Wall O' Links!

Wall O' Links!

This is just a moderate collection of good Anime Webpages.

DragonBall Z Related Pages:

Temple O' Trunks!: A kickass Trunks Shrine with cool Music Videos. This is a must visit site for Trunks lovers. ^_~
Musei's Saiyajin CoffeeHouse: This site is hosted by Museimun aka the Shinigami no Miko and hosts most of the RPG's insanity!

Gundam Related Pages:

Gundam RPG: Second Impact I also run a Gundam RPG that operates much like this one.

La Maison du Sable: A site to George de Sand from G Gundam! A personal favorite...
MAHQ - Your Ultimate Source For Gundam and Other Mecha: Formerly "The MECHA DOMAIN", it's the best place for information and statistics on Gundams, Mobile Suits, Vehicles and even Pilots! Also good for learning about the other Gundam Series'.
MMFT: The "Monthly Mecha Fighting Tournament", where you can design and submit suits of your own and pit them against other people's designs for prizes in their monthly tournament!

Temple O' Shinigami: A very nice shrine to everyone's favorite braided wonder, Duo!

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Related Pages:

Castle In the Sky: Sailor Moon!: Best place for summaries on Sailor Moon episodes through series' R-S and interesting facts on Japanese culture and how it affects anime.
Tomb of the Little Known Senshi: Remember the Sailor Senshi in the manga and anime that we barely got to know before they were killed? Here is a great shrine to all of them, from the Animamates to The Cauldron Guardian!

Miscellaneous Pages:

Japanese <-> English Dictionary Sever: Naturally, with Japanese anime, you're going to run into a few language and cultural differences and confusions. This provides not only the words, but the kanji as well.
AnimeLyrics.com: Japan has some great music out there, from Anime openers and endings to J-Pop and J-Rock, here is where you can get transliterations, and some translations, to most of them.
Fanfiction.net: Have a story that you've written, but haven't been able to publish? This site offers extensive categories and a relatively easy system.
DeviantART: Like to draw but don't feel like hassling with a webpage of your own? Register here and you can put your artwork up for all to see for free!
Planet AvP: Three Species. One Planet.: Love shooting big guns and watching extraterrestrials explode into acidic shrapnel? Look no further.