Group Synopsis - Kold Empire


The Kold Empire


Purpose: The Kold Empire is an intergalactic group of planets and entire systems all conquered in the name of the Kold Family. Started by King Kold himself untold years ago, it has only grown with the additions of his first and middle-born sons, Koola and Freiza respectively. It has become the primary source of trade and military might within the known universe. With Freiza’s untimely death, then later King Kold’s, it was quickly overtaken by Kold’s chief Saiyajin Exterminator, Havok.

Modus Operandi: In general, the Empire operates primarily by hostile takeover – sending teams of planet conquering minions to wipe out or subjugate the populace for assimilation. While the Empire may allow a planet to keep its own hierarchy, as was the case with Vejitasei, that government will answer to the Empire first and foremost.

Extent of Operation: Intergalactic.

Base of Operations: The primary Capital planet is Kold Planet #1, though there are multiple planets throughout the galaxy that have been assigned for Imperial duties such as Frieza Planet #66 for military cargo.

Former Bases of Operations: Freiza Planet #116, among others over the years.

Major Funding: The Empire has the collective wealth from multiple planets stockpiled over the years into one massive treasury. However, the Empire also gets cuts from taxing the trade lanes and deals between planets.

Known Enemies: The Z Senshi, most of the rogue Saiyajin

Known Allies: Technically none, as all potential allies have been assimilated into the Empire. They do, however, have a contingent of third-party bounty hunters that they can hire for business at any given point.


Number of Active Members: Over five billion people stretched out across the cosmos are estimated to make up the populace of the Empire’s citizens.

Number of Reserve Members: None known

Organizational Structure: The Empire has a strict hierarchy, where the King rules first and foremost. The next in line is one of the princes: Koola, Freiza, or Chiller. After that is the Imperial Commander of the Royal Military.

Known Current Members: Havok, Jadoku, Chiller

Known Reserve Members: None

Known Former Members: The Saiyajin of Vejitasei, Tounasu

Known Special Agents: Multitude of bounty hunters, both soloists and teams.

Membership Requirements: To become a citizen of the Empire, all one really has to do is be born on one of the planets under its jurisdiction. Joining the military is as simple as being recruited, but anything higher than that requires either years of faithful service (military or otherwise) or the luck of being born to the upper echelon.


Founder Members: King Kold

Other Leaders: Freiza, Havok

Previous Purpose or Goals: Not applicable

Major Campaigns or Accomplishments: Pretty much, the Empire has conquered nearly every planet they have ever come across. What planets they haven’t outright conquered have been forced into submission, though one of the major accomplishments that can be credited to the Empire is Freiza’s utter decimation of Vejitasei and almost the entire Saiyajin race.

Major Setbacks: Being unable to capture Sanshou while he was at large in the universe, the death of Freiza at the hands of Princess Vejitina, the defeat of the Kold Armada on Earth, the death of King Kold himself at the hands of Jadoku and Havok.


Level of Technology: Highly advanced

Transportation: An entire fleet of ships ranging from luxury liners to cargo ships to Imperial planet-killer class cruisers. The Empire also sports a larger range of smaller, one-man space pods for quicker, more efficient, transportation.

Personnel: Over 535,000 Imperial Enforcers spread across the Empire’s borders of varying ranks.

Weaponry: Miscellaneous beam-weaponry, usually in the form of guns, rifles and scouter attachments for those who cannot access ki techniques.

Accessories: Scouters (which allow for reading power levels, keeping up interstellar communication and translating known pre-programmed languages), various makes of armor