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Juunanagou's/#17's Profile

"Re-so-nsi-bil-i-ty? I'm afraid I'm not familiar with that term, you annoying little rutabaga."

Character Name: Juunanagou/Android #17

Homeplanet: Chikyuu-sei

Race: Jinzouningen

Character Description:

Age: 29, but permanently in his 16 year old body
Power Level: 160,000,000
Blood Type: B
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Birthday: May 14th
Favorite Food: Cold rice with shrimp
Height: 5'10
Weight: 146

Physical description: Long, straight black hair, icy blue eyes, a usually expressionless face, wears blue/white sneakers, green socks, blue jeans torn at the knee, sometimes wears a belt that holds his gun, but usually wears a regular belt, black t-shirt with Red Ribbon logo worn over a long-sleeved white shirt, orange bandana around neck, and gold hoop earrings

Brief History: Juunanagou and his sister Juuhachigou were both normal, if slightly mischevious, humans who were turned into Jinzouningen by DBZ's resident mad scientist, Dr. Gero. For reasons unknown, Juunanagou holds a very bitter grudge against Gero, and killed him almost as soon as he was awakened.
      Before Juunanagou could become anything more than a mere side-plot villain, he was absorbed by the walking ass-vacuum known as Cell to reach "perfection" (Yeah, right). After Cell's defeat, Juunanagou was wished back to life, but knowing that the other Z Senshi were far stronger now than him, went into the woods where he chopped down defenseless trees and took his anger out on woodcarvings of Cell, Gero, and Tenshinhan. After years, he one day had the idea of using the Dragon Balls to wish for a higher power level.
      After slapping himself for not thinking of it sooner, he incinerated his cabin and went off in search of the mystical balls, hoping to become the "ultimate warrior" he always claimed to be.
      His search was cut short by the reptilian mercenary known as Jadoku and his master, the infamous Zeta Knight. Using his powers of hypnosis, ZK "forced" Juunana to be his servant, but it did not matter, as ZK was defeated with surprising ease by the Konpakujin Gaki, whom Juu formed an instant rivalry with.
      After ZK's defeat, Jadoku took the DBs and left for space. Still clinging to his goal, Juunana assisted the Z Senshi in their recovery, eventually self-destructing and killing both Gaki (who possessed him) and himself on Dorobosei.
      Though afterwards Juunana formed a "truce" with the Z Senshi, he was still driven enough by his goals to allow Gero to modify him into "Super 17", although he got more than he bargained for. Though Gero was able to turn Juunana into a mindless slave, the Senshi "released" him.
      Juunana also played a role in the recent dimension catastrophe that very nearly destroyed time and space as we know it, assisting the Senshi in defeating Warlord Vejitina. Afterwards, he was basically "accepted" by the Senshi, and abandoned his goal of wishing for power.

Anything Else?: Hates to be called "Juu-kun" or "gay", will kill anyone who comments on his "rather large forehead" or the infamous "Tenshinhan scandal"

Relatives: Juuhachi-gou (sister), Krillin (in-law), Marron (neice)

Attacks List/Descriptions:

Hikou: The ability to fly without using ki
Nankan: Creates a barrier to block almost any ki attack
Pyokonto Denkyuu: Basically a slightly stronger ki attack that follows an opponent until it hits them
Self-Destruct: The name says it all
Kyuukyou Zenkai: Juunanagou's most powerful attack
"Pawa Bulitzu" ("Power Blitz"): A powerful ki attack that spreads out around the victim
"Busta Suingu" ("Buster Swing"): An attack where Juunanagou knees his opponent up into the air, grabs their ankle and swings them at high speeds before launching them over the horizon.
"Pawa Ryuusei" ("Power Falling Star"): Another attack where Juunanagou knocks his opponent into the air, but this time he slams them down into the ground. Before they can move to get up, he pelts them with a barrage of ki blasts too quick to count.
"Enerugi Firudo" ("Energy Field"): Juunanagou pulls together a lot of energy, then releases from his body in the form of an outward field.

Important Relationships: Though he doesn't show it, he has a very close bond with his sister. He typically is apathetic when it comes to the other Z Senshi, but has formed an uncharacteristic friendship with Endou Le'Saiyon

Personality: Loves to fight and drive cars like a maniac. Since his absorption, he is not as overconfident as he used to be (but he still has plenty of pride) and tends to think before jumping into a situation (or fight)