Calife's Profile


Name: Calife

Nicknames: Shino Calife (after staying with the Shino family, finally adopted their last name), Callie (allows very few to call her this)

Homeplanet: Ennoshito-sei, currently residing on Chikyuu

Race: Saiyajin

Character Description:

Age: 17
Power Level: Unknown, has never allowed herself to be gauged properly.
Blood Type: O
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Birthday: November 18th
Favorite Food: Spicy fish curry
Height: 5'9
Weight: 150 lbs

*Hair* Jet black, pulled up into a bun with a ponytail dangling from the middle.
*Eyes* Onyx
*Attire* She is usually seen wearing a black, sleeveless bodysuit with an open slit in the middle and a brown belt around her waist. She also wears elbow-length black gloves and steel-toed boots.

Brief History:
            Calife's story begins back in the early days of Brolli's rampage across the cosmos. As the legendary Super Saiyajin, Brolli knew of power unlike any other and displayed it judiciously by playing judge, jury and best of all: executioner to a number of planets. Most of them never saw him coming until too late, but even Brolli grew bored of being the nameless, faceless force of destruction to many and decided to see if toying with the indigenous peoples would bring him any pleasure. At the next planet he found, he descended to it's surface to do just that.

            There he found a colony of workers still employed by the remnants of the Kold Empire. Easily dispatching the "lords" of the colony, the people thought they were looking upon their saviour... but Brolli quickly put that notion to rest, and began demanding all sorts of edification from them in exchange for their planet's safety. Having seen what he was capable of, they began trying to comply with his demands. It was here that a 3rd level female Saiyajin, Teisa, had been forced to work after her capture following the destruction of Vejitasei years earlier. Surprised to have found another of his kind, he freed her from one servitude and into his own as his personal concubine. Humiliated by his treatment, but afraid of his power, Teisa had no choice but to endure his appetites until she could find a way to escape.

            By this time, Brolli was growing bored with the colony and their paltry offerings. Realizing that she would not be spared by his "good graces" simply because of her race, Teisa managed to rig one of the few remaining escape pods left by the "old regime" and left the planet. It became a footnote in history shortly afterward as Brolli himself moved on to "better things." Teisa continued through space, trying to find an inhabitable planet that would be suitable for her. During this time, she came to the realization that her forced trysts with Brolli had left her with child. Initially tempted to kill the child when it was born, she realized that it could actually be of more use alive -- a legacy of untold power her own bloodline would never have seen.

            After a time, she finally settled on Ennoshito-sei; one of the planets on the outskirts of the cephaloid Kratine's territory and therefore not under unusually strict rule by him. It was here that she gave birth to a girl, and named her "Calife". Though disappointed that it was not a boy, Teisa was confident that the child would be a herald of great power and would bring the glory to her bloodline that she herself had failed to do. Despite the circumstances, she forcefully instilled within her daughter the same fear and awe she herself had had for Brolli along with a lifelong goal: to surpass him, and bring about a reborn Vejitasei as was her birthright as the daughter of the legendary Super Saiyajin.

            When Calife came of age, Teisa decided that it was time for her offspring to depart. After making some contacts with the massive information network supported by Kratine's operatives, she came across the rumor that a group of Saiyajin had come to call Chikyuusei home. Figuring her daughter could learn even more power from these fighters, Teisa had the pod she fled in reconditioned and sent Calife to Chikyuusei. Not entirely sorry to see her mother go, Calife left without ever looking back. 

            She arrived on Chikyuu, and found something of a "welcoming party" waiting for her in the form of the Z Senshi. Knowing to try to fight them all would be suicide despite her lineage, Calife quickly made it clear that she was not there to fight. She explained her history to them (albeit, somewhat edited to appear more sympathetic), and was met with much skepticism when Brolli was mentioned... which angered her to no end. To end the debate, a DNA test was proposed to confirm her claims. As Capsule Corp did not have Brolli's DNA on file, they used his known son, Taran, as a basis to compare her to. Once her paternity was confirmed, Calife found out she had a half-brother... and was determined to stay with him. When the question of whom she would stay with came up, Calife managed to work her way into the Shino household.

            From there, she continued to grow and learn... and began to view the Z Senshi as a whole as weak for hiding among the humans. Knowing better than to make her opinions entirely known just yet, she confided to Taran about it and was delighted to hear that he agreed. Though she rarely participated in battles for the planet, she continued to enhance her own abilities towards her goal. When Endou abruptly disappeared, she wasn't too concerned about it... until he reappeared nearly a year afterward, sporting a black gauntlet and a whole new attitude towards building his own kingdom. When he enlisted Taran to come with him and serve as one of his Generals, Calife vehemently petitioned to be included as well. 

            Finally, Endou allowed her to accompany him, Taran and Gaki to parts unknown. While initially incensed that her idea for a new empire'd been "stolen", she quickly came to realize the benefits. Why do it all yourself, when you could have someone else do it for you then just take it when they're done...?

Personality: Quiet and critical of those around her, she has a reputation for an attitude borderlining on "holier than thou" and has little tolerance for anything that keeps her from her goals. She has a massive destructive streak, but with a manipulative tongue not normally seen with Saiyajin. The only person whom she truly considers even close to being her equal is her half-brother, Taran, though even that is fraught with expectations -- namely that he rid himself of his "weaknesses". 


Parents: Brolli (father/deceased), Teisa (mother/unknown)
Guardian: Museikaze Shino
Siblings: Taran Shino (brother on Brolli's side), Ryoko and Kijo Shino (step-sisters)

Attacks List/Descriptions:

Ki Tanken (Ki Daggers): Calife forms a fist-sized ball of ki within the palm of her hand, then crushes it. When it bursts, the sparks form daggers between her fingers. She can then throw them with deadly accuracy, and make a near endless-supply of them as long as her ki holds out.

KameHameHa (Turtle Destruction Blast): When Goten still lived, Calife managed to talk him into teaching her his family's most prized attack. It varies in power, and must be used with both hands.

Renzukou Energy Dan (Machine Gun Blast): With both hands, Calife forms small ki balls and hurls them at her opponent at rapid speed. She can do this from the air and create a "ki rain" of sorts.

Ki Kei (Ki Whip): Clapping her hands together, Calife pulls them apart to reveal a long train of ki. Once she grabs ahold of one end, she can utilize the line of ki as a whip and use it for both battle and other practical uses. 

Kienzan (Destructo Disk): Learned from Kuririn, Calife can form a spinning disk of razor-sharp energy and send it at an enemy. While she can also control it's movements to a degree, she usually doesn't deign to do so.

Hensatoku (Deflection Shield): Calife uses her ki to form a protective shield around herself that blocks most low-mid level ki attacks. Unfortunately, so long as her shield is up she cannot attack.

Super Saiyajin, Level 1: After extensive training, Calife finally managed to become a Super Saiyajin. Her speed and strength are enhanced, and her hair becomes gold while her eyes become green. She has yet to truly ascend any further, as she is thus far confident that her Super Saiyajin strength is legendary.