Bra's Profile

Bra's Profile

Character Name: Mirai Bra Vegeta

Alignment: good

Homeplanet: earth

Race: half Saiya-jin

Char Description: Has wide blue eyes, straight aqua green hair half way to her waist, looks a LOT like her mother. Medium height and thin. Wears a pair of dark red 18th century style gloves with the fingers cut off, thigh high red boots, a red tank top, a red skirt, and a red headband.

Brief History: The daughter of Bulma Briefs and Vegeta in the future, she came to visit the past simply because there was nothing interesting to do in the future.

Anything Else?: Doesn't generally fight, but can when she wants to. Not exactly powerful like Vegeta, or smart like Bulma, tends to get frustrated by that. Powerful enough to fly.

Relatives: Father-Vegeta, Mother-Bulma, Aunt-Vejitina, Brother-Trunks

Attacks List/Descriptions:

Doesn't have many attacks-most she just copied from her father and brother. ^^

Important Relationships: Other than her relatives not really, except maybe a minor crush on Mirai Goten.