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!Sunday, January 25, 2009!

***HOT*** An Unexpected Arrival! Omens of what is to come?: The Z Senshi were caught off-guard (along with their "divine" Guardian) today with the sudden arrival of a badly damaged D-class ship in the atmosphere. After realizing that it wasn't the evil force of which they'd been forewarned, it wasn't long before they realized that it was a Kold Empire ship... likely with a contingent of guards and a Changeling aboard. Incensed at the thought of the planet they'd just started getting accustomed to going by the wayside the same way as their original home planet of Vejitasei, Vejitina lead Musei, Jekyl and Tounasu towards the predicted crash site; fully intending to overwhelm whomever was inside with surprise and force.

Once the ship crashed into the ground, the Saiyajin gained entry fairly quickly... and found a testament not to a battle, but to a veritable massacre. Inside, the walls were painted with the blood of countless soldiers -- none of whom could be found in their entirety, along with massive damage to the ship that could only have come from an external force of massive proportion prior to the crash. During a short search of the ship, Jekyl and Kadiluan accidentally ran across something running into the cargo bay and fetched the others to pursue it. After making their way into the bay proper, and splitting off to search the aisles of crates, Musei ran across a container that obviously held something inside of it, and called for the other Saiyajin to come. Taking the initiative, Tounasu volunteered to open the container... and found a frightened Changeling cowering within.

It turned out to be Chiller, the youngest son of King Kold. At first determined to kill the Changeling in retribution for his family's actions against their race (a sentiment shared by the rest of them save for Jekyl, who had his own reservations about the whole situation), the Princess was stalled in executing him by Kadiluan, who recognized the scared young Changeling's halting story as the very same force they were trying to prepare for. After an argument, in which Jekyl agreed with Kadiluan and Tounasu and Musei followed the Princess' logic, Vejitina finally agreed to hold off killing him in vengeance on the basis that he provide aid to them against the evil approaching them... but made no promises for what she intended to do with/to him afterward.

After having seen his apparent cowardice in the face of.. well, everything, Vejitina took it upon herself to begin "training" the little Changeling to better prepare him to fight with them. Her true reasoning behind this course of action, however, is left to speculation.


!Thursday, November 20, 2008!

Didn't I Lose You in that Asteroid Field?: In an unexpected, and some say ironic, twist of fate, the Saiyajin Tounasu landed on Earth today after searching the cosmos for his betrothed, Princess Vejitina. Not entirely pleased to see her intended, the Princess met with him when he landed... unknowingly followed by Jekyl and Kadiluan, who both wanted to see what was going on. After a tense conversation regarding leaving the planet to the squadron coming to "destroy the eyesore", Tounasu's pod was unexpectedly dropped into a sudden depression in the ground; stranding the Saiyajin noble there along with the rest of them. 

After calling off the squad, Vejitina "introduced" him to the two eavesdroppers... where it quickly became apparent that the two male Saiyajin were not going to get along very well. Until further notice, however, all three Saiyajin have been staying near the rebuild site of Capsule Corp.

Approaching Evil! The Gathering of Powers: The arrival of a horrific evil has been predicted by Antan Kaiohshin, the likes of which the universe has never encountered before. A force that is said to consume worlds, leaving nothing in it's wake, it's looming presence is already being felt by some of the quadrants still controlled by the Kold Empire in a rash of abrupt massacres that leave few, if any, witnesses to the devastation. With no alternative, Kadiluan informed the "new" Z Senshi of the threat and they have since been undergoing various training and preparation for engaging it when it inevitably arrives on Earth.


!Monday, November 17, 2008!

Satan City Hospital Wrecked: What was supposed to be an innocent visit to Dr. Briefs turned into an ugly confrontation when the two Saiyajin, Jekyl and Vejitina, ran into one another quite by accident there. Quickly getting into an argument, it was revealed that Vejitina was there seeking the Dragon Balls with the Dragon Radar that had been given to them by the Doctor shortly before Capsule Corporation was viciously attacked. Unfortunately, the argument escalated into an all-out brawl between the two for possession of the radar, which resulted in major property damage to the first level wing and sub-basement levels of the hospital. The fight was concluded when both parties were interrupted by a call on Jekyl's pilfered scouter... indicating that other of their race was on his way.

Damages to the hospital are thought to exceed over 3 million zenni for the equipment alone, much less the physical damage the building itself sustained. In an act of goodwill, Dr. Briefs has announced that his company will formally fund any and all repairs.


!Tuesday, November 11, 2008!

Capsule Corporation Demolished! Red Ribbon Army Suspected: In the late evening hours, catastrophe struck as the well-known Capsule Corp. complex, best known for it's CEO Dr. Briefs' invention of the capsule product which his company is named for. This singular invention revolutionized society as we know it, and allowed for any object no matter what the size to have the technology installed and then the object encapsulated for easier transportation. It single-handedly turned over the known supply market to Capsule Corporation after a long, and some say bitter, rivalry between it and Red Ribbon; forcing Red Ribbon out of business entirely.

Rumors abound that the Red Ribbon Army, however, did not follow it's public persona into the annals of history and instead, went underground; as debris found after the carnage bore their well-known logo. Many witnesses claim they saw a multitude of silver humanoid robots swarm and attack the facility without warning, quickly laying waste to much of the property. Witnesses also claim to have seen two individuals, a green-haired male (indicated to have been involved in the "concert accident") and a black-haired female (indicated that she is the same woman called "Vej" from the Coffee House incident), intervene on Capsule Corp's behalf and take care of the silver menaces before the entire complex was totaled. Their identities have not yet been released to the public, though reports claim that they may be the aliens who may have been flying the objects that crash landed on the planet over a week ago. 

No casualties have been reported, but Dr. Briefs along with his wife have been hospitalized for injuries. Police are investigating the matter further as cleanup crews begin working to clear the debris and salvage what they can from the rubble. Donations can be made at any local grocery store to aid in the reconstruction efforts.

!Sunday, November 9, 2008!

Concert Cancellation: Arthur Zephynos, agent to Kadila Sakushi, the world-renowned pop artist, has finally released a public statement regarding the events of his last concert; where he was scheduled to perform his latest hit single, "This is the Age". According to the statement, an error in the pyrotechnics that were staged during his finale caused an unsafe environment for his patrons. Those who were forced to evacuate were all given free passes to his next Anniversary concert, scheduled to be held next May.

Sources indicate, however, that the concert was actually crashed by two people (due to the strobe lights and darkened surroundings, recounts of their descriptions vary) seeking audience with the pop star. After a futile attempt to salvage the concert's previous atmosphere, Kadila was finally forced to ask his patrons to leave. Zephynos, however, has denied these claims and firmly stated that his singer would never be involved with the likes of potentially dangerous individuals like other musical sensations have been in the past. Kadila himself was unavailable for questioning, and instead diverted all attempts at getting his version of the events to his agent. Statistics show that the abrupt ending has only made a small dent in the overall sales of his CD's and concert tickets, and public support for the star remains at an all-time high.


!Thursday, November 13, 2008!

Cry Havok!: One of the most feared names in the galaxy, the "Master Hunter" Havok arrived on Earth today after a set of botched coordinates set by his second, Jadoku, landed them there. At first incredibly displeased by Jadoku's mistake, after a scan of the planet revealed that hither-to unaccounted for Saiyajin were living there, Havok decided to go ahead and fulfill his duties to the Empire by exterminating the "vermin" before going on to claim his true prize -- one of the few Saiyajin whom he had run across before and lived, Hanayasai. Boarding their respective pods, both Havok and Jadoku went down to the planet's surface.

They first encountered Jekyl, whom Jadoku left to Havok after the latter insisted that he take on the Saiyajin alone to claim such a "rare prize". Left to his own devices, Jadoku quickly went in search of Vejitina, intending to make a snack of her and return to his master in short order. He got more than he bargained for when she fought back, however, and was forced to return to his master after realizing that she might qualify as another "prize" for Havok to collect on. Following him, Vejitina ran across Havok and Jekyl... the latter of which was already taking a beating from the Hunter. Recognizing him as the primary force behind the extermination of some of the "lone" Saiyajin that she'd followed rumors of for years, the Princess challenged Havok while Jekyl contended with Jadoku.

Unfortunately, Havok proved to be worthy of his reputation and the two Saiyajin were eventually forced to work together to try defeating him and his "assistant"... something that Havok would not allow. During the fight, the Princess was forced to go Berserker to contend with him... but was still well matched, the boost in her abilities offset by her loss of rational tactics. After having pretty much beaten Jadoku into an acidic pulp, Jekyl came up with a plan to get rid of them both... and distracted the borderline feral Princess to get her away from Havok long enough to hurl his acid-soaked associate right at him. Caught off-guard, Havok was severely injured and forced to make an emergency retreat... leaving Jekyl to contend with the rampaging Princess.

But after nearly disemboweling Jekyl, Vejitina managed to rein in her power and transformed back. Afterward, the two resolved to inform their would-be "Guardian" about the incident, and continue training in the event of more Empire lackeys appearing.


!Friday, November 7, 2008!

When Good Coffee Goes Bad: Downtown Satan City was suddenly under siege today when a blue-haired woman attacked seemingly at random, laying waste to a good portion of the city's financial district. The local police were powerless to stop her rampage as witnesses claim she "controlled the wind itself" and cut down any in her path without mercy. Many citizens criticized the absence of Mr. Satan during this emergency, who is currently away from the country on a tour to promote his new autobiography, "I AM the Champion!"

The woman's rampage was temporarily halted, however, when she was seen entering a small, family owned coffee shop. Shortly afterwards, a black-haired woman entered behind her and the two were seen conversing while keeping any who tried to enter or escape at bay. Survivors of the incident recall them referring to one another as "Musei" (blue hair) and "Vej" (black hair). They were interrupted, however, by a smaller form that witnesses claimed just simply appeared out of nowhere! After a tense conversation between the three regarding helping a third party, the small one with the mohawk convinced the two women to come with him and all three of them vanished.

The owner of the store has henceforth decided to close, where it will be reopened under "new management"... though whom the buyer is remains a mystery for now.  The damage to the surrounding stores and buildings is estimated to be in the millions of zenni, and 3 casualties were reported along with 45 seriously injured people. The three involved in the incident are wanted for questioning, and if you have any information, please contact your local police department.

!Wednesday, November 5, 2008!

Update!: The Capsule Team has reported that there is evidence of something having landed, but other than that, there is no physical evidence. The official report states that the objects that fell were just small meteorites that burned up mostly in the atmosphere and crashed into the surface, being annihilated on impact. UFO enthusiasts, however, remain adamant that Earth has been visited by extraterrestrials and their presence is being covered up by the royal government. Said government has yet to issue any official statements at this time.

Visitors From Above?: Capsule Corporation satellites picked up three unidentified objects entering Earth's atmosphere at incredible speeds early this morning, but is remaining silent on the details to the public. Many other individuals in the major metropolitan city of Satan City also reported seeing three objects hurtling down towards the Dragon's Peninsula nearby, and confirmed hearing the faint sounds of battle shortly after the objects were estimated to have landed. A team from Capsule Corp. has been sent to investigate, and more news will be available. 


!Saturday, November 8, 2008!

A Missive from the Web Mistress: In order to restart this RPG properly, things are going to be "reset" back to a time when a 4 digit power level truly meant something. The general premise will be set at the end of the Planet Namek Storyline of the original anime, all events having happened up to that point as canon with original character events interjected. Soon enough, I'll compile a comprehensive Dragon Ball Z : Reload timeline so things can make better sense.

In essence, consider this an alternate reality to that of the anime. Much like Mirai no Trunks' future was an alternative to the main story, so is this RPG. After Namek, the story will take a much different turn and many of the main characters (that have no players behind them until further notice) that have to be accounted for are listed as "MIA" from the explosion of Planet Namek. This allows for flexibility in case someone comes up later wishing to portray a canon character that was hitherto "unaccounted for".

In the days to come, profiles will be changed and some parts of the overall layout of the page will change. Some of the older parts, such as the humor section, will remain intact to preserve the history of the RPG as it was to go hand-in-hand with the refreshed RPG as it is now. Any questions or ideas can be referred to me.