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!Friday, June  20, 2001!

Dimension Crisis Averted!: With the defeat of Warlord Vejitina and the recovery of the Master Emerald, order has been restored and all the dimensions are in their proper places. Strangely enough, the instigators of the incident known as Oshidori, Hanayasai, and Gaki, were all granted a full pardon for their crimes. Whether they will continue to cause trouble for the Senshi or not remains to be seen...

Warlord Vej steals Master Emerald!: As time passed, more dimensions began to emerge, including completely different worlds. Aliances were formed and truces made among both the Senshis and their villainous counterparts. This culminated in the maniacal Walord Vej obtaining an ancient artifact called the Master Emerald. Possessing enough power to keep an island forever suspended in the heavens, Warlord Vejitina was able to channel this energy using devices created for her by Doctor Robotnik. After getting the Emerald, she promptly betrayed the doctor and destroyed his forces, then defeated the Z Senshi and left for space. She is currently occuping Robotnik's Death Egg, where she plans to start her intergalactic Empire.

Alternate dimensions revealed: Despite the efforts of both the Z Senshi and the Kaiohs, the renegade angel Oshidori and her companions Hanayasai and Gaki were able to obtain the ancient Distortion Matrix and use it. Contrary to Oshi's plan of remaking the heavens, the result seems to be the discovery of three seperate timelines from this one, containing the results of possibilities that never came to pass in this timeline, including the survival of the Saiyajin and Gero defeating the Senshi. Several alternate counterparts to the charcaters of this timeline have been discovered, including a merciless warlord version of Vejitina and a sniveling Jinzounigen-ized Jekyll. Whether these changes are temporary or permanent, no one knows.

Maru Exposed: Endou's friend, the human boy known as Maru, has finally been gripped by the mysterious force that has dwelled inside him since his "birth", which has been revealed to be none other than Android #00, quite possibly the most powerful of Gero's creations. After manifesting himself, the new Maru broke all ties to the Z Senshi and left for unknown reasons.

Return from Space!: After the final confrontation with Jadoku and Gaki on Dorobosei, the DragonBalls were recovered and brought back to Earth, where the wishes to revive Vejitina, Jekyll, and even Juunanagou were made. Though the enigmatic Fumei's idenity was never discovered, Endou recovered his sword and decided to keep wearing the armor he obtained from the Knights.

Bitches, Thieves, and Fat Ass Kings, oh my!: Resuming the search for Jadoku, the Senshi arrived on the planet Dorobosei, "renowed" for it's large quantity of assorted criminals. Allying himself with the donut-loving king Nazuma, Jadoku laid a trap for the Z Senshi, which resulted in Endou being "recruited" into the Royal Knights and Juunanagou being possessed by the benign Gaki, who "hitched" a ride from Yuureijinkosei.
      Endou fought against his former allies in a ruse, later turning on the corrupt king. As the Senshi prepared to leave, Gaki, still inhabiting the body of Juunanagou, made his move, hoping to take out what little remained of the team. Fortunately, the real Juunana, in a final act of defiance, self-destructed, enabling Endy, Musei, and Maru to leave with the DragonBalls.

Betrayal in the Mists: After the incident with the Ishikijin, a detour was made to Yuurejinkousei, as promised for Gaki. Once there, Gaki fled, still in the body of Endou. He proceeded to make an alliance with Havok, who resurrected the spirits of Hanyasai, Senbei, and Brolli to take on the Senshi, with both Vejitina and Jekyll dying. Musei, Maru, and Juunanagou proceeded to Gaki's castle. Gaki was waiting, and fought all of them, figuring that their morals would give him the upper hand. Possessing no such morals, Juunana "forced" Gaki out of Endou, and the four took on Havok, who ran back to Chikyuu after his defeat at the hands of Endou.

!Sunday, July 27, 2001!

Gero's at it again: The infamous creator of the Red Ribbon army and the Jinzouningen, Doctor Gero, has once again showed his mad prowess with the new creation of a hyperactive poison. After infecting a few warriors to test it using K-1800, he began to filter it into the very air and has begun to spread it towards the general populace.
      The poison only takes days to work, but there is a cure.... at a price. Gero has challenged the Z Senshi to come to his mountain laboratory complex and try their hands at retrieving the antidote before it's too late. With such an obvious trap lying in wait for them, will they call his bluff and save the planet as they have done so many times in the past? Only time will tell.

!Sunday, June 10, 2001!

Mysterious Disappearances!: In cities nationwide, a baffling "epidemic" has left scientists and doctors scratching their heads and questioning. More and more people are suddenly disappearing or being found with puncture wounds on their throats directly over the jugular and marks on their body similar to that of a wild animal attack. The wounds themselves, however, are small and relatively harmless, but the cause of death is from blood loss! What kind of animal can draw a complete five pints of blood from a human and yet leave no trace around the scene save for the ravaged corpse?
      The threat known as "Cell" had once terrorized cities in a similar manner, but nothing compared to this sudden wave that's striking from large capital cities such as Tokyo to even small rural towns that don't show up on maps. Reports have also come in that known victims of this sudden "attack" have seemingly gotten up out of the morgue and walked out, but that has yet to be proven. More to come as scientists work diligently to find the cause, and cure, for this deadly epidemic that has hundreds of people panicked.

!Sunday, March 18, 2001!

Mirai's Go Home: After a long time in this time period, and after helping with many battles, the children of the future returned home. After Goten's failed attempt to sneak back in Astrea's suitcase, Astrea, Contessa, Endou, Taran and Ryoko all returned to their proper time. But Astrea had to see Goten once more, after receiving the music box from him. She took the Time Machine from Contessa and went back, one to say thanks, two to say goodbye one last time, and three to give him unfortunate news. Goten would die in just one short year, having the same heart disease his father had, but it would mutate, and there would be no cure for him.

What lies beneath the sands?: For the past few months, many people have ventured out into the Sahara Desert, and never returned. Nothing was ever found of the unfortunates and most have written this sudden occurrence off to an overabundance of quicksand. Yet most people believe a curse now lays upon the Desert, one that they fear will spread into the cities very soon. More to come as the events unfold.

!Sunday, November 12, 2000!

Nanobots Destroyed!: In an epic battle of Good vs. insane Mad Doctorism, the Nanobots were finally destroyed. The original plan had been to trap and freeze them with a Capsule Corps prototype freezing ray. But due to #13's interference, the plastic containment box was destroyed and due to Trunks' stupidity, the freeze ray malfunctioned.
      The swarm steadily progressed over the city as the valiant warriors tried everything to stop them. Nothing seemed to work until the untimely appearances of Hyoushi Shanakki and K-1800 tilted the balances again. Shi began to use her freezing power against the swarm while 1800 battled with the other warriors. Eventually, Shi managed to freeze the Nanos into a giangantic block of metal, but the next question was: What to do with the Nano-block?
      The answer came from Pan, daughter of Gohan and granddaughter of Goku, "Send it into the sun!" But 1800 had one last card to play, as she did a horrific transformation and began dealing the Z Senshi some major pain. Princess Vejitina lured the now advanced android into range and with a Herculean effort, Goku threw the Nano-block directly into the rampaging android, sending both her and the block into the sun.
      But the fight was long from over. While the still-standing Z Fighters took their wounded to Capsule Corps, they were suddenly ambushed by the ally-turned-enemy Shanakki Sisters! The diabolical duo took advantage of the weary state of the fighters and easily began thrashing them almost as badly as K-1800 did! But what they hadn't counted on was being defeated by the combined efforts of Vejitina and Deki in a final show of power by both sides.

Serious Injury: Vejitina, Jekyl, Pan
Casualties: Astrea, Chris, Deki

!Sunday, October 26, 2000!

Nanobot Invasion!!: The insane Doctor Gero has unleashed his newest creation upon mankind--a deadly swarm of liquid nanobots! The nanobots have already consumed more than 15 major world cities and over 10,000 people in the short time span of a few weeks. As the cities continue to fall victim, the swarm continues to grow, apparently feeding off whatever unfortunate being or object happens to get into it's way.
      But they are not alone, the android known as Unit #13 has been seen aiding the Nano-Swarm with apparent enhancements to his former self, making him a more formidable opponent. With the resources of Unit #13 and the abilities of the Nanobots, does this spell the end of life on the planet as we know it?

!Saturday, September 30, 2000!

Havok gone at last?: The reign of Prince Havok and his minions may have very well been ended at the hands of Jekyl during a seemingly one-sided fight.
      The fight started off badly for the Z Fighters as Rayzin, a known minion of Havok, encased them all in inpenetrable energy bubbles. Despite attempts at escape, Havok toyed with the prospect of who to kill first while his enemies were incapacitated. He chose Astrea, who had the weakest will to fight him back and had Rayzin release her.
      That turned out to be a fatal mistake on Havok's part. While Havok mercilessly battered the small child and Rayzin laughed, Jekyl managed to break out of the bubble that entrapped him with a surge of power and quickly put an end to Rayzin.
      Rayzin's death went unheeded by Havok, who had finally beaten Astrea to near death, causing Jekyl to go Psycho Saiyajin, Level 6. After that, Havok couldn't compare and was just as easily destroyed as Rayzin was. But is he gone? Or will he show up again like Freiza did since evil dudes like that just dunno when to say "Shi ne"? Only time will tell....

!Saturday, August 9, 2000!

Zombies on the warpath!: A quiet day in the city turned chaotic when two warriors suddenly appeared and began destroying anything and everything. Hundreds of innocent people were hurt and even more killed during their seige.
      Things heated up when a few of the Z warriors tried to intervene and stop the rampaging monsters before anyone else was harmed. More to come on this subject as it develops.

!Monday, July 10, 2000!

Germany Wiped Off The Face of The Earth!: Germany, one of the most prosperous nations in all of Eastern Europe, has been annihilated. Today, Germany is nothing more than a gargantuan crater with no signs of life left. The United Nations Investigation Team, which is still investigating the genocide, has confirmed that more than 72 million people have been killed. The number of deaths is still on the rise.
      According to NASA's satellites, a great warrior named Burning Blood was standing in the center of what once was Germany moments after the massive explosion. The UN suspected that he was responsible for the ferocious genocide. Burning Blood has fiery-color skin, very-well built, has long, black hair, and has a dragon tattoo on the left side of his face. The motive for the genocide is unknown at this time.

!Thursday, May 11, 2000!

Frozen Cappuccino Anyone?: In a vicious show of power, the Saiya-Jin CoffeeHouse (home to Museikaze Shino and Kageri) was demolished nearly completely by a trio of Ice Elementals. Musei, wanting revenge for her home, attacked the three along with Vejitina and Yasei Faia, Musei's mentor.
      During the fight, the Ice Shades (as the trio called themselves) slowly began to beat back the others until Yasei noticed their vulnerable spot: Tenka, the coward of the three. Using him, the fight turned in their favor and the Ice Elementals were driven back and the fight won. But while leaving, their last threat told of their Master who is scheduled to come to the planet soon and prepare it completely for sale. Who is this "Ijoufu O'Kounai"? Can he be stopped? Or will the world turn into a frozen wasteland?

Chibi's Wreak Havoc: Due to the tampering of Deki Hourensou and the irresponsibility of Trunks Briefs, the Time Machine brought back many people's chibi selves from their respective times into the present. Being in a strange, new environment, the chibi's began to explore, and inevitably get into trouble, and began wearing on their present selves' nerves.
      When the subject of their return to their proper times arose, the chibi's loudly, and some violently, refused to leave. More to come later on whether they are to stay as they wish, or are to be forced back to their own time streams.

!Wednesday, April 12, 2000!

The true story behind the kidnappings: After the kidnapping of baby Musha, the rest of the Z Children were taken as well. The children consisted of Chibi-Endou, Mirai-Astrea, and Haji-Yasha. After a lot of searching and near misses at locating Ji-Zen and the children, the hideout of the evil menace was found.
      Unfortunately, they were too late. Ji-Zen revealed to the fighters that the reason behind his kidnappings were to resurrect his ancient master Kurai-Hasha. Kurai-Hasha was an evil person who had nearly conquered the world but had been cursed to be bound to his comatose body until he could be released many a millennia ago. Ji-Zen, being a loyal follower, found that the immense energy of the children would provide more than enough power to re-awaken his master.
      After awakening, Kurai-Hasha and Ji-Zen began to fight with the other Z Senshi but Ji-Zen was soon overpowered by Jagai. Knowing death was imminent, Ji-Zen gave up his energy to his master and allowed himself to be killed. Kurai-Hasha then began to kick the Z Senshi around like a soccer ball game.
      What he hadn't counted on, however, was the intervention of Queen Vejitina, Vejitina's future self, and Dejitaru Kanja. Knowing even then he was out numbered as well as out powered, Kurai-Hasha discarded his body and accumulated energy and fled, allowing the energy to go back to their proper possessors. Nobody was seriously injured.

Military is robbed for Top Secret Plans: Reports have been scarce due to the secrecy of the government. But what has been delved so far is that all over the world, Military Installations are being hit for their weapons, armor, and genetic blue prints, proto-types and whatnot. The perpetrator's identity is unknown at the time for the robberies have been done in an odd-looking mettalic suit that could withstand most of the Military's weaponry easily. We'll keep you informed of any other developments.

!Saturday, April 3, 2000!

How many relatives can this guy have?!: A few days after Sai-Kou's initial defeat at the hands of Jagai and death at the jaws of Elvis, the Z Senshi who had battled him were recuperating from their ordeal with him when a ship bearing resemblance to Sai-Kou's landed.
      Out stepped Ji-Zen, brother to Sai-Kou/Twinkie Master and he immediately began wreaking havoc amongst the people. After severely injuring Armontillado DeTroy, who had taken to protecting the baby Musha, he kidnapped her along with a few of the other children.
      Ji-Zen has yet to be seen since then, but other Z Senshi beware for he is extremely powerful and a threat to even the strongest fighter.

!Saturday, April 1, 2000!

Defeat of Sai-Kou: After making a comeback at the hands of Doctor Gero, Sai-Kou kidnapped two children of the Z fighters and somehow altered their age to make them older and under his control. Due to Saiya-Jin genetics, every generation is stronger than the last. Being the latest generation, the children were among the strongest of the Z Senshi and more than a handful.
      After claiming the lives of Shimeji, Kanja, Haji and Mirai Endou, the two children identified as Astrea and Musha went to finish the job and annihilate Chikyuu-sei's defenders once and for all.
      The two attacked what was left of the Z Fighters, including the already injured Princess Vejitina. When Jagai, a Saiya-Jin new to Chikyuu-sei, intervened he too was injured severely. After being recalled to Sai-Kou's and Gero's base, the Z Senshi followed the rampaging kids in a last-ditch effort to put an end to their terror before others were killed or hurt.
      Upon arriving, they were met with hostility. Jagai took on Sai-Kou while Vejitina fought Astrea and Musha fought with Musei. When threatened with the possibility of defeat, Sai-Kou turned on his two apprentices and drained their power, reverting them back to children and giving himself a large power boost. Needless to say, he began wiping the floor with any who tried to take him on.
      At Super Saiyajin Level 3, Jagai managed to deflect an attack back at the evil warlord with devastating effects. Trapped in the form of a Twinkie, the former conqueror was later devoured by Elvis and thus his reign of terror was ended.

Serious Injury: Vejitina, Jagai, Aykon, Musei
Casualties: Mirai Endou, Haji-Yasha, Shimeji, and Kanja

!Friday, March 17, 2000!

The Death of Freiza?: Late news reports indicate that Freiza, head of the Planetary Trade, has finally met his end at the hands of Princess Vejitina.
      After kidnapping Kanja, Haji and Chibi-Endou, Freiza proceeded to brainwash the latter just as the cavalry arrived on his ship. During a few short battles, they were quickly neutralized unharmed by Jekyl, Krillin, Vejitina and an escaped prisoner of Freiza's named Shimeji.
      Freiza was confronted by Vejitina and the two began a long awaited duel to the death. During the fight, to keep Freiza from injuring the others, Vejitina took the fight outside into space but even that didn't stop the malicious Freiza from firing at the ship from the outside.
      The others managed to barely escape the ship as it exploded. Knowing she couldn't keep the fight going for much longer, Vejitina used a strong and potentially forbidden attack, apparently finishing the Inter-Galactic Warlord once and for all.

!Monday, March 13, 2000!

New Space Conquerer and Closing of the Winter Tenkaichi Budokai!: A new alien has arrived on Chikyuu-sei and defeated some of the valiant Z senshi. Apparently having limitless power, those harmed were left in critical condition while others were dead.
      After kidnapping one of the younger Mirai's, Sai-Kou was initially defeated and his ship destroyed, stranding him on Chikyuu-sei. He has not been sighted since then but most know he will not stay gone for long. In other news, the Tenkaichi Budokai is drawing to a close with only a few final matches left before the new champion is announced.

Alien Plague!: An Alien Plague created by N.O.V.A. was said to have been responsible for the deaths of 208 Aliens on Earth. Luckily, N.O.V.A. had not prepared for all occasions and it's own humans turned against them with the aid of one of the very few available Aliens to correct this disease. CC is credited with the Antidote.

!Thursday, November 4th, 1999!

Now Re-Opened: Café Vejitina! Thanks to the architectural design of Aykon and the construction prowess of Vejita, Café Vejitina is once again open for business! Everyone who wishes to drink in peace is welcome, while anyone who wishes to start a battle will be immediately kicked out. Please note that, even though it has been made more durable, anyone who destroys the café WILL be billed for it's repair/reconstruction.

Kagai's Last Stand: Everyone thought Kagai, the evil spirit of Densen, was destroyed by the Z-Warriors yesterday. However... they hadn't counted on him using their technology to his fullest advantage. He had apparently made a clone of himself and placed an alternate power source in the task force that he sent.
      Stranded in space, it reactivated when the planet was annihilated. He totally surprised the Z Warriors, using the ships to form into an immense, fully-armed, walking battle tank equipped with energy cannons, absorbers, missile launchers, lasers, and armor that could withstand power levels of up to three hundred million. However, due to the aid of Aykon's knowledge, the weakness was exposed: An all-seeing electronic eye on the side of the monster mech. It took some major punishment from everyone, including Vegeta, Vegetina, Sir Damion and Aykon. But it was the Ninja who dealt the deciding blow, equipping a Densen laser cannon to his arm and blasting the eye to pieces.
      Just as the cockpit opened, Kagai, furious, shot the Ninja's arm off with a laser and crushed him under the mech's foot. Princess Kae, who is rumored to have an affair with the Ninja, was in deep shock and horror at what she had just witnessed. Then, in a bright flash, she transformed into another Ninja! She, along with the knight Damion who had gone SSJ Level 3, blasted Kagai's armor from the inside, destroying the Densen Terror.
      But that wasn't the end. Kae and Damion, both weakened considerably from the mech battle, were totally unprepared for what happened next. Kagai, even more stubborn than Frieza, crawled from the wreckage and changed into his true form: a red-skinned, blood-red haired, spiked menace that was just as powerful as the mech! This time, it was Vejita and Vejitina who saved the day as they, in a last ditch effort to beat the Techno-Spirit, fused together into Vejita-sei, their ultimate warrior. No attack of Kagai's could even make the great warrior flinch, and she finished him off with the Ultimate Final Flash.
      Jeicyn Shinsuki, the user of the Ninja armor, emerged after the battle. To Kae's relief, he was very much alive and well. And with that said, we are happy to inform the people that no casualties emerged from the encounter.

!Wednesday, November 3rd, 1999!

Densen Destroyed! Kagai's Fall: A simple plan... an outcome that no one expected. In an effort to defeat the Techno-Spirit Kagai in an easy and non-energy consuming fashion, the Z Warriors caused the sun to supernova. They escaped unscathed.... but the other inhabitants of Densen couldn't due to Kagai's control of their ships. Is a planet too much of a price to pay to be rid of an evil force? This is a question that will always plague the minds of any warrior who fights...

!Monday, November 1st, 1999!

Densen Rescue: Due to the meddlings of the Densen known as Aykon (who has just recently apologized and been forgiven for her actions), the evil Techno-Spirit known as Kagai Kugijutsu has been released and set himself up on the planet Densen as Emperor, enslaving it's people and sending ships to assault the planet Earth. Vejita, Vejitina, Sir Damion, Jeicyn, Kae, Bulma and Aykon were sent there to stop the threat. We will keep you posted as to what occurs.

Return of Gero: The late Doctor Gero made a shocking comeback, displaying his mad genius once more. Using his newest personality-switching technology, he sought to take over the most powerful living being. However, it didn't go as planned. The personalities of Jeicyn, Vejitina, Cell, and Doctor Gero were switched. But in the end, everyone was back to normal with Gero deleting himself from the records. Will Gero return again, now that we know he possesses this new power?

Injuries Healed: The last of those injured in the Zog crisis have been released from the hospital and are back in business.

!Thursday, October 28th, 1999!

Zog Defeated!: With the aid of Prince Vegeta, and his older sister, Princess Vejitina, Frieza was destroyed and Zog neutralized as a threat, for now. Amazing powers were shown, as Zog became is true form of an Eternal Dragon. Oh no, Kae told him about the Kaioh Dragon Balls, the Black-Star Ruby Dragon Balls! Wait, what's this? Yes, it was Kae who had the surprise of the day, by trapping Zog in the new Dragon Balls. Zog's been trapped for eternity, but he went down with a struggle, Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and it's moons, Neptune, all destroyed in his wake.
      Astrologists don't understand it, but they know that if this is not remedied soon, the Planet Earth will cease to exist. All the planets held a carful balance in this solar system, and with almost all of them destroyed. We must somehow "undo all the damage done by Zog" in order to save us. CC Scientists believe we have less than 5 years before our Solar System completely collapses.

Casualties: Haji, King Vejita, & Prince Vejita
Serious Injury: Sir Damion, Vejitina, & Musei

The New Webpage is Up: Serious renovations, a new fresh look, and a new web caretaker (when he's not busy). Hope you like it, we're still moving all the info from CrossWinds to here at Xoom, but it'll be done soon.

Oozaru ATTACKS!: An unknown Oozaru ape creature appeared earlier today, doing major damage to the uptown area and totally destroying the Capsule Corporation building. An unknown Ninja brought all the employees to safety, and the Saiyajin known as Vejita halted the Oozaru assault before more innocents were hurt. Damage is estimated in hundreds of millions of yen.

Ninja VS K-1800: The unknown Ninja who helped aid Capsule Corp during the Oozaru assault fought another cyborg creation of scientist Dr. Gero. Known as K-1800, she at first battled the Saiyajin Vejitina, who was soon taken out of action. However, the Ninja seemed to be a more difficult and vicious opponent, using a new type of camouflage and an unusually sharp katana to his advantage. He also displayed an advanced skill in speed and attack as he attacked the cyborg from every angle imaginable using Ki bolts. When the cyborg threatened the lives of the people in attendance (including the Princess Kae), the Ninja took them and left the area, ending the confrontation. Clearly, the cyborg is a menace to the populace, but we also have a new ally in this mysterious-yet-honorable Ninja. We plan to keep you informed of any major events concerning these two new arrivals.

!Tuesday, October 26th, 1999!

The Coming of Zog: It's time. Zog and Freiza have made their way to Earth. Every able-bodied warrior has shown up to challenge them. Is it Judgment Day, or will they find a way to defeat these evil doers once and for all! The shocking climax is yet to come!!

Cell's Challenge: Cell has reached Perfection! K-18 was recovered, but now he has issued a challenge to every powerful fighter in the world! He has also mentioned that if their power level is less than ONE HUNDRED FIFTY MILLION, he suggests massive training before they try to tangle with him!

!Before - Tuesday, October 26th, 1999!

The Webpage is Up!: Now we actually have a webpage, yippee!