Juuhachigou's Profile

Juuhachigou's/#18's Profile

Character Name: Juuhachigou/#18

Homeplanet: Chikyuu-sei

Race: Jinzouningen

Character Description:

Age: 29, but never ages, so still looks to be about 16-18
Power Level: 126,000
Blood Type: A
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Birthday: September 1st
Favorite Food: Chicken teriyaki with egg drop soup
Height: 5'8
Weight: 125 lbs

*Hair* Light blond, cut to a couple inches above her shoulder in a straight, razor like line.
*Eyes* Ice blue, and just as cold.
*Attire* She loves clothes. All kinds of clothes, but not all clothes, since she's rather picky about what she will and will not wear. Her favorite outfit (for the moment anyway) is a blue denim vest over a white shirt with black leggings and a denim skirt. Her current shoes are a pair of brown boots.

Brief History:
      Juuhachigou's life started out like anyone else's would, she was born as the (slight) elder of a set of twins and grew up. While there are not many details on her nor Juunana's past, other than the fact he was a gang member, it has been said that she and Juunana were picked up by Gero while he was out looking for test subjects. They were both subsequently transformed into Jinzouningen and their memories were wiped clean.
      However, Gero could not wipe out their rebellious natures. Numerous times, the pair defied Gero to the point where he implanted bombs into them to keep them under his control. Unfortunately, during an escape attempt gone horribly wrong, Juunana was deactivated and Juuhachi herself only narrowly escaped the same fate. Since that time, she has gone into hiding from Gero until she can somehow find a way to get rid of the bomb inside of her... and exact revenge on Gero for everything that he's done to her and her brother.

Anything Else?: While she is powerful enough to break a Saiyajin's arm with no effort, Juunana is still the stronger by a margin, which doesn't really bother her.

Relatives: Juunanagou (twin brother)

Attacks List/Descriptions:

"Pawa Bulitzu" ("Power Blitz"): A rather generic power blast, the strength varies.
"Busta Suingu" ("Buster Swing"): An attack where Juuhachigou knees her opponent up into the air, grabs their ankle and swings them at high speeds before launching them over the horizon.
"Pawa Ryuusei" ("Power Falling Star"): Another attack where Juuhachigou knocks her opponent into the air, but this time she slams them down into the ground. Before they can move to get up, she pelts them with a barrage of ki blasts too quick to count.
"Enerugi Firudo" ("Energy Field"): Juuhachigou pulls together a lot of energy, then releases from her body in the form of an outward field.
"Hikou": Since the Jinzouningen don't have actual ki, they can't fly with it. However, they can still fly using this technique, similiar to a bird's way of flight, minus the arm flapping.
"Yubisaki kara no Kikou Ha": A ki blast shot from the fingertips, Mirai no Juuhachigou realized it was excellent for striking down a person from a distance, especially if they are fleeing from you.

Important Relationships: Is very close to her brother though she doesn't seem it.