Damien's Profile

Damien's Profile


Name: Damien
Email: Kenjigosenkugi@aol.com
Alignment: So evil it's not even funny
Homeplanet: Hell
Race: Pure Demon
(Humanoid form) Upon his face is a mask, an expressionless white Kabuki mask, which only his eyes, which are hidden by full eye black contacts, can be seen peering through. His ring attire is rather simple...An all white jumpsuit with black tribals upon the back, sleeveless to display his finely muscled arms, a pair of black Timberland boots, would be upon his feet. To round off the package, his hands, from his knuckles to mid-forearm would be covered in white tape, decorated with  black pentagrams, both hands are adorned with the infamous razor sharp gloves which Freddy Kruger had, the blades about seven inches long upon each finger...And if one would look closely, they could see the blood stains.


Anything else?: Damien is
(nearly) immortal, although he is by all means pure demon, he still has human qualities when he decides to take a humanoid form. He is still extremely strong in this form, but he cannot display his true power, as it would strain him greatly to do so.

Relatives: None


Kikou ha: A simple ki blast, nearly all martial artists, even humans, can do this.

Burning Knuckle: A punch, infused with firey ki. The power depends on Damiens anger, and the color of the ki.

Barrier: What else? A barrier made of ki.

Shishi Hokodan: The attack is a huge bolt of blue ki, which can be thrown at a foe. The manuver is powered by depression. This allows Damien to improve the technique over time. The perfected version of the Shishi Hokodan requires Damien to be deeply depressed. The difference in the two (besides power) is that the perfected version is a vertical blast while the normal is a horizontal one.

Final Shine: Ever seen DBZ, and Vegeta's Final flash? Now picture that one handed, and with more power. When using this attack, Damien taps into his demonic bloodline to allow him to force more power into the attack. It takes awhile to charge up, but do not underestimate the attack. It may seem small, but oooo...It will fuck ya up if it hits.

Soul Cannon: Damien focuses nearly all of his internal energies, as well as the soul energy he absorbs from others to use in one massive wave, which could be concitered nearly inavoidable. The drawback to this is, not only does he use almost all of his energy, which leaves him unable to fight as hard his foe can make it through the attack, he is stuck in chibi form for a week. The small chibi form takes up less energy than his adult body does, thus allowing him to regenerate his lost energy quicker than if he were to stay in his older form.