Sanshou's Rap Sheet

Criminal Record File #0725693

Subject Name: Sanshou

Known Aliases: "Jekyl"

Race: Saiyajin

Status: At large

Notes: Subject is considered unpredictable and exceedingly dangerous. Do not attempt to engage.




Date (A.D.)

Abandoning military duties



Attempted kidnapping

Sentenced to death; sentence changed to exile --
Escape from detention planet   740
Escape is discovered Bounty placed on head 742
Assaulting an officer of the royal military   744
Defacing a stone monument of the royal image   --
Sabotaging a military refueling station Sentenced to death --
Destruction of military holding facility   --
Affiliation with a known criminal Closely monitored by local security 745
Assaulting a security officer   --
Destruction of orbital colony   --
Deaths of 2,000 colonists   --
Deaths of 26 extermination squad members   --
Deaths of 5 bounty hunters   --
Hijacking a civilian transport   748
Destruction of outpost on border of the Empire Captured and sentenced to death --
Destruction of detention facility   --
Violation of speed limit in Imperial shipping lanes Issued a warning by law enforcement android 750
Destruction of Imperial law enforcement android   --
Impersonating an officer of the royal military   755
Deaths of 46 royal military troops   --
Destruction of royal military training facility   --
Assaulting an officer of the royal military Captured and held aboard Imperial prison ship 758
Destruction of Imperial prison ship   760
Deaths of 400 prisoners   --
Deaths of 30 Imperial prison guards   --
Illegally crossing Imperial border   761
Unauthorized tampering with transport pod guidance system Hibernation protocol activated 762
Attempted murder of extermination squad member   763
Abduction of a member of the royal family   --
Impersonating an agent of the Empire   --
Attempted regicide   --
Destruction of Imperial property   --
Fleeing a crime scene   --