#22's Profile

Nijuunigou's Profile

Name: Unit Nijuunigou

NickNames: #22

Age: Approximately 6 months out of formation tank, 1 month active

Race: Jinzouningen (Android)

HomePlanet: Chikyuusei

Powerlevel: 65,000

Physical Descriptions:

Birthdate: Unknown
Astrological Sign: Unknown
Blood Type: A
Favorite Food:  Unknown
Hair: Black with a red sheen
Eyes: Light blue
Weight: 160 lbs
Height: 5' 2''
Attire: A dark green and gold sleeveless jumpsuit replete with a gray belt bearing the Red Ribbon logo on the buckle and 
black gloves and leg warmers. She also wears heavy brown boots with a metal bar over each ankle and a dark red letterman  jacket with her designation number stitched into the front and across the back.  

Alignment: Evil


            Unit #22 was created as the second cyborg construct in what would become a "mirror image" trio of the Z Senshi who had been giving Dr. Gero and his attempts at world domination so much trouble. Using blood samples gathered from the Z Senshi both directly and via his mosquito data sampler unit, Dr. Gero set out to "one up" the naturally superior Saiyajin over the next few months after even the alien unit dubbed "#00" failed a number of times to kill the meddlesome Senshi. Knowing it would be next to impossible to capture any of them and sufficiently turn them directly into Jinzouningen as he'd done with Juunana and Juuhachigou, Dr. Gero instead created a trio of prototype clones; giving each of them an entirely metallic skeleton underneath flesh that has been augmented electronically and mechanically.

           After completion, Unit #22 was programmed to destroy her "organic counterpart" as her top priority, with killing the other Z Senshi as a secondary objective. This done, she was dispatched along with units #21 and #23 to seek out and fulfill her mission parameters. It didn't take her long to locate her own and engage her in combat -- easily taking her and Musei by surprise and destroying the Saiyajin Coffeehouse in the process. After sufficiently defeating her double, she was stopped from killing her by Kadila, who jumped in and teleported the women to safety after Brolli appeared on the battlefield to render aid. Realizing #21 could likely handle the larger Saiyajin on his own, she and #23 left to pursue their doubles again and finish their mission.

           They tracked them to Kami's Palace, but were in for a surprise when they instead found that Vejitina and Musei had managed to perform fusion into "Museitina". Undeterred, #22 attacked alongside her partner but was outmatched and overwhelmed... and eventually torn to veritable shreds by her augmented wind powers and tossed off of the tower entirely. Unable to regenerate such grieveous wounds in any "efficient" amount of time, #22 was eventually retrieved and taken back to Gero's base for repairs. She would later be activated prematurely to try defending the base from a sudden assault by Kagai Kugijutsu, but was forced to retreat; realizing that #21 had been lost before her reactivation due to an inexplicable programming "malfunction". Her current status is unknown, though it is only a matter of time before she tries to fulfill her mission once more...


Energy Spiral: A tightly curled spiral of energy fired with one or two hands, meant as a moreso impact/drill attack than a combustive one.

Pokitto Bakuha ("Combustion Snap"): Lifting one hand above her head, #22 condenses a varying amount of ki into a ball that hovers above her palm. When she is satisfied, she throws it at her opponent and proceeds to snap her fingers; triggering the ball to detonate in a massive explosion.

Kakusan Yuudou Kikou Ha: An attack where #22 sends scores of ki balls at her opponent that she intentionally misses with, allowing them to congregate behind/above her opponent. With a gesture, she can send them all coming back at her opponent in one massive barrage.

Jibaku  ("Self Destruct"): All androids have a bomb built into them for this explicit purpose. While it was initially meant to be a failsafe in case of betrayl, #22 can use it as a "last act of defiance" if necessary.

Saisei ("Regeneration"): #22 can regenerate wounds in her external flesh fairly easily, as well as reattach removed limbs as long as they are still sufficiently intact. She cannot repair program damage, however, or regenerate limbs if they are totally destroyed or mangled beyond use.

Hikou: The ability to fly without using ki.

Relatives: Technically none, though the other androids could be considered "siblings" and Vejitina is her biological counterpart.

            Cold, vicious and dedicated to the cause of her creator. She has also demonstrated a few traits of the woman she is a copy of in that she is arrogant of her "natural" superiority to anything organic, and her stubborn tenacity when it comes to fulfilling her mission regardless of the circumstances.