Belde's Profile

Belde's Profile

Name: Lord Nicholas Belde
Nicknames: Lord of Balderia
Age: 239
Race: Human
HomePlanet: Chikyuu-sei
Nationality: German/Russian/Austrian

Power Levels
Normal: 25,000,000
Hidden: 10,000
Berserker Boost: 200,000,000
God Posession: 400,000,000
High Form: 600,000,000

Physical Descriptions
Birthday: January 1
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Blood Type: A+
Favorite Food: Filet Mignon
Weight: 160 lbs
      Tall and regal, but limber and athletic. He stands a tall six foot-two and has long, raven black hair that falls to his waist and is usually kept tied back. His eyes are jade green and his expression is almost always either a smirk or a condescending frown.

Clothes (In Battle/In Leisure/In Training): Titanium Alloy Suit of Armor with a Black Cape / Fine 18th Century European Clothing, a Business Suit, or a Tuxedo / Sleeved, White T-Shirt with a V-Neck; Loose, Black Pants; and Comfortable, Black Boots

Alignment: Lawful Evil

History: Nicholas was born into an aristocratic German family in 1763 and inherited a large fortune and much wealth. What he also inherited, was the Berserker gift and eternal youth from the God of War. He killed his father defending himself when he became too jealous of his son to let him live. Nicholas then took over the family.
      The Belde family and Nicholas in particular, served as public royal escorts and hitmen until WWI, when they had to go underground. The family continued its services, only in a much more discreet fashion. National police forces eventually forgot about them when they were thought to have died out, but Nicholas lived on, forever in his prime.
      Nicholas studied all sorts of Fighting Arts in his lifetime, including Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Akido, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Fencing, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Spanish Jujitsu, Savate, Kenpo, and Jeet Kun Do.


Weapons: Finely crafted German rapier, strengthened to withstand much more punishment than the design originally intended. Kept at his side.

Kikou Ha - Standard energy wave blasts. They aren't particularly strong and are just used as defensive moves or as distractions.

Eye Beam - A quick blast shot from the pupils that is very destructive. Artificial Human 20 used it to destroy most of an island.

Iai Zari - A quick skillfull slice with a katana blade. (Adapted for his Rapier)

Ki Aigan - An attack that shoots a wave of ki at an opponent by looking at them.

Kienzan - A swirling disc of energy that looks and sounds like a buzz saw. It can cut through ALMOST anything.

Koukyuu Gata Kikou Ha - A very powerful blast of energy in the form of a ball.

Yubisaki kara no Kikou Ha - A single blast of energy shot from the fingertips.

Ki Barrier - The user forms an impenetrable barrier of ki around them. This was only used in the movies.

Zanzouken - A popular move used throughout Dragon Ball where a person moves so fast, they leave an after-image of themselves.

Shyougeki Ha - Character's ability to cause long distance explosions by raising their fingertips.

Daichiretsudan "Great Earth Cutting Row" - One of the most impressive attacks demonstrated by Freeza during his fight with Gokou. With a swipe of his hand, he can cut a long deep row in the ground. Luckily we don't get to see what effect the attack would have on Gokou. (Adapted to use through the Rapier)

Buku Jyutsu "Levitation Technique" AKA "Flying" - The character raises their ki, and literally floats on top of it. As the user becomes more skilled, they can manuever through the air by increasing and decreasing the output and direction of their ki. Any normal human in the Dragon Ball world can actually do this, they just need to be able to find their ki.

Kaiser Punch - User's hand is encased in ki energy, then a powerful rising uppercut is delivered.

Kaiser Kick - Leg encased in ki energy, then any kick is delivered.

Kaiser Thunder - Powerful repeating side kick, multiple hits. Each hit as powerful as Kaiser Kick

Panzer Wave - Sword held up, hilt at eye level. Other hand comes to hilt and large explosive beam issues from contact point towards opponent.

Drill Kick - A drilling kick with both feet. Ki assisted. Very Powerful.

Donner Gewehr (Means "Thunder Gun") - Two continuous beams, twirling around each other; drilling effect. (Not the same as the makankosoppou; both beams are same size and width and both are spinnning around each other.)

Ahmen Sie nach ("Mimic") - User copies someone else's move by seeing it performed.

Relatives: None living.

      Intelligent, dignified, proud, and arrogant. Feels it is his right to rule. (Rule what? People of course, a large amount.)

Anything Else? - He's filthy stinking rich.