Antan's Profile

Antan's Profile

Character Name: Antan

Age: Millions of years old

Race: Kaiohshin

Home Planet: Born in an unknown area of the heavenly realm

Power Levels:


Physical Description

Birthdate: unknown
Astrological Sign: unknown
Blood Type: unknown
Favorite Food: does not require food

Hair: Dark gray
Eyes: Black
Weight: unknown
Height: 3'5
Attire: Upon his expulsion from the heavenly pantheon, he was stripped of all his Kaiohshin garb. Wears a black vest trimmed in red with a gold medallion bearing a defaced Kaiohshin insignia set inside the collar, a white shirt with sleeves that cover his hands, baggy maroon pants, and black shoes with knee-length wrappings.

Alignment: Evil


            Born at the beginning of time along with his fellow Kaiohshin, Antan is the embodiment of selfishness and impatience. Never satisfied with the answers given about life and the universe, Antan began a centuries-long scheme to gain access to the "Book of time", a powerful magic artifact that had contained within it everything that has and ever will happen in the universe. 

            Upon reading from its pages, Antan was filled with more knowledge and power than he could ever dream of, but having broken one of the most sacred rules of the heavens, he was immediately cast from his position of power and imprisoned within a magic barrier for the remainder of all time. While imprisoned, Antan learned that because he read from the book, the entire timeline had been violently altered.

            With the knowledge that time was so easily manipulated, Antan set about creating a new plan to reshape the universe in his own image, first allowing a great force of destruction to arrive unchallenged on Earth.


            Though he is able to manipulate ki, Antan prefers to use his natural Kaiohshin magic, usually performed by snapping his fingers or tapping the victim with a single finger.

The other Kaiohshins


            Manipulative and petty, Antan uses every person he meets as a tool toward his ultimate goal, whether they know it or not.