DBZ RPG: Reload - Darnack

Darnack's Profile


Name: Darnack

NickNames: "Big D", and a plethora of not-so-nice others considering his "profession"...

Age: 88

Race: Warajijin

HomePlanet: Unknown

Normal: 910

Physical Descriptions:

Birthday: 675 A.D.
Astrological Sign: Unknown 
Blood Type: Unknown
Favorite Food: Pretty much any form of alcohol...

Hair: None
Eyes: Orange with slitted pupils
Weight: 345 lbs
Height: 7'1
Attire: Usually clad in a torn, tan colored vest and shorts ensemble with a metal band for a belt. He also bears thick metal cuffs on all four of his wrists, with equally thick chains usually attached that are his primary weapons when he fights.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral to Evil

            No one knows the full story behind Darnack, and that's just the way he likes it. Not out of trying to cast intentional mystery on his origins or anything, but mainly because it keeps down the chances of trouble and potential blackmail in the future. He'll freely admit, though, to doing hard Imperial Prison time for a multiple homicide at one point... hence where he got the chains that he wears to this day -- a "memento" of his time there.

            The story of his escape changes almost every time it's told, but what is known is that he disappeared into the Imperial underbelly almost right afterward. He resurfaced on Planet Rim, one of the planets just within the outskirts of the Empire's border, some years ago; ostensibly running a bar in one of the "worse for wear" neighborhoods. In actuality, the bar itself was just a cover on the "official" Empire books for his more lucrative operations... namely gambling, loan sharking and illegal black-market goods. Since the planet itself had a reputation for being in the "dregs" of the Empire, Darnack didn't find it too hard to pay off the few Imperial law enforcers that were stuck on duty there to look the other way. 

            Over the next few decades, Darnack continued to run most of the underworld dealings on Planet Rim; expanding his territory and his reputation as being the first name to go to when someone needed things done outside of the law... for a price. It was because of this that he initially met a young Sanshou, who came to him wanting fake ID papers in order to refuel his pod at the Imperial spaceport. Not realizing just what Sanshou was at the time, Darnack arranged a deal with him -- money and ID papers if Sanshou would go with a transport to ensure a shipment of illegal drugs got to their destination after his last "runner" bailed on him. This would be only the first of a multitude of "odd jobs" Darnack would have for Sanshou off and on for the next few years.

            He also "loaned" the young Saiyajin money during that time, partly to 'ensure' Sanshou'd be working to pay off the debt for even more years and thus do more jobs for him. Things came to a head, however, when Darnack's daughter, Beppin, became enamored of Sanshou. Through a rigged (naturally) card game, Darnack tried to screw Sanshou into marrying his daughter. Thinking quickly, Sanshou made an excuse as to needing a little more money and time to arrange things. Against his better judgment, Darnack acquiesced... and was exceedingly pissed when Sanshou somehow managed to disappear on him.

            Since that time, Darnack has sent out a few of his own bounty hunters after Sanshou... though the few that managed to find him never came back. It wouldn't be until years later that Darnack would come face to face with him again, when Sanshou (now calling himself "Jekyl") would return to Planet Rim with Vejitina looking for information on an Imperial ship. At first fully intending on getting his money back and then some, Darnack was quickly shown just how greatly he had underestimated his former "employee" and his companion, and was forced to tell them what they wanted to know. 

            A day or so after they left to pursue the ship, Darnack was assaulted by yet another Saiyajin... this one looking for Sanshou as well, but for different reasons. 


Chains: A good majority of Darnack's attacks utilize the chains he usually has on all of his arms, all of which have been slightly modified with illegal technology. The ends of them each carry a special link that can become a specific weapon, such as a hook or blunt weight, when used in combat.

Relatives: Beppin (daughter)

            A consummate low-life, Darnack is always looking out for himself first and foremost and always looking for a way to screw the other guy. He has no morals whatsoever, and will screw over or kill someone who's worked for him for 20 years just as certainly as he would a stranger off the street.