Chris' Profile

Chris' Profile

Character Name: Chris Hourensou

Alignment: Good

HomePlanet: Earth

Race: 3/4 Saiyajin, 1/4 human

Character Description: A young, brown haired Saiyajin/Human mix. Has a tail and is about 4' tall. Looks a bit like Deki, but more like my mother. He wears mostly jeans and a T-Shirt and tennis shoes. When training, a black Gi with a red sash.

Brief History: I was only 5 months old when my dad died when an unknown person killed him. As my mom threw me in the time machine Deki built, I saw her get killed as well. I'm 7 now, that Deki took me into the Room of Spirit and Time for 6 days, making me about 6 and a half, and now I'm 7. I was on the doorstep of where Deki lives.
      When I died in the fight against the Shanakki sisters along with my father, Deki, I managed to get leeway at the CheckPoint to train in the Room of Spirit and Time with him for five months normal time. When I was wished back later on, I had already missed a majority of the fighting but began training under Vej and soon bonded with her as well as learning new techniques and attacks.

Anything Else?: No

Relatives: Vej (Aunt), Trunks (Cousin), Vegeta(Uncle), Astrea (Cousin), Endou (Cousin), Contessa (Cousin), Jaden (mother), Deki (father)

Attacks List/Descriptions:

Jigobaku: "Hell's Blast" An extreme blast that takes a lot of energy, but is very powerful

Ryuubiimu: An attack I learned from my father during my training in TRoSaT.

Energy Spiral: Vej also taught me a few of her attacks, this is basically just a spiral of ki with a ki ball in the center.

Kyuushyuu Kienzan: When I'm low on energy I can use this to take some of my opponent's.

Super Saiyajin, levels 1-4

Berserker Saiyajin, level 1

Mega Berserker

Important Relationships: None