Frond's Profile

Frond's Profile

Name: Frond
Nicknames: None
Age: 700+
Race: Palm Arborean
HomePlanet: Palm


Physical Descriptions:

Birthdate: 37 B.C..
Astrological Sign: Unknown
Blood Type: N/A
Favorite Food: Sunlight and nutrient rich soil

Hair: None
Eyes: None
Weight: 18 lbs (without urn of soil)
Height: 4'
Attire: Resides within a clay vessel purchased for him by Mrs. Briefs.

Alignment: Neutral

           Sprouted centuries ago, Frond has seen his people through war, invasion, and many catastrophic times. He has seen emperors become slaves, and slaves become emperors, all within a short period of his long life. Now on Earth, he has "retired" to the garden at Capsule Corporation, to take in the rich soil and plentiful sunlight.



Spore Cloud: Like all Arboreans, Frond can release a cloud of spores as a defensive action that causes temporary paralysis to anything that breathes them in.


Relatives: Is related to every form of plant life on Palm.

           Tends to be nervous and overly polite to the fast moving non-plants, due to his kind's slow-paced lifestyle. When he is around non-plants that he feels comfortable with, he tends to get assertive, sometimes grating, with the straight to the point style of speaking used by the Arboreans.