Contessa's Profile

Contessa's Profile

"Without victory, there is no survival.."

Character Name: Contessa Naoko Le'Saiyon

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

HomePlanet: Chikyuu-sei

Race: 3/4 Saiyajin, 1/4 Human

Normal: 17,000,000
SSJ2: 83,000,000
PSJ2: 130,000,000
PSJ3: 175,000,000 *Not yet mastered*
BSJ3: 200,000,000
BSJ4: 245,000,000 *Not yet mastered, very rarely used due to control loss*

Character Description: Long black hair usually kept in a ponytail like her twin sister but has two large spikey bangs in front, those being a very dark green in contrast to the rest of her black hair. She has jade colored eyes with a purple short-sleeved bodysuit. On her armor chestplate is her own symbol, which she insisted she have, and hooked boots. Also has an exceedingly long tail not common to normal Saiyajin. Out of combat she usually wears a fuscia colored shirt with her symbol and long jeans that cover her feet almost completely.

Birthday: June 12th
Age: 16 years
Blood Type: A
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Favorite Food: Cream puffs
Height: 5'4
Weight: 110 lbs

Brief History:

        Contessa was born as Astrea's (slightly older at 3 minutes) twin sister and is considered the "wilder" one of the two. Contessa was the first of the two to begin actively getting around on her own as they grew (with the aid of her tail, of course) and realized that to get people to do what you want, simply cry or make yourself utterly adorable. Things only got worse for her parents and older brother Endou when both twins began to become more active, and more prone to disappear for short times and get into trouble.
        When she got old enough, her parents began training her in the use of her already substantial power. While it was proven early on that she was stronger and more effective when working in conjunction with her sister, not even she could convince Astrea to fight with her heart in the battle. More than idolizing her parents (moreso her father, Jekyl) for their power, she was driven from an early age to surpass them and become the best so that everyone would be as in awe of her as she was of them.
        While this put something of a rift between she and her sister for their directly contradicting natures, Contessa remained very close to her twin and this is how she was able to go Super Saiyajin. During a normal school day, Astrea was being bullied by some of the older kids and when Contessa intervened, she was knocked out of the way. Naturally having a short temper, Contessa lost control and went Super Saiyajin, needless to say, wiping the floor with her attacker and anyone else who dared to trifle with her or her sister ever again after that. By this time, she had more than earned a reputation for being a somewhat over-aggressive combatant, usually hurting her opponents during even simple spars. Annoyed with having to hold back against human opponents, Contessa tended to stay away from the general school crowd and spend time training or hanging out with her and her sister's childhood friends, Ryoko and Kijo Shino.
        Such an attitude has proven useful over the years as she has stood beside her family and friends to defend herself and the planet from the numerous threats both within and without. Now in High School, she has been suspicious of the "peaceful hiatus" that has fallen for more than 4 years. Knowing she'll probably get more than what she bargained for, Contessa secretly hopes for a new threat to arise for a chance to yet again prove her prowess in battle.

Anything Else?: Takes mostly after her mother in attitude, and won't hesitate to use her power to it's utmost no matter how trite the confrontation may be. She will not back down from anything or anyone.
      For some odd reason, unlike normal Saiyajin, Contessa cannot transform at the sight of a full moon, nor does she react to brute rays period. Some believe it has to do with her also uncommonly long tail but no one knows for sure.

Relatives: Endou (half brother), Astrea (twin sister), Mameryou (brother), Vejitina (mother), Jekyl (father)

Attacks List/Descriptions:

Wrecking Spiral: A ki ball enclosed in a funnel of energy, her sister thought it up but Contessa made it possible after practicing and perfecting it.
Galactica Spiral: A large spiral of energy that can be fired with either one or both hands.
Wrecking Ball/Beam: A medium sized ball of ki that can be converted to beam form and fired with one or two hands.
Gyariku Hou!: The infamous "Gallet Gun" attack.
Shipo o Kaiten Sasete Sora o Tobu: With her exceptionally long tail, she can use it as a helicopter blade and fly without using ki.
Terepashi: Contessa can communicate with her twin through a special type of telepathy where she speaks through her heart.
Whiplash: Using her tail as a weapon, Contessa begins to spin in one place at incredible speeds. She keeps her tail coiled loosely around her and uses it to strike enemies.
Generic Ki Blast: Explains itself.

Twin Attacks:

Dual Cyclone: An attack that requires both she and her sister in order to be performed. Both power up and unleash two Wrecking Spiral's that merge into one large funnel of energy with a beam at it's centre.
Eclipse: While one twin devotes her energy to making a ki shield, the other attacks the enemy at full power.
Final Toccata: Both twins perform their chief attacks as finishing moves at full power.
Tsuin Sumiyaka Bakushin: "Twin Speed Dash" An attack where both twins rush at, or around, an opponent at incredible speeds. Used as a diversionary tactic or to confuse them, but afterwards, both are nearly totally exhausted.
Fusion: Contessa can fuse with her twin into "Yuumei" (Dark and Light, which is basically what they are when compared to one another).

Super Saiyajin Level 1

Super Saiyajin Level 2

Psycho Saiyajin Level 2

Psycho Saiyajin Level 3

Berserker Saiyajin Level 3

Important Relationships: Not on the same friendly level with everyone as her sister, save for Ryoko and Kijo Shino, but is generally laid back and on good terms with them.