Alexander's Profile

Alexander's Profile


Character Name: Alexander Hourensou

Age: 50

Race: Human

Home Planet: Chikyuusei

Power Levels:

Normal: 530
Augmented: Due to the fact that his suit is what augments him, his power level doesn't increase according to normal methods.

Physical Description

Birthday: August 21st, 713 A.D.
Astrological Sign: Leo with a Virgo cusp
Blood Type: A
Favorite Food: Unknown

Hair: Mostly gray, with hints of it's former red
Eyes: Gray
Weight: 195 lbs
Height: 6'1
Attire: Wears the uniform of an officer within the ranks of EDAEN, which consists of a set of chest and back armor carefully woven into his jacket and a prototype "power suit", which can be activated to augment his strength and speed to near superhuman levels. He wears a set of heavy gloves and boots, along with an optional visor based on the scouter design.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral... mostly.


            Alexander was born to a normal human family in the suburbs of Vanilla Falls, and was raised until the age of two when his younger sister, Adelaide, was born. The two were close as they continued to grow up, with Alexander quickly adopting a protective attitude towards his sister despite her protestations otherwise. 

            When Alex was thirteen, their parents were killed in a hovercar accident that the siblings themselves managed to survive and Alex and Adelaide both were forced to find work when the small savings from their parents' estate ran out some months later. Adelaide was able to find work at Capsule Corporation as a secretary while Alex began helping out at one of the farms on the outskirts of the city. Between the two of them, they managed for the next four years.

            Alex's life was changed forever, though, the night that he lost his sister. What began as a day for the beach on the rare occasion they both had the same day off was shattered when a quartet of space pods entered the atmosphere and crashed into the grassy hills near the beach. The two of them investigated, and were confronted by a large humanoid man... with a furry monkey's tail, which Alex would only learn much later on in life was a Saiyajin. While the man's three companions flew away to complete their mission, Alex and Adelaide fled but were quickly overwhelmed and cornered.

            When he tried to fight back, the Saiyajin ruthlessly and easily took the young man down without much of a struggle. In agony, Alexander was forced to watch as his little sister was dragged away by him towards the crashed pods, screaming for him... never realizing that he was every bit as helpless as she as he passed out. Hours later, a police patrol found the half-dead young man lying on the beach and took him to the hospital. As he recovered, he frantically recounted his story to them... and was met with skepticism, and outright disbelief, over the idea that his sister had been abducted by aliens and he himself beaten up by one. His story was chalked up to nothing more than a random gang-related incident, and subsequently allowed to go cold in the police archives.

            After being released from the hospital nearly three months later, Alexander was left all alone in a world that derided his story... with a sense of failure for being too weak to save Adelaide, and an increasingly burning hatred for the aliens who had effectively ruined his life. At twenty-three, he joined the ranks of the Royal Army and began vigorously training to become stronger... as well as climb the ranks. He quickly became notorious for his vicious brutality when it came to combat, as well as his insistence that aliens not only existed... they needed to be dealt with. He had seen first-hand the cold-blooded abilities of the Saiyajin, and knew that it would be only a matter of time before they returned... not yet realizing that they technically already had with Goku's arrival years previous.

            Between his reputation, and circumstance, it wouldn't be until nearly 16 years later that Alexander would begin to truly work towards his personal vendetta when he was approached to become part of a "private" sector of the government. Calling itself "EDAEN", it was formed years prior after satellite imaging had picked up a derelict space craft in the frozen wastes of the north. While some of the wealthier city mayors wanted the ship taken and researched, King Koku laid the debate to rest in a rare show of finality; stating that the ship was to be left alone and forgotten. Unwilling to abide, EDAEN was formed in secret to handle the "other worldly" encounters going on on the planet. After researching Alexander's account of that fateful night, he was a prime candidate for it and he accepted without hesitation.

            Since that time, Alexander has been one of the primary officers behind a number of operations having to do with finding ways to not only (forcibly) contain the seemingly growing number of aliens hiding on Earth... but to utilize their technology for human use. Despite their vigilance, however, EDAEN was unable to directly encounter Raditz or Vejita and Nappa when they arrived within a year of each other and were summarily dealt with by the Z Senshi... though the remnants of Raditz's pod were eventually recovered. 

            Realizing that the hated Saiyajin had returned, Alexander went personally to retrieve Nappa's pod from the city it landed in... until it self-destructed. More than a little incensed by that, he nonetheless decided to bide his time and was rewarded when three more Saiyajin finally landed on Earth. Determined not to let them get away, Alexander has kept all three of them under surveillance for now; strategizing the perfect opportunity to catch them unawares before they have the chance to escape him again... or potentially destroy the planet in earnest.


Power Suit (Prototype): Alexander wears a skin-tight black bodysuit that is interwoven with a "highway" of what appear to be filaments that stretch over his entire body. When active, these filaments glow bright blue and his strength and speed become far greater than a normal human's. However, being a prototype, the main power supply for the suit is located on the back of his neck as a blue quarter-shaped ball. Damage to this will deactivate the suit, and leave him back at his normal level.

Armor: A set of chest and back armor loosely based on the style commonly seen on the Saiyajin, only without the shoulder and waist pads. 

Beam Weaponry (specifically, pistol): Modified and built from data taken from the files regarding the Changeling Empire in the banks of the destroyed space pod that was found, it works on a rechargeable battery that holds a charge of 18 shots of highly concentrated energy. There is also a rifle version based on the same essential design, which holds nearly 30 shots. The only thing powerful enough to recharge these weapons is the nearly limitless energy of a cold fusion reactor, based on the old designs of the Red Ribbon Army before it went underground.

CQC "Close Quarters Combat": Having been in the Royal Army for most of his life, then in EDAEN, Alexander is a top notch hand-to-hand combatant and indeed, prefers to handle his enemies in this manner rather than resorting to the alien beam weaponry that has been developed.

Adelaide Hourensou (younger sister/deceased), Vejitina (niece)


            Alexander is almost what one could call a "quintessential soldier"; he is cold, brutal and efficient in most everything that he does... sometimes even towards the men under him. He is an outspoken xenophobe, and despises anything having to do with aliens, especially the Saiyajin, and would be more than happy to eradicate each and every one of them from the face of his planet. 
            He has never forgiven himself for being unable to save his sister from her abductors, and is every bit as unforgiving towards anyone who stands in the way of his mission.