#00's Profile

#00's Profile

Character Name: Unit #00

Age: unknown

Race: artificially created bio-weapon

Home Planet: unknown

Power Levels:


Physical Description

Birthdate: unknown
Astrological Sign: unknown/none
Blood Type: unknown
Favorite Food: does not require food

Hair: none
Eyes: yellow
Weight: unknown
Height: approx. 6'
Attire: none, is covered in an exoskeletal layer of bio-reactive cells.

Alignment: Evil


            Created several centuries ago by a technologically advanced race, Unit #00 was sent out into space to sample new genetic material to augment his creators own dwindling diversity. Upon locating a planet, it searches for unique individuals, and obtains a sample of their DNA for analysis. When a war broke out among the cities of its home world, Unit #00 was used as a weapon, devastating enemy cities with the abilities it copied during its mission.

            Once Unit #00 absorbed enough genetic data, it gained sentience, and rather than continuing its mission, it chose to absorb the people of its world and add their uniqueness to itself. Having stripped the planet clean of all life, Unit #00 took off into space, destroying hundreds of planets in its search for unique biological abilities.


            #00 is capable of mimicking almost any type of ki attack used against it. A bio-mimetic body structure allows it to alter its appearance to disguise itself, or to create weapons. Upon sensing an attack, Unit #00 can gauge its strength, and alter the arrangement of the cells that make up its body to deflect it, or absorb the impact. When injured, Unit #00 wan take in multiple forms of energy to regenerate its damaged parts.



        Is intensely cold and clinical in every aspect of life. In the rare event that repeated resistance causes it anything resembling frustration, the normally reflexive defense mechanisms in its body become more difficult to trigger.