of them when they went to Kami's Palace atop Korin's Tower -- something she had never known existed there until now, partly because it resided so high above the planet itself; something 'tina wasn't very comfortable with.

            While Vejitina and Jekyl searched the platform for the holy water, 'tina and Sanshou decided to help... and ran across a booby-trapped box. Ensnared by it's power, both of them proved nearly helpless to do anything until the intervention of their doubles to reseal the box. Chagrined, especially after being berated and told to 'stay out of trouble', 'tina and Sanshou would end up getting an impromptu tour of the palace by Korin himself after being left to their own devices yet again. Shortly afterward, Sanshou would help 'tina get over her fear of heights with a short "training race" that ended with a spar. Finally getting the water after a fight in the chamber with a trapped Konpakujin, they would head for the north and to the temple ruins that they had had to venture into during their Dragonball hunt to retrieve one. After a fight through a multitude of nightmare creatures, and a horrific trip through the fractured nightmare world of the Goddess built on their inner fears, they would find the mirror that served as the gateway to the Void.

            Before they could seal it, though, Kadila appeared and stole the water from them... but even he was powerless before the shadow of the Goddess when she emerged and subsequently absorbed him. During the initial fight, 'tina was struck by the Goddess and knocked unconcious for a time, but awoke and rejoined the fight... which consisted of just Sanshou and Musei by that point as everyone else had been absorbed or incapacitated. It wouldn't be long before 'tina and her friends fell before the wrath of the mad Goddess as well, but were saved by the holy water itself holding her back. Knowing that to give up would mean the death of everything they ever knew and cared for, 'tina insisted that they continue to fight and helped tear a pathway to the mirror for Sanshou to hurl the holy water at. Without the water to hold her at bay, the darkness descended on them....

            When 'tina next opened her eyes, she lay in the snow along with the other warriors; the Goddess having been pulled back into the mirror after being sealed by the holy water. Ecstatic that they had won against such insurmountable odds, 'tina insisted they celebrate when they returned to Capsule Corporation... though naturally nobody was especially inclined to do so after such a harrowing, exhausting experience. Days later tragedy would strike when Red Ribbon attacked the city nearby, forcing 'tina and the others to once more tangle with the androids. It wouldn't be until too late that they would realize it was all a distraction when Capsule Corporation suddenly exploded during the melee, catching 'tina's attention first and causing her to return with Sanshou right behind her to try helping those she knew had to be inside...

            ... But all she found was Dr. Gero standing over the prone bodies of the Briefs. Enraged that he and his androids had murdered yet more people, 'tina attacked but was of little use against the superior android along with Sanshou despite their best efforts. Deciding to use the two of them in his next line of cyborgs now that Capsule Corporation had been 'dealt with', Dr. Gero left with the two of them in tow but was luckily stopped by the others and eventually destroyed by Musei's future counterpart. Shaken over being made to feel powerless before the androids all over again and the death of the Briefs, 'tina left on her own after they returned to her home in the wake of the Capsule Corportation complex being destroyed.

            Sitting alone on the beach she had frequented since childhood, 'tina tried to come to terms with everything that had happened since the beginning... and found even her ever-present optimism being crushed by the weight of helplessness all over again. It wouldn't be long before she would be joined by Sanshou, who had found her gone from her room along with her mother and came looking for her on his own. As they talked, 'tina came to the realization that the little bit of training she had done would not be enough to do what she felt was needed... and Sanshou assured her that even though they could not change what had already happened... they could become stronger, together, to prevent a repeat.

          Her resolve renewed, she continued to train with both her "older sister" (as she'd come to start calling her time-displaced self) and her friends while they anticipated the inevitable arrival of the Squadron. Seeing everyone on edge, 'tina decided to take her friends out to one of the larger cities for some recreational time... and ended up having to stop a robbery attempt with Sanshou. Their success brought to mind her previous desire to help those in need of it and, coupled with her absolute love of manga, formulated the idea of becoming costumed crime fighters. At first skeptical of such a ludicrous idea, Musei and Sanshou eventually came around to it and after taking some time to painstakingly put together unique costumes (much to Sanshou's chagrin) to hide their identities, 'tina took up the callsign "Hakumei". Determined to protect the people now as she could not before, 'tina and Sanshou set out on their first patrol that night.

          After some mundane crime stopping, they ran across a foe who would prove their first major obstacle: someone with a grudge of some sort against "modern society" and the skills to back it up. Despite both of their efforts, the man escaped after destroying a military warehouse but left his naginata behind; prompting them to begin searching for clues to his identity and whereabouts the next day. After a trip to a weapons expert identified the weapon proper and revealed a partially worn-away family crest of an owl on the blade, 'tina and her friends made a trip to the Capital in order to look it up; trying to remain inconspicuous after what happened the last time they had been there. Unfortunately their quest for information nearly got them caught by the authorities after they were forced to "break into" a restricted area of the governmental records building and were discovered.

          Their efforts were rewarded, however, by determining that the crest belonged to the "Zuku" family and pointing towards a semi-remote village near Ginger Town. Their quest to find the mystery ninja lead them to that village, then another in the mountains headed by the mysterious "Order" and it's Elder... who proved to know much more about them than they themselves realized. After some discussion, it was decided among them that their only actual choice would be to set a trap for the ninja to stop him rather than fruitlessly try to hunt him down. It would also be here that 'tina would end up convincing Sanshou to adopt a baby dragon after it ended up imprinting on him... much to his (continued) chagrin. After finding out that the squadron was on it's way, 'tina herself would end up running into her high school sweetheart Das after their doubles lost the dragon during a failed stint in dragonsitting... prompting a rather awkward reunion between them.

          But they would not get long to talk before word came that Sanshou's squadmates had finally arrived on the planet. Despite her protests, Sanshou was forced to remain behind while 'tina went with the others to engage them. During the ensuing fight, 'tina was forced to chase Niranegi when he left to pursue the "strange double signal" he was getting as a result of Jekyl being in the same place as Sanshou. She didn't get to him in time to stop him from attacking Sanshou, but managed to help repel him. Feeling sympathy for the fallen soldier under the circumstances she knew he came up in from her talks with Sanshou, she had Antan heal him along with herself and Sanshou. Between them, they finally managed to convince Niranegi to break away from Tougarashi.

          They returned to the other fight to find their doubles still fighting with Tougarashi, whom she also tried to talk reason to rather than be forced to kill. After nearly being killed for her sympathetic efforts, Tougarashi was finally stopped and ultimately died rather than take the same path the others had to change. It wouldn't be long after that that their doubles would take an impromptu leave of their time, and 'tina would start trying to make all of the newcomers more acquainted with Earth... with mixed results.


Spiral Lance: Created on accident after a botched attempt to use the Energy Spiral attack, 'tina first forms the swirling energy in her palm that would normally precede the attack. Instead of a drill-like spiral, though, she fires a bolt of ki that twists itself into a sharpened kris-like spear at an opponent. Once the bolt strikes a solid object, it bursts into sparks of ki.

Curl Reverse: Another 'bastardization' on her double's Energy Spiral attack, it is gathered the same way but used generally to counter another beam of energy sent at her. Instead of simply countering, however, a thin, curled sliver of energy unbinds itself from the main beam and winds it's way around the enemy's beam to strike them. Naturally, most of the power is put into the beam and not the sliver itself.

Energy Dan: Your standard energy balls that are formed in one hand or two and shot at an enemy or object with various damage depending on how much power is used.

Bukujyutsu: The ability to fly using one's ki.

Relatives: King Vejita (father/deceased), Vejita-ouji (half-brother/unknown), Adelaide Hourensou (mother) , Alexander Hourensou (uncle)

       In general, she is fairly friendly and outgoing although very self-concious about the fact that she's different to those around her, even the other Saiyajin she's encountered thus far. She tends to focus too much on one thing at a time to the exclusion of her surroundings, which often gets her into trouble (and explains her poor school performance) and can be irritatingly adamant to get what she wants no matter how trivial it may be. She is determined, however, when she feels she is right and doesn't seem to know when to back down to potentially save her own tail.