Deki's Profile

Deki's Profile

Name: Deki

Homeplanet: Vejita

Race: 1/2 Saiyajin,1/2 Human

Character Description: Has blond hair, done like Sage of the Halo. For the summer, goes around in baggy painter shorts, tennis shoes, and either a Tank Top, or an open Hawiian shirt w/ an undershirt

Brief History: I knew Princess Vejitina back on Vejitasei and even trained with her.
      But after a fight with the Shanakki sisters, my son and I both got leeway in the CheckPoint and got to go to the Room of Time and Spirit with Chris. We both got 150 years of training in there, and both progressed much. During the last year, I have been resting, recooperating from the long training period.


Thunder Energy Kick: An attack where I power up, then set my right foot back as energy builds up in it. I kick and scream the attack. I can set it as a blade or a huge blast. It's very powerful.

Ryuubiimu: An attack which translates to "Dragon Beam". When fired, it has the head of a yellow dragon on it and is like a KameHameHa, but just with the dragon head and is my own. A great roaring sound happens and the enemy will usually see a flash of a dragon before their eyes before the beam hits.

KameHameHa: The famous KameHameHa. You should know it.

Mind Read: Reads mind

Flight: Self explainatory

Psychic Blast: A fake blast to confuse enemy, then I can do what ever I need to attack and defeat them.

Fusion:Self explainatory

Super Saiyajin 1-4: Various levels of SSJ

Berserker: A form where your tail is silver and your power doubles.

Mega Berserker: Tail is golden and power triples, a more powerful form of Berserker.

All other normal Ki attacks (Ex: Ki ball, blast etc.)

Anything Else?: Naw

Relatives: Vej (sister), Jaden (wife), Chris (son), Vegeta (half brother)

Important Relationships: Good friends with everyone, married to Jaden