Group Synopsis - Cult of Profound Darkness


The Cult of the Profound Darkness


Purpose: To enforce the will of the dark Goddess Lillith is the cult’s primary focus, and indeed is truly the only reason for its existence at all. Just as high a priority is her resurrection into the “realm of Creation”, where she was exiled from near the beginning of time by the High God.

Modus Operandi: The cult’s members work primarily from the shadows, usually coming and going with none but their intended targets knowing they were ever there to begin with. In concurrence with their chief goals, they usually only appear to those whom the Goddess has chosen – either for a specific task, or for a much grander purpose in mind. This is usually done in the manner of striking a deal that they cannot renege upon with them.

Extent of Operation: If necessary, any high-level agent of the Goddess can transcend the realms themselves to go where they are needed.

Base of Operations: Currently a massive citadel located within the frozen Northern wastes on Earth that only appears to those not ‘blessed’ by the Goddess in the shadow of the New Moon. There are also many smaller temples located throughout the galaxy on a variety of planets… most of which are either out of the way, or already considered ‘dead planets’.

Former Bases of Operations: A temple located in a desert on Earth that stretched far underground to the very seal over the entrance to the Void. It was destroyed by Jekyl after being rebuilt by Motav Knight in preparation for the second attempt to raise the Goddess.

Major Funding: Considering the largely undead or magical state of most of the cultists, there is really no known need for funding to fuel their never-ending campaign.

Known Enemies: The Z Senshi, the Kaiohshins, the Mirai Trio, and the Order

Known Allies: The Demon King of Hell, Dabura, temporarily allied himself with the cult in an attempt to gain power; also, a variety of hell spawn and generally evil spirits that are at the beck and call of other cult members as well as in general.


Number of Active Members: Over 300 known cultists situated throughout the galaxy, though at least 20 are known to be residing on Earth.

Number of Reserve Members: The Konpakujin of Yuureijinkosei can be considered ‘in reserve’ since they were created to serve the Goddess alone.

Organizational Structure: Aside from the Goddess herself and her chosen avatars (High Priestess Koutaigou and Motav Knight), there is no real hierarchy as all of the cultists are bound to do Lillith’s will alone. There are some, though, who are more skilled than others in the black arts and thus have more power and thus seem to have more ‘authority’.

Known Current Members: Gaki Utoutoshii, Tounasu, Priestess Tobari

Known Reserve Members: Koutaigou and Motav Knight can be considered currently on reserve as the Priestess is currently without a body and Motav Knight has been trapped in the Void with his Goddess. Jekyl’s accursed shadow could also be considered a reserve member as it is given form and power by the residual effects of Jekyl’s tenure as a servant of Lillith.

Known Former Members: Jekyl, Kizu

Known Special Agents: None

Membership Requirements: To pledge one’s heart and soul to the Goddess. While it’s simple enough to become a part of the cult, it is nearly impossible to leave once one has sworn an oath to Lillith.


Founder Members: Koutaigou

Other Leaders: Motav Knight, Priestess Tobari

Previous Purpose or Goals: Not applicable.

Major Campaigns or Accomplishments: The conversion of the Kaneaujin into Konpakujin, the initial founding of the cult itself, the induction of Motav Knight into their ranks, the initial induction of Jekyl into their ranks, Motav Knight’s freedom from his crystal prison, Tounasu’s induction and subsequent revival, causing an upheaval at the Checkpoint which resulted in the permanent death of the South Kaiohshin, among others.

Major Setbacks: The first attempt at unsealing the Goddess ending in defeat, Motav Knight’s initial sealing, losing Jekyl when he reclaimed his soul, the destruction of the High Priestess’ body via holy water, the failed attempts at kidnapping Musei and/or Vejitina to resurrect the Priestess’ essence, the failed coup on the Checkpoint to circumvent the seal entirely


Level of Technology: Not applicable, as the cult doesn’t use technology in any way, shape or form.

Transportation: Not applicable.

Personnel: Not applicable.

Weaponry: Not applicable.

Accessories: Not applicable.