Frieza's Profile

Freiza's Profile

Character Name: Freiza

Homeplanet: Unknown

Race: Changeling (Now a Cyborg)

Power Levels
 Cyborg Form: 5,000,000
 100% Power: 6,500,000

Character Description:

Age: Speculated to be in his 30s
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies

Physical Description: Frieza has many forms, his first of which he is short and has two straight horns poking out of the side of his head. He also wears Saiyajin armor in this form. In his second form he loses the armor and grows tremendously compared to his last form. His horns curve and his power level leaps as well. In his next form he stretches his head out and loses the horns only gain horn like things protruding form his upper back. His voice also changes with his transformation. In his final transformation he takes on the small appearance again and his voice changes back to his original form's. 

            Since his "accident" on Nameksei, he has been confined to a cybernetic body (with over 85% of his original body being replaced) with his organic portion being that of his final form. As such, he can no longer transform into another form, and can only boost his power so much further than what it currently is.

Brief History:  

            Frieza started out as your average spoiled-brat kid - save for the fact that his father was King Kold, a pioneer in the "Planetary Trade" business with over 70 planets bearing his own name. This automatically earned him a spot by his father's side as he taught both Freiza and his brother, Koola, the ins and outs of his Empire. As he grew, he also earned a reputation for his callous views towards life, and his streak of cruelty; showing himself as not being above torturing an individual or race just for kicks. 

            When he was deemed ready, King Kold gave Freiza his own quadrant to conquer and was pleased when the planet count rose to over 120 within the span of a few years. Freiza also began religiously employing the use of his father's most prized henchmen, the Saiyajin; a race of powerful, yet brutish warriors whose King quickly learned not to dare trespass against Freiza just as he had with King Kold in the past. Freiza quickly took to utilizing the Saiyajin in any way he saw fit, reveling in the fact that he was the most powerful being in the known universe, and was hitherto unstoppable. 

            Until, however, he slowly began to realize that the potential the Saiyajin as a whole race was mounting; especially with more and more rumors of the "Legendary Super Saiyajin" coming to light. To his chagrin, he realized that in a few more generations, they might actually produce a warrior capable of being his equal... if not his better. The royal family had already produced two children whose powers were already greater than the King's own, and neither had reached puberty yet. Unwilling to abide by such a possibility, Freiza commandeered the prince, Vejita, into his private force along with his bodyguard Nappa, but lost the princess when her father sent her away. Giving the order to the guard to kill her, Freiza personally killed the King when he tried to fight him with a cadre of his finest, and destroyed the planet with a single blast after a small confrontation with Bardock in the planet's atmosphere. Knowing that more Saiyajin were lurking out among the stars, some of them still being employed as Planet Exterminators, Freiza dispatched a number of his best bounty hunters to "take care of the monkeys" for good. He then concocted a story of the planet being destroyed by a rogue meteor to ensure the loyalty of those Saiyajin under his command.

                For years, Freiza continued as the figurehead of his father's Empire, until he caught wind of the magic Dragon Balls after Raditz's fateful encounter with the Z Senshi; which were rumored to be able to give the user any wish they chose. Knowing exactly what he wanted, Freiza took his personal force and set out for Nameksei. By that time, Vejita had been showing signs of rebellion against him but Freiza figured he could quell that easily enough. Once on Nameksei, he set about retrieving the Dragon Balls and mercilessly slaughtering the Nameks that tried to defend their home. What he hadn't counted on, though, was the arrival of the Z Senshi on the planet and steadily, he watched as his men were dispatched in various ways; all of them powerful in their own right. But Freiza himself wasn't too horribly concerned... until Vejita managed to steal the Dragon Balls off his own ship. Then it became more personal.

                Tracking them down, it was here that Freiza finally came face to face with Goku, a Saiyajin whom had been overlooked by his forces for several years, along with the remaining Z Senshi. Unperturbed at first, Freiza quickly realized that they were more powerful than he thought and had to employ the use of his other forms. Eventually, it came down to himself in his final form versus Goku... and found that the Saiyajin could still manage to keep up. In a rage after an attack, Freiza mercilessly killed Kuririn... and got a shock when the move fueled Goku's rage and turned him into the Super Saiyajin that Freiza had dreaded ever since he became aware of it.

                After that, Freiza found himself on an equal, if not disadvantaged, footing in a battle. As the planet died violently around them from the death ball he had unleashed on Namek a short time before, Freiza tried every conceivable way to destroy the insolent Saiyajin and was always countered. It was even worse when Goku tried to convince him that he was defeated, and to leave the planet before it was destroyed; something that infuriated Freiza to no end. Ironically, Freiza's end came by his own hand when he was brutally sliced in two from one of his own homing attacks he'd originally intended to dice Goku up with. 

                Knowing he was crippled, Freiza implored Goku to help him escape.. to which Goku replied by giving him a small charge of his own ki and telling him to find a way off himself. Incensed, Freiza fired one last blast at Goku when he turned to leave... and was horrified when the blast was not only repelled, but Goku's own blast engulfed him. Totally defeated, Freiza was left drifting in space among the remains of Nameksei until his father's flagship came across him and brought him aboard. With the use of their most up-to-date technology, King Kold had his son's broken form rebuilt into a cyborg; saving his life and boosting his power in the process.

Relatives: King Kold (father), Koola (elder brother), Chiller (younger brother)

Attacks List/Descriptions:

Tsuibii Kienzan: Freiza is able to form razor-sharp discs of energy, and hurl them at his opponent. He can also control their movements and have them home in on an opponent in addition to just letting them fly on their own course.

Daichiretsuzan: A powerful, very long and invisible blade-like energy beam Freiza creates with two of his fingers; it can slice through anything.

Kousengan: Precise laser-like beam shot from the eyes. Mild potency, but fast and able to nullify lesser attacks and small projectiles, as well as destroy weaker opponents and obstacles.

Bukujutsu: The ability to fly with one's ki.

Hokaku Kon Dan: A special attack used on Goku, where he captures his opponent in a ball of energy they can't break out of. Freiza can manipulate this ball as much as he wants, but it explodes as soon as it touches any surface other than Freiza himself

Death Beam:: A single, powerful beam fired from the pointer finger, it can punch through nearly anything.

Death Ball: A spark of ki lights on the index finger, and once enough energy is gathered this spark may grow to the size of a small moon. When ready, this "Death Ball" is thrown towards the target. Typically this attack is used to destroy planets or as a last-ditch effort to kill an opponent. Freiza can power this attack up to 100%, however, and make the effects of it that much more devastating -- destroying a planet in record time.

Important Relationships: Most of his right-hand enforcers are dead, but he holds an intense hatred against most of the remaining Saiyajin, namely Goku for killing him.

Personality: At his core, Freiza relishes in death and destruction, such as showing an enjoyment of Planet Vejita's destruction. He's also very sadistic and often tries to slowly kill his enemies instead of finishing them quickly. Like any of the other villains in Dragon Ball Z, Freiza also has an ego to match his power. However, since his defeat at the hands of Super Saiyajin Goku, he's developed a paranoid fear of him... or any Super Saiyajin, for that matter. This causes him to lose his usually cool head in situations and attack with reckless, desperate abandon.