Group Synopsis - Z Senshi


The Z Senshi


Purpose: The Z Senshi were only fairly recently formed from a rag-tag group of martial artists with exceptional abilities, and that was mainly from their ties of friendship to one another. Since the disappearance of Goku and the others, the Dai Kaiohshin brought together a new band of Z Senshi, to the tune of 3 already displaced Saiyajin along with a few allies, to fulfill the initial purpose of protecting the Earth, and at times the known universe, from any who would threaten it.

Modus Operandi: In general, the members of the Z Senshi try to go about their basic daily lives without incident. If necessary, they are able to call upon a host of abilities and powers to aid in their fight against whatever threats make themselves known. While they are generally only known as Senshi to a certain few, their reputation as a force to be feared has spread throughout the mortal and immortal realms.

Extent of Operation: They tend to stay relative to Earth, but have traversed the galaxy and Heavenly realms when forced to.

Base of Operations: Jekyl and Vejitina reside in a capsule house located on one of the more remote islands of Earth while Musei and Brolli reside at her coffeehouse in Orange Star City.

Former Bases of Operations: While they still have dealings with Capsule Corporation, they no longer live on the property due to collateral damage and populace safety concerns.

Major Funding: In repayment for protecting the planet, Capsule Corporation has become their major source of funds when necessary… though Musei makes her own funds on the side from her rather lucrative coffeehouse.

Known Enemies: The Kold Empire, the Cult of the Profound Darkness, various bounty hunters, Darnack, Hanayasai, Antan Kaiohshin, the Red Ribbon Army, E.D.A.E.N. (most of the time)

Known Allies: The Briefs of Capsule Corporation, the Order, the Kaiohshins, the Arboreans, E.D.A.E.N. (sometimes), King Koku and his government


Number of Active Members: 5

Number of Reserve Members: The Order could be considered ‘reserve’ members as part of their duty is to assist the Z Senshi when they absolutely require it.

Organizational Structure: None, really, as most of what keeps the Z Senshi together as a team is either friendship, love, or mutual respect… not like it was at their initial arrival when it was mainly a matter of being forced to work together by the powers-that-be.

Known Current Members: Princess Vejitina, Jekyl, Musei Shino, Brolli and Kadiluan

Known Reserve Members: Technically Tijiiri Shirakawa and Kouto-Shonen along with Masaya and Kendo Shino

Known Former Members: Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Tenshinhan, Chaotzu, Piccolo, Tounasu, Chiller

Known Special Agents: None

Membership Requirements: None really, just leave the planet in one piece and don’t cause any trouble among them.


Founder Members: Technically Goku as the initial Z Senshi were all tied to him in some way, shape or form.

Other Leaders: None, though Princess Vejitina is usually the first one to take charge of a given situation.

Previous Purpose or Goals: Not applicable.

Major Campaigns or Accomplishments: Finally setting aside their differences to work together as a team to begin with, repeatedly defeating the Red Ribbon Army, nearly killing Havok, repeatedly defeating Hanayasai, Vejitina’s revival, wresting Jekyl’s soul back from the dark Goddess, defeat and destruction of the High Priestess’ body, defeating Motav Knight, the defeat of #00, the death of Freiza, the defeat of King Kold, defeat of the Kold Armada, defeat and death of Tounasu, Jekyl’s revival, stopping the Goddess’ resurrection at the Checkpoint, Kadila’s return

Major Setbacks: The Red Ribbon Army’s theft of their pods, Jekyl’s initial fall into darkness, Tounasu’s seduction into the ranks of the Cult of Profound Darkness, Kadila leaving with Chiller as an ‘emissary’ to the Empire, Vejitina’s death at the hands of Hanayasai, Jekyl’s death in a duel with Tounasu


Level of Technology: Fairly advanced, though it’s all provided by Capsule Corporation.

Transportation: Not applicable, considering all of them are capable of flight.

Personnel: Not applicable.

Weaponry: Not generally applicable, as all of them are capable of ki-based attacks or, in Kadiluan’s case, magic. Musei Shino, however, wields her family’s heirloom sword though it’s rarely used.

Accessories: Replicated scouters and armor supplied by Capsule Corporation, along with a gravity training room, senzu beans from Korin’s garden and a variety of capsule implements like houses.