Alruna's Profile

Alruna's Profile

Name: "Alruna", though this is moreso a label for her species and not her actual name.

Nicknames: "The Man Eater Plant", "Paradise Petals"

Age: Unknown

Race: Alruna, a predatory sub-species of Arborean

HomePlanet: Formerly Planet Palm, then Eridani VIII, now Chikyuu

Powerlevels: Unknown, does not produce accurate readings on scouters.

Physical Descriptions:

Birthdate: Unknown
Astrological Sign: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Favorite Food: Blood (preferably AB males)
Hair: Orchid pink (Becomes yellowish when weak)
Eyes: Orchid pink
Weight: Varies
Height: Varies
Attire: Generally doesn't tend to wear actual clothing unless absolutely necessary, but has a yellowish-green hue to her skin and fleshy petal-like "sleeves" from her knees down to her ankles.


Alignment: Evil


            The Alruna are a predatory offshoot of the better known Arborean race of Planet Palm; indeed, that is where they originally came from. Similar to Earth-bound Venus Flytraps, they lure potential prey to them by means of pheromones and physical appearance; namely beautiful females after having learned from years of experience that this was the easiest way to lure the prey they needed. This is due to the fact that they require the "Y" chromosomes present in the males to both live and to eventually breed via sporepods. Once the victim is ensnared and drained of all blood, the withered husk is tossed aside like so much garbage and left to decompose. Despite their tactics putting them at-odds with the other Arboreans, they were initially allowed to flourish in the name of nature that Administrator Frond abided by along with the rest of his people....

            Which was nearly a fatal mistake. Spreading their spores across Planet Palm, the Alruna attempted to infest and overtake the other Arborean races. With little choice, the other Arboreans fought back and barely managed to suppress the invasive Alruna after months and heavy losses on both sides. Knowing that if they were allowed to repropagate that they would no doubt attack again, Frond had what seedlings were left of the Alruna jettisoned into space; figuring the intense cold would quietly kill them. The seeds, while forced into dormancy from the harshness of space, simply drifted out towards other planets, but the most prolific "outbreak" of them happened on Eridani VIII; where they quickly multiplied and overtook the populace. Without indigenous males to feed upon, the Alruna were forced to rely on space-faring travelers who happened to come upon what was now their planet. Ironically enough, one such traveler was Sanshou, who encountered the Alruna after following a rumor of a "paradise full of beautiful females" located there. He only narrowly escaped with his life after the Alruna discovered that his tampered blood was useless to them.

           Over time, one of the seedlings landed on Earth after attaching itself to a meteorite some years previous. It was quickly taken into custody by EDAEN, however, and relegated to their research labs for study after tests revealed some of Alruna's nature. She was placed into cold storage, they were studying her and was left there for some months... until the two super soldiers Tougarashi and Niranegi effectively ransacked the EDAEN base. With the power to the cold storage cut, Alruna was allowed to thaw and finally escape her confinement into a world she quickly found ripe for the taking.


Tsurukusa Muchiutsu ("Vine Lash"): Alruna can generate a number of fleshy vines all over her body, usually from her hands and feet, that she can use to ensnare a victim. She can also generate thorns along these vines to tear flesh and effectively begin draining the blood from them.

Feromon Ayatsuri ("Pheromone Manipulation"): The Alruna's primary method of manipulation, she can produce a myriad of pheromones from the flowering buds on her body that affect both males and females to a degree. Usually she employs mating pheromones to lure an unsuspecting male into her embrace to feed on, though she can also instill aggression and other emotions using other types. Naturally if the victim catches on to what is happening, or she inundates them with a large amount, it makes it less effective.

Nukisaru ("Overtake"): An offshoot of her Pheromone Manipulation, Alruna can infest other non-sentient plants to utilize at her discretion by imbuing their roots with her own fertilizing blood. Naturally, she can only do this sparingly as she does not have much of it to spare without having to feed more often.

Shinkirou ("Mirage"): The outwardly female appearance of the Alruna is almost entirely false -- they are female, but resemble more a flytrap than the humanoid appearance they can put on. Since this is the crux of their tactics along with their pheromones, most Alruna are exceedingly careful to never let their true form be seen...

Saikei ("Reproduce"): Alruna can reproduce herself via sporepods after enough suitable blood is gathered to nurture her "garden"; though naturally, the stronger the "donor" is, the faster and stronger her brood will be. While all Alruna have their own personalities to a degree, they all share a basic set of instincts... hence why they are a very real danger of quickly overwhelming a planet's indigenous populace in a matter of months, depending on the food source.

Oshikorosu Gahou ("Stifle Spores"): A particularly lethal attack in a high dosage, Alruna unleashes a cloud of spores from her mouth at a victim. While initially nothing appears to be wrong, the spores enter the victim's bloodstream and attach to the hemoglobin to suppress the oxygen within... effectively suffocating the victim from the inside without ever laying a hand to them. However, the spores do not replicate once they enter the body, and can be "washed out" by the victim's immune system if they can survive the effects long enough. Naturally, an antidote can also be made from the blood of the infecting Alruna to counteract the spores more quickly.

Relatives: The other Alruna as a whole, and the other Arboreans to a degree

               All of the Alruna share some personality traits: namely their condescending attitude towards other races, namely "mammals" and their utter disregard for all others in the wake of their own survival and prorogation. They know nothing of "moderation" and will quickly overtake an ideal area for themselves, which is usually somewhere warm and damp. This Alruna in particular takes a vicious pleasure in stringing other living creatures along by turning their own instincts against them and has no qualms with toying with her prey -- male or female.