Cell's Profile

Cell's Profile

Name: Cell

Age: 28

Home Planet: Chikyuu-sei

Race: Organic Android

Birthday: April 20th
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Favorite Food: Jinzounigen (j/k ?)
Height: 7’2
Weight: 169 lbs

Character Description:
        Insectoid in appearance, Cell’s first form sports a green and black armored carapace and wings similar to a beetle's. His forehead is shaped in a "V" form with a black jewel-like object imbedded in it. He has long, gangly arms and legs that are very flexible and powerful. He has a long tail with a pointed tip that he uses to suck the life energy out of living beings to make himself stronger. In his second and final forms he becomes steadily more human in both appearance and shape. If you look for it, you can see hints of his ‘personalities’ in his appearance.

Brief History:
        Dr. Gero's ultimate creation, Cell comes from an alternate future where Juunanagou and Juuhachigou killed Dr. Gero early and went on to sabotage the entire world. Hidden inside a secret underground portion of his laboratory, Cell was free to mature. From the moment of his birth as an embryo Gero’s prerecorded messages told him of his origins and destiny: with the DNA of the universe’s most powerful fighters (Son Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Frieza, King Cold, Kuririn, and Tenshinhan) running through his veins, he was truly Gero’s masterpiece. Even with all of that power, though, there was a flaw: in order to achieve the paragon of his abilities, he had to absorb Gero’s other two masterpieces: Jinzounigens Juunanagou and Juuhachigou, better known as #17 and #18. However, there was one tiny little problem: the twins were already dead and gone in his timeline, courtesy of Trunks.
        Having no other choice, Cell killed this Trunks, and used his time machine to go back into a time when the android were still ripe for the absorbing, although doing so meant regressing to his larval stage. For the next four years he gathered energy from the soil until he reached his first form again. He then went out in search for the androids, absorbing any humans he found along the way to increase his power. Although he encountered, first Piccolo, and then the rest of the Z Senshi, quite a few times, they were never able to corner him.
        By the time Cell finally found the androids, he was more than powerful enough to deal with them. Although the powered up ‘Kamicolo’ and child-loving Jinzounigen Juurokugou both attempted to thwart him, Cell was able to absorb Jinzounigen Juunanagou and progress to his second form stage. He would have been able to absorb Juuhachigou without much trouble, but for the influence of USSJ Vegeta. Showing off his intellect, Cell was able to persuade the arrogant Saiyajin into letting him absorb Juuhachigou without a fight – and he proceeded to do exactly that.
        Now in his perfect, final form, Cell proceeded to show off his power by easily defeated both USSJ Vegeta and Trunks. His thirst for battle far from sated, Cell organized a tournament of his own – the Cell Games. He even went so far as to advertise his tournament on television, which drew the attention of Mr. Satan. When his tournament began, he bested Mr. Satan with no effort (big whoop) and fought a protracted battle with Son Goku. When the Saiyajin sent his son to fight in his place and Gohan wouldn’t, Cell motivated him a bit by creating the Cell Jrs – disturbing miniature replicas that could easily best even Goku without much of a problem. When Cell even went as far as to destroy Juurokugou for good, Gohan had enough. The young boy snapped and went SSJ2, and proceeded to give Cell a run for his money and even force him to regurgitate Juuhachigou. In desperation, Cell attempted to self-destruct in order to take out everyone. Thanks to Son Goku, the move failed, and all Cell killed was Goku, and King Katfish. When he returned to extract his revenge, Gohan defeated him again in a Kamehameha duel – but not without the help of all of the rest of the Z Senshi.
        For the next half decade, Cell resided in Hell. He joined forces with the rest of the dead miscreant villains and tried to escape a couple of times, but was each time defeated by the warriors of the Upper World. Banished to the lowest regions, Cell had no other choice than to contemplate his past and present, all the while hoping for a chance to build a new future.
        That chance came when Zeta Knight made a break out of Hell. Accompanied by a few of the old villains, Cell left Hell in search of his true mentor – Dr. Gero, who had himself escaped Hell some time before. Gero was pleased to say the least at the return of the only one of his creations who was loyal to him, and began plans to make him more formidable. Having continued his DNA collecting over the years, Gero integrated into Cell’s persona the DNA of the most powerful fighters of this day and age – namely Gaki, Oshidori, Hanayasai, Sir Daikon, Jekyll, and even Warlord Vejitina. However, this power came at a price – Cell’s cells were wiped of the memory of perfection, and he was devolved to his first form.

Personality: Is quite vain and arrogant, but not to the point of ludicrosy. Carries himself with an almost regal manner, and has a small bit of honor – at least as far as battles go. He is a true warrior, and enjoys the battle more so than anything else. However, if things go awry, he is perfectly capable of playing dirty and backstabbing to get his way.

Relatives: Dr. Gero, those fighters whose DNA runs in his bloodstream, Gero’s Jinzounigen

Attack List:

Bukujutsu - Flying using one's ki.
Kikou Ha - Generic Ki Blasts
Kamehameha – One of the most common attacks, it is a powerful beam charged in cupped hands. It was originally created by Muten Roshi, and later used by way too many people to list.
Makankosappo - An attack originally created by Piccolo. It is used when both the index and the middle finger touch the attacker's forehead to charge the attack. Then when charged, the finger's point at the desired opponent, causing a great ki release. It fires two ki shots, one that head straight towards the opponent, and the other that revolves around the first ki to cause a drilling effect.
Regeneration - The ability to regrow body parts (or even the body itself). Gained from Piccolo.
Shunkanido - Also known as Instantaneous Movement. It's when the user put his index and middle finger on his forehead, then searches for a ki trait anywhere in the universe. When found, he can "instantaneously" transport to that location. Goku learned this technique from an alien race, and Cell learned it in turn when Piccolo used it on him.
Taiyouken - A technique when the attacker put his fingers on it's cheek's, palm facing out and shouting "Taiyouken". When this is done, everything around him lights up very brightly, causing the attacker's opponent to become blind for a short amount of time. Tenshinhan is quite adept at this technique.
Death Ball - Frieza’s most powerful attack, it is very similar to his Crusher Ball, but is charged with both the index and the middle finger pointed up. Attack usually creates a huge ki ball, and is as strong as the attacker that is using this technique is. Usually this technique is powerful enough to destroy an entire planet in it’s wake. It’s only downfall is the time it takes to charge.
Ki Ai Hou - The ability to push the opponent back with one's ki directed through the hand or radiating from the body
Big Bang Attack - An attack used by Vegeta and his sister Vejitina, it is used with one hand, except the beam it produces is smaller and not quite as powerful as the Final Flash.
Self Destruct - Exactly what it sounds like. Very, very powerful, but very, very fatal to the user..
Wrecking Beam - Jekyll’s patented move, it is similar to his wrecking ball, only in beam form, and without the explosion.
Meikyou "Shades of the Dead" - A useful, albeit difficult to use technique created by Gaki, it’s user can call to and manipulate any bodiless spirits around him into helping him / her.
"Paparapa" - A magic trigger word like "Abra Cadabra", it's used for various things such as teleportation and making things appear. Gaki and Oshidori are fluent in this spell.
Unsanmushou "Vanishing like Mist" - Inherent in every Konpakujin, Cell inherited this technique from Gaki’s DNA. It allows it’s user to turn into mist. Although the user cannot be hurt in this form, he / she cannot attack either.
Mashin Etouku “Devil's Grasp” - A technique created by Hanayasai, it is used by firing a beam and using ki manipulation to turn it into a large "hand" of sorts, either grabbing and holding an opponent or smashing them against something. It can also be made smaller to retrieve objects.
Shounyuuseki Rinji! "Stalactite Special!" - Hanayasai’s trademark attack, it is a beam attack fired with one or two hands, the end of it continues out into a sharp, jagged point. When it impacts against the opponent, the point detonates but the beam itself continues to pound the opponent.
Bakuhatsu Nikusa "Explosion of Hatred" - An attack Cell obtained from Oshidori’s DNA, it works by the user gathering up all the hatred in their heart and the hearts of others nearby, then releasing it in a devastating blast. This attack is all the more damaging if the hatred gathered is directed at a certain person, in which case that person will be hit with the full force of the attack, while his/her comrades will be unaffected.

Important Relationships: Dr. Gero, I guess....