Aikon's Profile

Aikon's Profile


Name: Aikon Enzanki

Age: 18

Race: Densan-jin

Home Planet: Densansei

Power Level: Negligible, considering she relies mostly on her intelligence and her Pasukon.

Physical Descriptions: 

Birthdate: Roughly around May 15th

Astrological Sign: Taurus

Blood Type: Unknown

Favorite Food: Anything involving shrimp

Hair: Dark red, cut close to her chin and very sharply. It is very straight and always parted in the middle.

Eyes: Grey, but Densanjin eyes are iridescent, they reflect several other colors.

Weight: 95 lbs

Height: 5'2

Attire: Densanjin style (think very utilitarian, no frills, but many pockets) gear, a very small sliver like power detector over her eye, and white bracers that cover the bottom half of both her arms.


Alignment: Neutral



           Aikon is from a very secluded race of beings known as the Densanjin. To her kind, intelligence level is equivalent to power level in the Saiyajin, something which made them unconquerable and which caused invaders whom destroyed many planets to leave theirs alone. There was one attempt by the Saiyajin to conquer and destroy Densansei like so many other worlds, but the scouts were returned in pieces (the only thing really left was their tails) with video of the grisly end that they met. Shortly afterward, the planet proceeded to disappear completely and it was quickly forgotten.

            Several years later, Densansei has come under a rule given to much more curiosity, and there is worry that intelligence is waning due to lack of stimulation. Aikon Enzanki, a fairly young Densanjin female, has been chosen to explore other planets to find one with a suitable habitat to stimulate and challenge Densanjin technology and knowledge.

            She found Earth much too crowded and civilized, but genius is so often easily distracted...




Pasukon: Located in her left bracer, the Pasukon is like a miniature supercomputer capable of processing data, hacking into other systems and a variety of other things. It also holds a montage of energy weapons ranging in power from fairly weak to devastating depending on what Aikon feels the situation calls for.


Relatives:  None, at the moment, present on Earth.


Curious, tends to ask too many questions, logical, methodical, appears a bit cold- secretly capable of intense emotion, but don't try to tell her that. Has a strange sense of humor that few understand, and in return does not understand most senses of humor.  Has difficulty understanding many cultural details, as a matter of fact...