Part 6 of the Deki Saga
Lost Saiyajin Part 6

    ::eyes swirl:: Oooo, bad belly ache. I ain't feeling' so well, maybe it's from the 30 oz coke floats and the watery looking ravioli stuff, I don't know. By the way, I kinda dragged off from the older Goten and Trunks, so from now on, Goten is 10 and Trunks is 11, my bad but I like 'em as kids, they're so fun! But anyways, I'm surprised I've dragged this little fic on this long, but I will only be able to send this at church, since I lost my account, and I may have it back, and I may not. Now Ladies and Gents, believe it or not, I HAVE AN ENEMY!!! Okay, this is from our makeshift RPG club, and this robot kicks, beats and will pound you down into a bloody pulp, yes, it's everyone's favorite bitch, K-1800!! ::drags her outta the closet from hiding, her kicking and screaming:: Now *yank*  we *pull*  will *heave*  go on with the show! *throwcrash*.

K-1800: I hate you.....

(BTW, this will probably be my longest chapter yet.)

Deki's Story 6

    *Last time we left we had just got done hearing Deki's long and hard story of his life on Vejita-sei. And now we find them all huddled around the TV.*

    "Move over!"

    "No you."

    "Make me!"

    "Fine then!"

    Trunks powered up a blast. "Finish Bust--" All of a sudden he stopped, gasping for air. Blood drooled out of the side of his mouth. A blade ripped up through him, slicing him in half. Then, as a quick blur flashed across his eyes, Goten also met that fate as his head rolled across the floor. A shadow stood there, laughing, enjoying it.

    "YAHHH!!!!" Deki sat up in bed, sweating and breathing hard. "It...was just a dream." Deki had been having these nightmares throughout the past 2 weeks, and it had kept being the same scene, just different people. First it was Goku and Vegeta, then Chi-Chi and Bulma, Pan and Bra, then finally Trunks and Goten. The dreams would repeat, over and over. Everyone in those dreams had died except him and his sister.

     Just then his sister opened the door, looking a bit ragged and hair frilled and stood up. "YAHHH, Vegeta with no make up!!" "Very funny oxymoron." Vejitina said. "Love you too sis, what 'cha need?" Deki asked. "Well, I've been having this strange dream for the past 2 weeks of everyone except us dying by-" she was cut off. "A dark shadow that looks like a woman that would rip through everyone else that we know?" Deki finished. "..Exactly.. but how?" Vej questioned as she sat down on the edge of the bed. "I've been having the exact same dreams."

    The next morning Vej found herself curled up at the foot of Deki's bed and the covers all messed up." He must have left for training already...." and as she said that a bloodcurdling scream went through the house.

    "OH MY GOD, GOKU!!!"

    Vej rushed into Goku's room and Bulma knocked Vej over. Bulma slipped and fell on her face, she opened her eyes only to be looking straight into her husbands cold, dead eyes. She shook with terror. "" Vej looked everything overhand it looked just like in her dream. There was a hole in Goku's stomach and a gash across Vegeta's throat. Vej powered up and busted out the window. She went off looking for Deki.

    Deki was busy with Trunks and Goten, them both Super Saiyajin. "Okay, both of you, attack with everything you got." Deki said calmly. Just as the two moved, Deki, not even Super Saiyajin, appeared behind Goten and kicked him strait up. Then, just as quick, he grabbed Trunks and appeared above Goten. Then he hurled Trunks straight into Goten in mid-air. They both fell to the ground, all beaten and battered. "Okay, that was just too easy you two." Deki said. Trunks moaned and got up. "Ow...just ow. I REALLY don't like you Uncle Deki." Trunks mumbled, just then Vej landed. "The hell....? What happened to you two?" Vej asked. Goten mumbled, "He happened," as he pointed at Deki. "You don't say. Deki, could you stop beating on our purple mop and c'mere for a sec, gotta tell you something." "Sure," he said, leaving with Vej.

    "You know those dreams we've been having?" "Yeah," Deki said. "Well, just this morning we found Goku and Vegeta dead in their bedrooms." "Oh my God." "And they looked just like they did in our dreams, Vegeta with a cut throat, and Goku pretty much diced in half." "Who could have done this?" Deki asked. Just then Goten and Trunks yelled as Vej and Deki heard a "Finish Buster!!" and followed by a huge explosion. And Trunks dragged a half beaten Goten along.
    "It was huge! We didn't even sense it! I mean, it was evil, was a girl." Trunks was exclaiming as they tended to Goten. Vej and Deki were down in the under ground lab Deki had recently built to keep his scientific needs out of Bulma's lab. "Hmm, it was a female, and they couldn't sense it." Vej said. Deki typed around on a keyboard. A whole list of female criminals and fighters came up. "Hmm...." he scrolled down more as Vej was looking at a thing under a huge blanket. "Don't touch that!" Deki yelled. "Why not?" Vej asked. "It's not finished yet,'s kinda secret." Deki said. "Whatever." Vej said as she sat down next to him.
    "Hey, who's the old fart?" Vej asked. "That's Dr. Gero, a scientist from about 30 or more years ago. He was in the Red Ribbon Army, and he was defeated by Goku. Also he made... Androids 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, and an organic android named Cell. 20 was himself, and all the others were hell bent on world domination, except for 16, his mission was to kill Goku, which he never succeeded in doing. 17 and 18 were twins." Deki pulled up a picture of 18 and 17. "What, 18 looks like Mary, Krillin's wife." Vej said. Recently, 18 hated to be called that, so she had her name changed to Mary, to be more human. "Ooo, and 17 is a hottie." Vej said. "Yeah..riiiiighttt...let's not drool on my screen please."

    Deki went back to working as Vej was drooling over 17's picture still. "Hey, wait a minute... Dr. Gero has been recently heard of, or was, because a few years ago a mountain range in Siberia just magically appeared, then exploded for unknown causes a few weeks ago." "Yeah, so? It's probably some dude messing around with the DragonBalls, and then, some other idiot wished them away." "Impossible, 'cause when they appeared, Goku's family had them, and when they exploded, they still had them." "So what you're saying is that you think Gero was alive, built something, and that its loose right now?" "No, it alive."

    Vej awoke to the yell of an attack and a explosion following. "Must be the kids, training already." Vej rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom. She grabbed a shower, and got into her clothes. She did her hair, and looked at it for a moment. "Hmm, it would look nice cu---" Just then a scream came through the house as she heard the door fly open.


    Vej rushed downstairs, thinking someone had just died or something. "IT'S HORRIBLE, SCARY, AND WORSE THAN TRUNKS' LAST GIRLFRIEND!!" Just then a huge monster looking thing popped up from the window. "GRRR, ROAR!!!" it yelled. "I tried to blast it, but it just kept walking! you hear me?" Just then, the monster started to laugh. "Good one Deki!" a voice like Trunks said. "Amazing what one can do with wire and paper machete." Just then, it dropped down and Trunks, with Deki holding him up on his shoulders.

    Later that day, Deki went off to train, Bulma and Chi-Chi went off to Bulma's to find the dragon radar so they can go look for the DragonBalls. Vej felt tired, so she volunteered to watch the kids. She took them out back, and let them do whatever as she just slept. About two hours passed and Vej woke up. Her eyes widened. There they were, Goten and Trunks, ripped to shreds. There was a blood trail running from the woods, so obviously they went to the woods, and were drug back here. Vej got up and rushed through the woods. She stopped suddenly. A big puddle of blood was in a little grove, where there were claw marks on a tree, and also footprints, claw like, all over the place. "Wow, whomever this is, means business. "Vej darted her eyes to the right, then to the left, "What was that?" Then she heard something drop behind her. It said in a woman's voice, "You're unidentified, what is your name?"

    Vej spun around. "What's it to ya?" She looked her over, she had huge claws and spikes all over, and her claws were blood red, like she had just killed. "You killed Goten and Trunks didn't you!?" "No, I didn't, my creator did. He tells me what to do, I do it. Well, if you think about it, we both did. But I'm not much for talk. Now, identify yourself." Just then the person fell to the ground. "RUN SIS RUN!" It was Deki, he had hit the monster over the head but had just stunned her. They started to run, and then he came to a stop. He turned his head, "She's gone..."

    They were back at Deki's lab, not having given the news to Bulma and Chi-Chi yet about their boys. "What on earth was that thing, it had no powerlevel....but it was strong." Deki pulled a picture up on the screen. "Model K-1800, built just recently by Dr. Gero and hell bent on killing the greatest fighters on earth." "In other words, just me?" Vej said with a grin. "Not hardly, she doesn't know us. She has no data on us." "That's probably why she asked to identify myself." "She probably couldn't register you by sight, so she went through for your name." Deki said as he typed a bit more.

    "Remember the other models 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 I told you about?" "Yeah, why?" Vej asked. "Tell me, did it look anything like any of these?" Deki questioned as he pulled up the 5 androids pictures. "Nothing like 20, nothing like 19, a lot like 18 and 17, and nowhere near as bulky as 16." "Okay then, well she's a girl, about 5'10, has claws, and blonde hair ." Deki said. "How'd you know that??" Vej asked, having a strange look on her face. "I saw her too ya know, I'm not that dumb." "Oh..." Vej said.

    Deki printed out a picture, along with some stats. "This is all I could get, if I wanted more I'd have to break into Gero's lab and hack into his computer from there." Vej grinned, "Well then, why don't we?" "'Cause most people don't know he's alive, sister dumbest." "Aww mannnn..." "Now c'mon, we need to train." "Why?" Vej asked. "'Cause from where we stand right now, we wouldn't survive 5 seconds with her."

    They were coming through the stairs as the TV flashed a bulletin. "Two young women were killed just recently by a tall, blonde woman. This surveillance video shows what happened. Please, if you have children or don't want to see this, please turn away. I warn you this is graphic." The reporter finished. "Alright! We will leave in a second, I wanna see this!" Vej yelled as she plopped onto the couch.

    The tape rolled. It showed two women giggling as they looked at some clothes. "Hey, it's Bulma and Chi-Chi.... oh no. "Vej said. Just then it showed Chi-Chi's eyes widen as a person in a robe with a hood walked by. It then tore off the hood and ripped through Bulma lateral ways.

    "How awful.." Vej said. Deki sighed and left for the door. Vej quickly followed. The two were flying to Kami's Tower. "So, my oxymoronic brother, where are we heading to next?" "Well, I figure we go to The Room Of Time And Spirit." "The whatsza whosa whatsa??" Vej said, puzzled. "You'll see." Deki darted upwards at the base of Kami's tower. He landed on it with Vej. Gohan walked out with Dende. "Deki? Hey!" Gohan said. "You know--" "About K-1800 killing everyone, yes, yes I do. And no, I won't help. I'm going to stay here with Dende and protect him in case of K-1800." "I wasn't really gonna ask you that but ok... we really need the Room of Time and Spirit." "Oh... okay then have at it." "C'mon Vej, let's go." Deki said as Vej followed.

    Deki opened the door as Vej shut it behind them. "A day outside is a year inside. We have the room stocked for five years of food. We shall spend five years in here to prepare, got it?" "Yeah... I don't know how I'll survive this though." "Why? Is it the vastness of nothing, it pretty much being silent, the intensity of the place???" Deki asked. "No, it's just five years without beating up Vegeta, I've never done that before." Vej said as Deki did a straight anime fall. Vej chuckled and started looking around, then they got right down to training.

    While they were training, K-1800 was back at Gero's lab. "WONDERFUL K-1800, WONDERFUL! I shall show them who the real ruler of the world.. no the universe is!!" "Yes creator you will, except there are two more. They were unidentified. I found no data of them in my files. But they were Saiyajin, I do know that." "! I don't know why I should really say this but, go out and destroy them!!!" "Yes creator." K-1800 said as she went out the door.

    Back with Vej and Deki training, they were both flaring with energy. They ere currently in a energy battle between Deki's "RyuuBiimu" and Vej's "Energy Spiral". "YAHHH!!!!" Deki yelled as he flared up more and the ground was sizzling with energy as flames a mile thick ran around them, increasing the temperature to 200 degrees. Vej yelled with fury as her tail stuck out straight. Deki had already experienced the Berserker transformation, and knew how horrible it was. They were both Super Saiyajin Three, and Deki with Berserker power, but Vej holding her own with the SSJ3 power, and after over an hour of this in the 200 times gravity they came upon on, Deki was impressed with not only himself, but with Vej too. After another half hour, Deki's Berserker power finally got the best of Vej and he overpowered her, and she never did exceed Berserker. This was four months into the training.

    They had been training in there for over 8 months already. Deki and Vej were zipping around the nothingness of the dimension, both SSJ3, and to keep it fair, Deki wasn't Berserker, but he had gotten very familiar with holding everything back and staying normal, after spending over a month straight Berserker.

    "DAMMIT DEKI, YOU'RE HOLDING BACK AGAIN!!" Vej yelled as she plowed him into the ground. Just then Deki went into Berserker and totally blew her away. He stood up, ragged, but not looking tired. "Attack." Deki said. "Alright, that's more like it! YAHHH!!" Vej sprang at him.

    She swiped at him, as her fist went right through him. His figure faded away. Then she swung her foot around, it also going through a faded figure. "Dammit hold still!" Vej yelled in anger. Just then Deki appeared. "Fine then," he said as Vej kicked at him .Deki just stood there. Vej kicked him in the side, flipped up, and knocked him in the face, and then chopped at his neck. And he just stood. "That's enough for today." Deki went back to normal and so did Vej. "......You're very cruel, you know that?" "Aww really? Gee you're a quick one..." he said with a grin.


    It was K-1800, she couldn't find them and she was getting frustrated from the ceaseless searching . "Where did they go?" she pondered. She had just ripped up a whole city, with no results. No warriors came to rescue the former city's denizens. Absolutely no retaliation. "Maybe they're off finding the DragonBalls.... going to bring their friends back. Or maybe off to train to beat me, but it would take them years of training, and by then, this world will be gone." "But why can't I sense their powerlevels...?" she wondered.

    It was 12 months into the training and Vej and Deki had learned how to easily get to SSJ3 with no effort, and SSJ2 was like normal for them. They were busy sparring again, as Deki was BSJ and Vej was SSJ3. She had learned to keep up with him, and she'd even laid a few hits that hurt on him. Deki was about to knock her out again when Vej stopped and landed on the ground. She looked at him and grinned. Her hair softly floated down and returned normal.
    "She powering down already....?" Deki wondered, blue eyes reflecting curiosity. Her hair suddenly flashed purple, then gold. "The hell.....!?" Deki questioned quietly. Vej then disappeared and Deki found himself face first on the ground. "Ooooo, ouch...just ouch." He looked up and watched as Vej stood over him, her hair shortened somewhat, but it had purple on the sides and a golden streak down the middle. She smiled and kicked him in the ribs, sending him flying. She blazed ahead and caught him. "Poor brother...." She grinned as Deki looked at her, then she swung around and threw him straight into the ground. "See you back at the camp, oxymoronic brother of mine." Vej said as she raced off.

    A while later Deki came stumbling in. "Oooo, man, Vej what the hell was that!?". Vej was busy eating. She swallowed, "Psycho Saiyajin." she answered calmly. Deki was amazed. Through out the rest of the time, he and Vej sparred, and they were evenly matched, her Psycho Saiyajin to Deki's Berserker.

    Deki was at the table eating as Vej was bathing. "Maybe it's something only I can do, and that's something she can only do." Deki said as he thought out loud. "But her tail, it was out stiff that one time, and it flashed silver.." Deki said as Vej walked back in. "You're up." "Thanks." Deki said as he took the towel. He wound it up and snapped it across Vej's back as she slid on a extra shirt. "YOU LITTLE JERK!!" Vej yelled as she tackled him. Deki was laughing as they rolled.

    They went on training for the next four years. With half a year left, Vej had finally done it, she had gone Berserker. Deki figured if she could do that, he can go Psycho Saiyajin. "How did you do it?" Deki asked. "Do what?" "Go Psycho Saiyajin." "Well, when I first landed on Earth, I met an old friend of mine..." "Old friend...?" Deki asked, encouraging his sister to continue when he saw her hesitate. "....More like an acquaintance, but anyhow, he taught me how to go Psycho Saiyajin. It's actually one of the easiest forms to achieve...." "Is it  like Berserker?" "No, it's really nothing like it, you just power up to your maximum then suddenly power back down, whereas Berserker is just pure rage." "I see," Deki said.

    Meanwhile K-1800 was raging from city to city, venting her steadily increasing anger and frustration on anythigng that got in her way. "I wish I could find those two Saiyajin!" yelled K-1800 as she blew apart another building. "I've been searching for those two for four days now, and still no sign of them... I swear I'll rip them apart!" K-1800 yelled yet again. She took off, the ground disappearing from her. She tore off towards the next town. "This is getting boring just killing, I need a challenge," she said as she blew another town apart.

    Back with Deki and Vej the two were just finishing another day of training. Vej had won, but just barely because she used the Berserker form with the Psycho Saiyajin form, and caught Deki off guard. She tripped him and busted him in the face. They were walking back and talking.

    "Deki, can I ask you something?" "Sure, have at it." "What was mom like..... I mean, I know I was her daughter and such, but all I remember is Father, you and Vegeta. And mostly you caring for me." "Well, she was a very nice and caring woman, and her and Father loved each other very much. She was human, as you know, and also very intelligent. But unfortunately there was a big mutiny against her, and then Father just kinda snapped and went with the people and killed her. Then he married another Saiyajin woman and she was raised to be you and Vegeta's mother.

    When I came back from a few months in the forest, where I met two unusual characters, he accepted me back as long as a kept my mouth shut about Mother." "Who were the two you met in the forest?" "Hyoushi and Shakaku Shannaki. The two most deadly elemental sisters ever. Hyoushi, an ice elemental Saiyajin, and Shakaku, a fire Saiyajin. It is very uncommon for two sisters to be ice and fire, but it had been done. I fought Hyoushi, and for some reason, she had a hatred for the Hourensou bloodline."

    They stepped up into the camp as they felt a huge load off there feet. "Whew, that feels good. I got bathroom first!" yelled Deki." "Dang! Fine fine, but hurry up, a woman's gotta bathe!" Vej sat down at the table to eat as Deki bathed. As she ate she thought. She thought about herself as she was younger. She thought about her Home planet, but most of all, she thought about her mother and father. After that, she bathed and then they both turned in for the night. They had 2 months left to train.

    Meanwhile outside of the Room of Spirit and Time, all hell was breaking loose. There was nothing Gohan and Dende could do, K-1800 was just too strong and she had blown away half the worlds cities and more than 2 billion people had died. It was just horrible.

    "Yahhhhhhh!!" It was Vej, Deki had just appeared behind her and knocked her down. She sprung up and flip kicked him. Deki grabbed her foot and twisted. Vej swung her foot around, but Deki caught that one too. He swung up and slammed her down into the ground with immense power that made the whole place shake. "Got 'cha." Deki said. "Damn, you won again!" Vej yelled in anger. "Hey, I can't help it if I'm better than you." Deki said with a grin. Vej got up and wiped the blood off her mouth and head. "One last round before we're outta here, okay?" Vej asked. "Sure, whatever you want, my beloved sister which I'm surprised I haven't killed yet." "Okay, full power, all out, got it? And we both get time to power up." "Okay." Deki said. "Perfect, I'll get to try my new form for this," Deki thought.

    Vej took a few steps back. She was already Super Saiyajin, as was Deki. They both weren't tired at all, and Deki knew this fight could go a few hours. Vej's hair fell down, nice and short, as she had cut it earlier to keep out of her way. Then she let out a yell as her hair flew back up and flashed to a bright  gold and purple. She was ready, fully powered in Psycho Saiyajin. She grinned and waited for Deki to power up.

    Deki took a few steps back as well. He took a stance and bowed his head. "May God help you survive this fight." Deki said out loud. "What's that supposed to mean!?" Vej yelled, curious. "You'll see." Deki said as his head came up, with an evil grin on his face. His head tilted back as a golden aura sprung up around him. He floated up and his hair went golden, as Super Saiyajin, but his tail grew. It doubled in length, and halved in diameter. Then it stiffened out as a gold grew over it. Vej stood, a bit impressed, but thought nothing of it. Deki wrapped his tail around his waist as he came back down. "Are you ready, sister of mine??" "Bring it on, oxymoron." Vej said. And with that, Deki blurred ahead as the two started to fight.

    Deki had a grin on his face. Vej was struggling. She was barely managing the blocks, and her arms were starting to bruise quickly from the blocking, and even stared to bleed. Just then Deki threw his hands out and yelled as Vej went flying back by a immense wave of power. "YAHHH!" Vej yelled as she flew back. She flipped over and skidded back about 100 ft. "The hell kind of form is that Deki!?" Vej yelled. "I call it Mega Berserker. An advanced form of the Berserker form." "Ya don't say..." Just then she saw a fist in front of her, and then she felt a snap in her face. "Aahhhh! My nose, you broke it Deki!" Vej yelled. Then she felt her arm get grabbed, then yelped as it was wrenched and twisted, then at the elbow she felt a sharp pain. She looked at it and saw that her arm was backwards and the bone had pooped out of the skin! Just then, Deki appeared over head, and slammed her into the ground with a overhead smash.

    Vej was out cold, and her blood was in a pool around her arm. Deki looked down and powered down as well. "Told you God help you if you survive," Deki said, as he picked her up and took her back to get her fixed up. "Thankfully there's a good supply of Senzu beans here, but I'll have to set her arm. I better do it while she's out." He quickly set it and bandaged it.

    Vej awoke in her bed, with Deki eating a bowl of soup, and reading a book. "Oooooo..... What happened to me....?" Vej asked. "I whipped up on ya, that's what, look at your arm, the bone was popped out earlier." "Seriously?! And I wasn't up to see it." Deki shook his head, "Here, eat this." Deki said as he threw her a Senzu bean. Vej quickly ate it, and was instantly better.

    The two rested for a week. And were finally ready to come out after five years of hard training. Deki opened the door, and walked through, and Vej stepped beside him. Dende turned around, as did Gohan. "You're finished, YAY!" Gohan yelled.

    In a instant Deki and Vej were off to find K-1800. The two raced, and they powered up to Super Saiyajin Two as they did. The two were ready. Deki was already Berserker, and Vej could go Psycho Saiyajin pretty quickly now. They landed as a building exploded. "1800, GET OUT HERE NOW!" Deki yelled, sounding like a mother yelling at her son. "Geez Deki, what are we gonna do, give her a spanking or a time out...?" Vej said with a grin. K-1800 appeared in front of them.

    "Who are you, identify yourselves." K-1800 said quite calmly. "Deki Hourensou and Vejitina Hourensou." Deki said with pride. "I have no record of you on my files... wait, tails, your face. You're the Saiyajin I'm supposed to kill!" "No shit. Now c'mon, Foley's is having a sale tomorrow, and I wanna hurry and kick your ass before then." Vej said as she took her stance. "And... I just wanna kick your ass!" Deki said, for lack of a better threat. "Oh yeah, I'm sure she's shaking in her boots now Deki." Vej said, sarcastically.

    Deki and Vej were in a battle to save the earth, Deki just wanted to get home, and Vej wanted to get to her sale. Who will win? Well, tough you'll just have to wait!!! NAH NAH NAH!! Hey, it's me, Ty-kun again. Okay, so you'll have to wait, but I kinda wanna send this off this week. Oh, I may get my AOL back, but I've got major sucking up to do. Oh, and I think Ill do a parody of Austin Powers: The Spy who shagged me, and Austin 2, as a Mix. It shall be Deki Powers: The Saiyajin Who Shagged Me with Deki as Austin, Vej as Felicity, and Trunks as Dr. Evil and Chibi-Trunks as Mini Me! They fit the part so well no? Also there will Be Jekyl, Zero-Starr, Musei, Chris Hourensou, possibly as Scott, Astrea, Goten, Contessa, Bulma, Vegeta, Gokou, Gohan, Pan, Bra and many others! Keep looking for it, I'll probably have it with in the next month or so, 'cause I need to see the movie a few times and write out who for who. Well, peace out yo! and BTW, I have a new Email address until I get AOL back, it's Trunks Lover I am, HE ROCKS SO MUCH! HELL YEAH!!! Peace yo's!