Chibi Astrea's Profile

Astrea's Profile

Name: Astrea
Nicknames: None
Age: 4
Race: 3/4 Saiyajin, 1/4 Human
HomePlanet: Chikyuusei

Normal: 1,700

Physical Descriptions:

Birthday: March 16th, 765 A.D.
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Food: Licorice

Hair: Light green
Eyes: Dark brown
Weight: 27 lbs
Height: 2'4
Attire: While she has more than enough clothes to choose from, her favorite outfit thus far is a pink star-adorned dress with a purple sash around the middle with purple slippers.

Alignment: Good

           Like her mirai counterpart, Astrea is the older twin of Endou and the daughter of Vejitina and Jekyl. Together with their friend, Taran, Astrea and her brother have lived a fairly normal childhood thus far... androids, hostile aliens, and various other villains not withstanding. Unlike her future self, however, Astrea had to learn how to keep up with her playmates... and usually ends up in trouble right along with them. While she has taken to training with their parents, she has not shown the interest in it her brother and friend have and really only goes along with it out of necessity.



Wrecking Ball: By gathering her ki into her hands, Astrea can send a ball of it at an opponent.

Energy Spiral: Utilized much the same way as the Wrecking Ball, only Astrea sends a curling spiral of energy out. Unlike the Wrecking Ball, however, the spiral will continue for however long her power can keep it up.


Relatives: Endou (twin brother), Jekyl (father), Vejitina (mother)

           Out of all three children, Astrea has proven to be the most "calm" of them -- much preferring to play with her stuffed sloth rather than get into anything outstanding. But considering the rough and tumble ways of her brother and friend, she often finds herself tagging along anyway... and just as quickly ratting them out to the adults if they find themselves in trouble. She has a gentle heart, though, and has no actual inclination to hurt anyone... though seeing others hurt will prompt her to step in as best she can.