Vej Who?
Vej Who?
       By: Tyler "Trunks"
    Thanks to the Rabbi (Randi) for lettin' me write this. And now, from the one who brought you Deki Hourensou, IT'S VEJITINA!

We see ourselves in the place where Freiza and King Kold are about to land.

     "Oh father, we're here, yay!" said Freiza, as he got out. He saw a figure walking up. "This isn't Foley's...." said the figure. "I'm missing the sale damnit!"
     "Sale, where? I need more cherry lipstick." said Freiza to the figure. "Wait, who are you exactly?" "Who me?" said the figure. "Oh, I'm Vejitina, Princess of the Saiyajin. And you are?" Freiza starts to get really girlish, Goku must have done something to her... I mean, him. Freiza kinda started to prance around. "Ok, she's lost it," thought Vej.
     "Oh well, down to business. I'm here to destroy you and Earth," said Freiza. "Oh, well, I think I'm in the wrong place here, you see, I have a broken time machine back there and....WHOA!!" Vej just nearly misses a blast shot by Freiza. "OK THAT'S IT! ENERGY SPIRAL!" As she said that, everything went kaboom and Freiza, King Kold and all the henchmen were blown away.

    "That's that."

     Just then, the Z Gang, minus Goku, arrived. "YAHH VEJITA!!!" Vej yelled and with that lunged at him. She started beating the living crap outta him. "NOO DIEEEEE!!" "Stupid sister get off me!" Everybody's jaw hit the floor. "SISTER?!" they all said. "Yeah she's my sister, what's it to you?"
     So instead of drinking soda like with Trunks, Vejita spent the 2 hours of telling them his history with his sister. Just then, Goku and his ship dropped in. "Who in the hell?" Vej said. Just then Goku walked out. "Hi everyone!" he said in his dopey voice. "BAKAROTTO!!! DIEEEEEE!!!!!" Then Vej jumped him as well and beat the crap outta him for 30 minutes. Vejita smiled. "Boy, is she ever smart."
    After Vej was done mauling Goku, he asked who she is. "I'm from the future, I came here looking for the Foley's sale today." "So, do you have any important news from the future for us?" Goku asked. "No, not really..." Vej replied. "No new enemy, no killer psychopath or anything?" Goku said. "They find a cure for the cold, but that's about it." Vej replied. "Now, if I may, I need to leave, I've gotta hurry, Foley's closes in 5 hours." And with that, she jumped into the time machine and went back home.
   3 years later in that timeline, Goku caught the heart disease and died and the world went down the pot. Because Vej was from a time line where the androids weren't around, and everyone was alive.

     Well, Vej got to the sale in time, and cleaned them out. And she lived happily ever after, the end.