Group Synopsis - E.D.A.E.N.




Purpose: Founded in secret, the Earth Defense Against Extraterrestrial Nefariousness (E.D.A.E.N.) force has a fairly singular goal – to protect Earth from the aliens that threaten it. Unfortunately, they see any and all aliens on Earth as a threat, even the Saiyajin that protect it and would love nothing more than to ensure that the planet was scoured clean of anything non-human.

Modus Operandi: Until recently, not even the royal government was aware of their existence which allowed them to operate with no boundaries whatsoever; something that they still do today regardless. Since their inception, they have systematically captured rogue aliens that have made their way to Earth, reverse-engineered whatever technology they came with, and subjected the aliens themselves to brutal, and oft-times lethal, experimentation.

Extent of Operation: Earth-based only.

Base of Operations: The brunt of their force has currently been relocated to a formerly abandoned village outside of Paprika Town, though whether or not they will stay there long-term is still debatable.

Former Bases of Operations: They had a research base located beneath one of Earth’s mountain ranges, but it was pretty much decimated by the escape of Vejitina and Jekyl; the repair of which was abandoned when they were ‘exposed’ to the King.

Major Funding: E.D.A.E.N. receives royalty funds set up through dummy accounts from the few technological advances they discovered from the alien technology that they allowed to be released to the public. A majority of its funding came from the wealthy patrons of the city heads that initially lead to their inception to begin with, though most of that has been stopped when the royal government finally stepped in and relieved some of those heads of their positions.

Known Enemies: The Z Senshi primarily, though any aliens that set foot on Earth may as well consider themselves their enemy

Known Allies: None, as E.D.A.E.N. has always operated outside of the royal laws as a secret sect of the government and still continues to do so. They have stepped in at one time to actually aid the Z Senshi against the Kold Armada, but that was a special situation.


Number of Active Members: 95 soldiers, 35 research scientists

Number of Reserve Members: 25 soldiers

Organizational Structure: E.D.A.E.N. is structured much like any other military, and ordered according to rank. The scientists involved are considered somewhat lower-ranked than the soldiers themselves, and are forced to adhere to the ranks and codes they abide by.

Known Current Members: Major Alexander Hourensou

Known Reserve Members: Unknown

Known Former Members: Specialist Feldstrom

Known Special Agents: Unknown, though there are rumors of experimental genetic soldiers being in the works…

Membership Requirements: Since they’re not as free to recruit publicly as other military factions, E.D.A.E.N. is very careful in whom they choose to approach for a position within their ranks. All of them essentially share either a fascination, hatred or at least a general belief in aliens though, so that helps.


Founder Members: Unknown

Other Leaders: Major Alexander Hourensou

Previous Purpose or Goals: Not applicable

Major Campaigns or Accomplishments: The study of Kami’s old ship, the acquisition of Raditz’s old pod, all of the technological and biological advancements made from their research, capturing Vejitina and Jekyl, ransacking Capsule Corporation for the replicated Saiyajin and Changeling technology Dr. Briefs made, helping the Z Senshi to defeat the Kold Armada, the technology taken from the remnants of aforementioned Armada

Major Setbacks: Losing Nappa’s old pod when it exploded, having their research base destroyed in the wake of Vejitina and Jekyl’s escape, losing Specialist Feldstrom at the Tenkaichi Budokai from the strain of the Rejuvenation treatments, losing more of their number to the Armada, being exposed to the royal government and being forced even further underground, losing King Kold’s body that was found in orbit


Level of Technology: Advanced

Transportation: Miscellaneous military-grade hover cars, as well as 17 sets of flight-capable armor made from the replicated anti-gravity systems and armor of Raditz’s space pod.

Personnel: 155 members, currently.

Weaponry: Modified alien energy rifles and pistols, primarily, though there are a number of other weapons in the works that haven’t been cleared for ‘field use’ yet.

Accessories: Scouters, various makes of armor, replicated Rejuvenation pods, electronic “power suits” that allow for increased strength and agility