Day with the Briefs: Trunks
Day With the Briefs: Trunks

6:00- Wake up, throw alarm clock at wall, roll off bed with a loud thud, waking up parents, and attempt to get ready

7:05- After the attempt to wake up, realizes that is almost late for school and goes into overdrive

7:07- Runs sis over in hall, trying to get shirt over head, tumbles down stairs and bowls into a totally pissed off dad

7:08- Run into kitchen, dad on your butt, and throws down a bowl of cereal

7:15- Runs over dazed sis in hall again to room to grab backpack and busts through window for school

7:30- Finally, after stopping to terrorize your sister once again, meet up with Goten at school

8:00- Now the morning run, a whole herd of girls dash after for me; finally turns a corner and loses them

8:05- Sneaks into class, going behind teacher's back

8:06- Knocks over teacher's glass of water all over him, getting you another detention, one for being late, and two for knocking over his favorite glass

8:15- Sits boredly in Principal's office for threatening to blow the teacher to kingdom-come for the detention

8:20- Gets yelled at as usual by the Principal; as usual goes in one ear and out the other

9:15- Finally PE rolls around and meets up with Goten for a spar

9:30- As usual, the PE coach runs out to stop the "horrific scene of violence" just as you're about to win

9:35- After you're done with the 5 laps around the school he makes you do and then turning down the offer for the track team, you go off to meet up with Goten again

11:00- After an hour and a half of sleeping through an assembly, you're finally ready for lunch

11:10- After getting back with about 10 pounds of food that you scarf in no time, you go back for seconds; ignoring some "PIG" remarks, you sock a guy in the face for it and get your food

11:20- More girls flirt with you, but you know you're too good for them; you just ignore them and send them Goten's way

11:40- Shop time. You trick Goten into sawing the teacher's desk in half; telling Goten that it's a fine surface to cut on

11:42- Goten realizes what he's done, knocks you in the gut, and high tails it outta there!

11:45- The teacher comes at you, blaming you

11:50- Down at the Principal's again, putting your tally on the bench; seeing its new, you figure that the old one must have been worn down by you

1:00- Mom comes up in a rage to get you, now that you're suspended

1:30- You get a regular ass chewing and then sent to your room with no dessert

7:30- Four score and 30 games ago, you were in the Principal's office, now at the table

7:35- Vejita gives the usual grief of his day and that you're weak

8:00- You go train with your dad and whip his ass, showing him you're no weakling, but he comes back and almost breaks you in two... literally

8:30- 6 score and lotsa bandages ago, you sit up in your room, snacking on hidden desserts

8:40- You get online with your awesome computer, custom made, and see that some crazed fan by the name of Meri has put a web site up about you called "Temple O' Trunks"

9:15- After being totally amazed at it and how great it is, you send her a mail with your actual picture and give her an autograph

9:16- Some idiot sends you some SPAM and you just ignore it

9:30- You pop in a tape from the Gundam series and watch it for an hour

10:30- Sneak into your sister's room and terrorize her during her "beauty" sleep, seeing how it doesn't make her any better looking

10:35- After a smack and a kick, you go back to your room

10:36- You whiz through your homework, being just like your mom, very smart

10:40- Give Pan a quick call and it ends up with her saying how much she adores you and you asking her out

10:50- After 10 minutes of her totally spazin' out about you goin' with her, you say to meet her at the mall on Friday

11:00- After another 10 minutes of spazin' from Pan, you hang up and get ready for bed

11:05- You fall in bed, totally exhausted, and fall right to sleep

12:00- Your sister sneaks in, attempting a joke on you, but you sleep right through it

  Ladies and Gentlemen, that is the normal day of our favorite purple haired stud, Trunks!