K-1800's Profile

K-1800's Profile

Character Name: K-1800

Alignment: Evil

Homeplanet: Chikyuu-sei

Race: Jinzouningen

Character Description:

          She is around 6'3, and weighs about 235 lbs. Her body is malleable to a degree, and able to regenerate from a multitude of injuries... as well as limited transformation capability. Namely producing bladed weapons from her body, such as knuckle spikes and so forth.

*Hair* Dark blue-ish purple and down her back in a spikey puff
*Skin* Light blue with green stripes
*Eyes* Bright yellow with red irises and black pupils
*Attire* Almost always seen in a purple tank top, blue jean shorts and a dark lavender skirt with brown sandals. She also sports elbow-length lavender fingerless gloves.

Brief History:
          K-1800 was created by Dr. Gero of the now defunct (at least publicly) Red Ribbon Army. After his years of defeats at the hands of the Z Senshi, Gero went back to the drawing board and decided to try revamping some of the designs that he knew for a fact had worked in the past. Chief among them was his totally bionic Jinzouningen, Cell. Realizing the flaws with a totally organic construct, Gero set out to perfect the design with a blend of both mechanical and organic, much like the twins Juunana and Juuhachi.

          The final product was K-1800, with an enhanced skeletal structure based on the force-limitations data he'd procured over the years. Her structure is based on a humanoid anatomy, but contains a multitude of smaller bones and gears, which allow her a limited ability to shift her body's form around. Instead of mere flesh, Gero bonded an advanced polymer to her skeleton; no only making her able to better withstand damage, but also able to reattach torn parts and fuse cuts and tears together seamlessly. While she is unable to take another person's form, she can produce and withdraw bladed spikes from anywhere on her body.

          Making his new creation a female for easier handling, Gero quickly activated K-1800 and gave her her mission: to destroy the Z Senshi once and for all, starting with their obvious allies, Capsule Corp.

Personality: She does not work well with the other androids in Gero's employ, and has an arrogance that could rival a Saiyajin when it comes to her abilities.

Relatives: Gero ("father")

Attacks List/Descriptions:

Kaata Nage: (Cutter Throw) She forms two claws in the shape of a "U" on either wrist, and fires off one/both of them. After connecting with the target, they double back for another hit.
Kousengan: Low-powered eye lasers.
Self Destruct: Most Jinzouningen have this ability.
Blade Run: The claws on her wrists enlarge, enabling her to use them as either extensions of her arm or to pin them to a surface and detach.
Kyuushyuu Ki: The ability to absorb energy attacks from her opponent through her hands. By doing so she can then use that person's same attack back on them for a limited time.
Kochi kara Kikou Ha: 1800 can fire a blast of energy from the mouth, usually used at close range for more damage.
Saisei/Renegeration: When 1800 is injured, a thick blue resin is secreted from the wound and hardens over it to seal it. Since she has a hardened skeleton, if her limbs are ripped off she can reattach them... if the limb is still intact and not overtly damaged.

Important Relationships: None