Chiller's Profile

Chiller's Profile

Name: Chiller

Age: 17
Race: Changeling
Home Planet: Freiza Planet #116
Power Level: 10,000 

Physical Descriptions: 

Birthdate: 745 A.D.
Astrological Sign: unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Favorite Food: Ice Cream

Hair: None
Eyes: Red
Weight: 98lbs
Height: 4'
Attire: Chiller wears standard Saiyajin armor, minus the hip armor, gloves, and boots. Underneath the armor he wears a black bodysuit with short sleeves and legs.
Alignment: Neutral



            Born the third son of King Cold, ruler of a vast galactic empire, Chiller always led a life of privilege. Since he had not yet been given his own fleet to command he was forbidden from pursuing many interests, including the arts, sciences, and athletics. On the day of his 16th birthday he was taken aboard his father's ship and inducted into the imperial fleet. As the ceremony drew to a close, his father spoke to him of his duties to the empire as they observed his homeworld from orbit. When he finished, the king gave the order and the planet was destroyed. When asked why, the king told him that with no home to return to, the empire was the only place he could go.

            For the next year he served the empire at the bottom rung of the ladder, transporting freight and paying his more successful brothers' bills. One day while unloading cargo, Chiller's ship was attacked by an unknown assailant who overwhelmed his forces and nearly destroyed his ship in the process. In a panic, the young Changeling engaged the hyperdrive engines, which propelled him in the direction his attacker's impact had sent him in. 
            Arriving on Earth he was immediately accosted by a group of Saiyajin who blamed him for his brothers destruction of their planet. Chief amongst his accusers was the Saiyajin princess, Vejitina, who would have killed the terrified Chiller on the spot if it were not for the intervention of the demikai Kadiluan who informed her that Chiller could aid them in the battle against a great evil that was approaching the planet.


Kousengan: Chillers preferred form of attack. The user fires a pair of precise ki beams from their eyes.

Death Beam: Chiller uses a slightly weaker version of the attack favored by his brother, Freiza. A small ki beam fired from an extended finger that travels extremely fast. Unlike the original version, Chillers Death Beam can be blocked.

Death Ball: Another attack borrowed from his brother. Though not yet powerful enough to destroy a planet, Chiller can create a large ki ball capable of causing a large amount of destruction to the area it impacts.

Trick Death Ball: Chiller begins forming a Death Ball normally, with one hand hidden behind his back. While his opponent is focused on the Death Ball, he will suddenly disperse it and fire a blast that was charged in the hand behind his back.

Transformation: Though he has not shown the desire to transform into a more powerful form, Chiller, like all Changelings can transform into several different forms, each more powerful than the last.

Relatives:  King Cold (father) Freiza, Cooler (brothers)

Personality: Due to his life of servitude, Chiller is extremely meek and easily startled. Though he knows that his families dealings are wrong, he has great pride in the empire, and becomes incensed when anyone speaks ill of his family.