The Factions

The Factions

                As everyone well knows, the DragonBall Z universe is populated by a vast collection of races, peoples, and of course, groups. In this section of the RPG, a fairly comprehensive collection of synopsis’ for each of the factions within this universe is available for perusal. The information is not subject to change all that much barring a major upheaval storyline-wise regarding the group in question. There will be more to come shortly, so stay tuned!

E.D.A.E.N.: Dedicated to keeping the Earth clean of "alien infestation", this group has no qualms about their brutal tactics concerning even those aliens who have protected the Earth countless times before.

The Z Senshi: The current group of Earth’s chosen warriors.

The Kold Empire: Easily the most well-known, and generally feared, faction in the known universe.

The Cult of the Profound Darkness: Cast in shadow, this group is dedicated to but one purpose – to revive their Goddess into the world and serve her every whim unto death… and beyond.