Sir Daikon's Profile

Sir Daikon's Profile

Name: Sir Daikon, of the House of Aylin
Age: Unknown, possibly in his early fifties
Race: Saiyajin

Power Levels
Normal: 17,000,000
Hidden: 750
Oozaru: 1,700,000,000
Super Saiyajin: 102,000,000
Super Saiyajin 2: 148,900,000
Super Saiyajin 3: 328,000,000 *Not yet controlled*
Berserker Saiyajin: 107,400,000
Berserker Saiyajin 2: 152,000,000
Berserker Saiyajin 3: 339,600,000
Berserker Saiyajin 4: 540,250,000 *Not yet controlled*
Berserker Saiyajin 5: 4,915,000,000 *Not yet attained*

Character Description

Birthday: December 7th
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Favorite Food: Unknown
Height: 6'3
Weight: 220 lbs

Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Attire: Wears the "Knights of Vejitasei" version of the older Saiyajin armor. The differences include a black/red color scheme instead of the blue/yellow one and the symbol for the House of Vejitasei on the right breastplate, along with the addition of a gray cape. His only affinity is a pendant worn around his neck bearing the crest for the House of Aylin.

Brief History:
        Daikon was born and raised to become one of the Knights of Vejitasei, an elite order dedicated to serving the royal Vejita monarchy and upholding a sense of law among the traditionally.... lawless Saiyajin. Displaying enough power to achieve Saiyajin Elite rank, Daikon began serving under King Vejita himself at the age of sixteen, and four years later completing the arduous tasks required to become a Knight of Vejitasei. With this, he received the title "Sir Daikon."
        Two years later, King Vejita sent Sir Daikon to a remote planet that had not yet been revealed to Frieza. He sent his daughter Princess Vejitina there, ostenistibly to stake yet another claim. In reality, the King wanted to get his children as far away from Frieza as possible, and Sir Daikon's mission was to confirm that the young princess had arrived safely and prepare for the coming of Prince Vejita as well.
        Unfortunately for all involved, Frieza was already well aware of the King's plan, and added a few twists of his own. While one of his many henchman was making sure the young princess would not get to her destination, the ever-loyal Zarbon was sent to take care of Sir Daikon. The knight fought to the best of his ability, but was defeated rather easily. Left to die, Sir Daikon hobbled back to his spacepod and began the trip back to Vejitasei to warn the king of Frieza's treachery.
        When Sir Daikon arrived at a cluster of asteroids, he learned that Frieza had wiped both Vejitasei and the Saiyajin race off the map. With his soverign dead, Daikon began searching for any remnants of both the royal family and the Knights of Vejitasei. While doing so, he met Hanayasai, and trained under him long enough to achieve the coveted Berserker transformation. When he learned that Hanayasai knew nothing of either group he was searching for, he left. By the cruelest irony, the royal Princess Vejitina herself would arrive on Epsilon Eridani 5 just a day after Sir Daikon left.
        For the next decade or so Sir Daikon wandered the galaxy searching for any traces of surviving Saiyajin, along the way doing general "good deeds." (saving planets from would-be -conquerors, stopping space pirates, et cetera, et cetera) Eventually word got to him of a group of Saiyajin who had been residing on Earth, among them both the royal princess Vejitina and her brother Vejita. Surprised, but not ready to fully believe it just yet, Sir Daikon left for Earth to see for himself.

Anything else?: Adheres to a strict code of honor instilled in him during his training to become a knight, among the nuances of which include fighting fairly and refusing to kill opponents weaker than he is. Will stray from this code if absolutely necessary, but refrains from doing so in most circumstances for obvious reasons.

Relatives: None known, all deceased

Attacks List/Descriptions:

Tsuranaku Tsuki ("Piercing Thrust"): Daikon channels his ki into his sword and then thrusts forward, stabbing into anything in front of him. This attack can pierce almost any armor, as well as various magical shields/barriers/et cetera.

Soreru Butsu ("Deflecting Swipe"): Using his sword, Daikon can simply knock away all but the strongest ki attacks.

Tentai Tataku ("Celestial Strike"): Daikon's most powerful melee range attack, he channels the energy of the Light element into his sword and strikes a powerful blow. Naturally, this attack works best against those who are impure of heart.

Kamisori Ame ("Razor Rain"): An attack where Daikon fires a single large white orb at his opponent. The orb then explodes into thousands of small ki blades that rain down on the target.

Shounyuuseki Rinji ("Stalactite Special"): An attack Daikon learned from Hanayasai, it consists of a beam attack fired with one or two hands, the end of it continues out into a sharp, jagged point. When it impacts against the opponent, the point detonates but the beam itself continues to pound the opponent.

Buku jyutsu: Flying

Generic ki attacks

Personality: Completely devoted to the duties of his chosen profession, almost to the point of extremity. Determined and a bit aloof, he rarely if ever shows any emotion, due to his upbringing, both as a knight and as a Saiyajin. Has little if any tolerance for loudmouths, especially those who choose to stay off the battlefield.