Bulma's Profile

Bulma's Profile

Character Name: Buruma (Bulma in the dub)

Home Planet: Earth, no dah o.o

Race: Human, no dah :D

Character Description: Very Intelligent, but a bit stuck up and bossy, but kind towards her friends and terrified of powerful enemies, but can usually outsmart the others. Shoulder length, very straight, Aquatic colored hair always wearing some kind of skimpy outfit

Brief History: In Dragonball, Bulma and Goku go way back. She discovered him while looking for the dragonballs to wish for a boyfriend. On the way she met several friends and had tons of nifty adventures. In DBZ, she pretty much just aids the Saiya-jin in their battles.

Anything else: She invented the Dragonball Radar and is the current president of Capsule Corp.

Relatives: Dr. Briefs- Dad, Mrs. Briefs-Mom, (if the plot is near the Buu saga...) Trunks-son, Bra-daughter

Attacks: If the need arises, Bulma will throw out her handy dandy "Giant Mecha Warrior" capsule, climb inside and kick ass! The robot can basically punch, kick, fire electromagnetic beams, and fire missiles and bullets.

Important Relationships: Bulma has an on/off dating fling with Yamucha and if the plot is near the Buu saga, then is married to Vegeta w/ kids.

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